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About Us

My name is Steven Peters, and I’m the Publisher of Natural Revolution. I’ve been an health advocate for more than a decade, advocating for food freedom, alternative healing modalities, as well as social justice and environmental causes, which led me into creating this website.

It is my mission to empower people with solutions for a healthy mind, body, spirit and planet, and to create a home for thoughtful, provocative ideas from talented contributors, writers and editors.

I’ve been very fortunate to help contribute my time, money and efforts toward people who are living with HIV; for being a vocal proponent in the Right To Know movement, a staunch supporter in the anti-GMO movements across the country, advocating for patients’ rights to access affordable legal cannabis, as well as providing a platform for grassroots’ organizations to share their important messages.

I’m very passionate about these causes, and they’re what drives me to continue to gather and share the information within my website to my valued readers, followers and subscribers.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all readers who’ve read, shared, contributed, and posted comments on my website. Your input and generosity has greatly shaped the course of Natural Revolution, and with your support, you’ve helped spread our message to ‘Empower Natural Living’.

I’m sincerely grateful and profoundly thankful to all for being a part of the Natural Revolution!

In solidarity,

Steven Peters


About our online store

The online store is run through Spreadshirt.com which adheres to strict ethical manufacturing standards. Spreadshirt strives to earn respect from all of its employees, customers, partners, and stakeholders. To accomplish this, they must make decisions that reflect economic, social, and environmental responsibilities. Spreadshirt’s ethical policies guide their teams in decisions related to Business Relations, Customer Relations, Workers’ Rights, Environmental Awareness and Printed Designs. More information regarding Spreadshirt’s Ethical Guidelines can be found here.

A portion of the proceeds from all sales in our store go directly to support humanitarian causes and non-GMO initiatives. Your support is greatly appreciated!

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