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15 Amazing Pitbulls You Need To Like On Facebook

In October, we celebrate one of our favorite breeds on National Pit Bull Awareness Day. The annual event was started by Bless the Bullys in 2007 to bring positive media attention to these special, and misunderstood, dogs.

1. For The Love of Ruby

Ruby was rescued by the Utah Animal Advocacy Foundation on Dec. 10, 2013, when she was only five days old. She was born with a severe cleft lip and palate which made it impossible for her to nurse. On Mar. 25 she had her cleft palate repaired but her lip remains untouched. Check out her page for adorable videos and info on how she’s paying it forward (with help from her mom) by helping other dogs in need.

2. Ari Would Go

She’s one of Ruby’s rescue friends. Ari (short for Aroha) was born with a spinal deformity that limits the use of her left hind leg but that hasn’t stopped her. She’s rockin’ her wheelchair and working her way toward becoming a therapy dog.

3. Lily, Pit Bull Ambassador and Therapy Dog

She’s an American Pit Bull Terrier on a mission to fight prejudice against the breed. She’s also a registered therapy dog and a certified reading education assistance dog so she talks the talk and walks the walk reppin’ for pits everywhere.

4. Tank the Therapy Dog

A block head with a big heart to match. From children to the elderly, Tank has more than enough love to go around and he’s doing just that, visiting hospitals as a volunteer therapy dog. Oh and there are also several photos of him with booties on for extra cuteness.

5. My Pit Bull Is My Family

You can go on a “liking” spree with all the families sharing photos of sweet moments with their pitties.

6. Pit Bull Rescue Central

Stay up to date with news regarding the breed and learn about opportunities to help out. PBRC raises funds for vet care for pits in need, pit bull rescues, and spay/neuter efforts.

7. Villalobos Rescue

The center, located in Louisiana, is featured on Animal Planet’s Pit Bulls & Parolees. It is the largest pit bull shelter in the U.S., with approximately 150 to 200 dogs and counting. Check out sweet rescue stories and keep a look out for posts on dogs featured on the show. Tia Torres is the ultimate pit bull mama.

8. Bruised Not Broken

Looking to adopt/foster a pit in NYC? Their page regularly posts photos and information on pits in need of a home.

9. Mac the Pit Bull

“I suffered through a big photo shoot yesterday with mom so she can have stuff to post of me while she is gone. WILL WORK FOR TREATS!!!! Love, MacOverworked”

When he was rescued he was three months old and weighed four pounds. Now he’s three years old and raising funds for other pits in need through his Etsy shop where 100% of proceeds go toward Mac’s Fund. All the posts are written from his perspective.

10. Hope for Bella

Makeup artist Sarah Spier found Bella while hiking in the woods in Idaho. Bella had been beaten, shot, and she’d had a litter of pups that were never found. Bella, who is blind in her right eye, was adopted by Spier who now chronicles Bella’s adventures and recovery in the hopes of inspiring others to rescue abused and abandoned pit bulls.

11. Elle the Pit Bull

She’s a multi-award winning therapy dog who participates in a reading program for kids and is a safety educator in her community. Take that, Lassie!

12. Wilson the Bombdiggety

He’d been hit by a car when a good Samaritan found him and took him to the hospital where it was discovered he had third-degree chemical burns on his back. He finally found a home on Oct. 9 after fully recovering and with each post proves why he’s the bombdiggety.

13. The Positive Pit Bull

The North Carolina-based rescue, who helped find a home for Wilson, aims to decrease the rate of pit bull euthanasia in the area. Their bio says it all: “We want the pit bull to be recognized as America’s Dog once again because they still are, in fact.”

14. Bad Rap

The organization, based in Oakland,CA, was ranked by industry experts as one of the top high-impact nonprofits working on a local/state level for Local Animal Welfare, Rights, & Protection. They are known for their educational efforts that have helped change the perception of the breed.

15. Angel City Pit Bulls

They aim to reduce the number of pit bull terriers in animal shelters by increasing adoptions, educating the community to increase owner retention, and participating in spay/neuter programs. They are part of the No Kill Los Angeles Coalition that aims to stop the killing of healthy animals in shelters by 2017.

You can find events near you at BestFriends.org (also check out Petfinder’s own event calendar). Want to do more?

Here’s how you can help:

  • Adopt a Pit Bull. Pit Bulls are devoted, affectionate and joy-inducing pets with as great a range in personality as any other breed. As with dogs of any breed, not every Pit is perfect for every family. Read more about things to think about if you’re thinking of adopting a Pit Bull.
  • Volunteer with Pit Bulls. At many city shelters, Pits and Pit mixes make up the overwhelming majority of the canine residents, and because Pits have been bred to bond closely with humans, the isolation of shelter life is particularly hard for them.You can visit the shelter to help exercise and socialize the dogs; open your home to a foster dog; photograph and write bios for local adoptable dogs’ Petfinder profiles; start a bedding drive at your office to collect old blankets and towels to donate … the possibilities are endless.
  • Educate others about Pit Bulls.Once you’ve fallen in love with a Pit (and to know one is to love one), you’ll start to notice how many off hand Pitbull stereotypes people throw around in everyday conversation. Learn the facts about Pits and you’ll be able to shoot down the myths (no, they do not have locking jaws).Some great resources include Petfinder’s book The Adopted Dog Bible (here’s an excerpt: Pit Bulls: The Myths, the Legends, the Reality), as well as BAD RAP’s Monster Myths page and Pit Bull Rescue Central’s breed info page. (All three sites are excellent, and we encourage you to click around on them.)
  • Help Pits find homes. Add an adoptable-Pit Bull search widget to your Web site or blog, e-mail individual adoptable Pits to your friends or share them on Facebook or Twitter.

For more information about Pitbulls and other breeds, and another great resource for pets, visit www.petsnmore.org

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