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6 Amazing Ways to Enhance Your Marijuana High


Smoking marijuana can be extremely euphoric when you first start smoking it. At first when you start smoking it, it seems like the best feeling in the world, but over-time, tolerance increases to the level that you just get slightly buzzed from the first joint of the day. While all the other joints throughout the day, are an attempt to chase the high of that first joint, there are ways you can enhance your marijuana high. Some of them are fairly easy and natural, and certain others are potentially dangerous.

1. A natural method to increase your marijuana high is through myrcene. This is a compound found in over-ripe mangoes and lemon grass. The marijuana plant also has myrcene, and the chemical contributes to the delivery of THC to the brain. Lower quality strains have less myrcene. So what you can do is, eat a mango an hour or 45 minutes before smoking your marijuana. The effects of the high will increase significantly, and it will last longer.


2. Eating marijuana can be substantially better than smoking because it lasts much longer, and delivers a much more euphoric body high. You can use any heat any substance containing fats with your marijuana, and add it to the food you’re eating. Since THC has an affinity with fats, they will help deliver the THC into your bloodstream.

3. Cannabis and chocolate have gone hand-in-hand for decades, most commonly in the form of pot brownies and medicated chocolate bars. And research shows there’s a reason that chocolate has such a synergistic relationship with weed. Dark chocolate, in particular because of the high content of cacao causes anandamide, the brain’s built-in bliss chemical, to take an extraordinarily long time to break down, prolonging the euphoria pot produces in the process. The key is to eat the darkest chocolate possible — 70 percent cacao might be a good number to shoot for.

4. A quick trip to the vitamin aisle can also maximize your stash inexpensively and effectively — 5-HTP supplements are said to produce a more powerful high by increasing endogenous levels of serotonin. Likewise, some cannabis explorers say that taking a large dose (anything over 1 gram) of Omega-3 fatty acids, specifically DHA and EPA, 30 minutes before lighting up can reliably boost a buzz. Be warned, though: 5-HTP can have contraindications with anti-depressants and other medications, so check with your health provider before trying this one.

5. Take a tolerance break. Stay off marijuana for a month or so to get all the THC out of your system. THC gets stored in the fat cells of your body, and if you’ve been smoking frequently for a long time, there is probably a lot of THC in your system. This applies even more if you have an abundance of fat cells, i.e. if you are overweight.

6. A recent study published in the journal Drug and Alcohol Dependence found that THC levels in the brain increased by 15 percent after regular cannabis consumers did a little cardiovascular exercise prior to toking up. Participants did only 35 minutes of cardio on a stationary bike to get this effect. Getting in shape can get you higher? I’ll vape to that.

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