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10 Simple Ways to Impact Monsanto’s Bottom Line

 What Monsanto has created and what they continue to create, is continually contributing to the destruction of everything we hold sacred in this world. It’s essential we spread this message to keep the momentum going after the March Against Monsanto, which was such a huge success in bringing awareness around the globe about this company’s sordid practices and policies.

Because of the very nature of this company and their damaging effects from GMOs and the chemicals used to grown them, the destruction of beneficial soil organisms, to bees and other pollinators — without them, humans cease to exist. To that, the damaging health effects on animals who consume GMOs, and on humans and ultimately the health of our planet, indeed the very threat to humanity is what is at stake.

What rests in our hands is a profound philosophy and moral imperative, which none other can sum up quite as well — Mankind will either stop Monsanto, or Monsanto will stop mankind.

We’ve put together this graphic for everyone who would like to affect Monsanto’s bottom line — their profits! Feel free to share, download and print, and hand out to anyone who you know, are acquainted with, or see on the street.

10 Simple Ways to Impact Monsanto’s Bottom Line.

(Printable high-resolution image. Click the button below to download.)

Share, Download, Print, Repeat.

If you have any other suggestions on how to help in this effort, please leave them in the comments below. We welcome your input.

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