Beyond A Happy New Year – The Discovery of A New YOU!

Beyond A Happy New Year - The Discovery of A New YOU!

By Steven Peters – I wanted to share some valuable information with you that I got from If you haven’t heard of the website, no worries, I didn’t hear of them up until just recently.

I’ve found so many insightful and useful messages from the people who share their vast years of knowledge about so many different things; but mostly, what I personally found on the website is that it opened up channels to me that is helping me understand and learn the gifts of life, the universe, the divinity, peace, and meditation techniques (and so much more that I’m still discovering) that are easy to do (most are audio) and actually are (so gratefully) working for me, as well as love (on many different levels) and so much more.

I’ve learned along my journey of life that the more I learn, the more I realize how much I have yet to learn and want to learn; I believe we never stop learning. What a gift that truly is for me and the opportunity that’s been given to share it with you!

You may already know some of it; and it, for me, has given me a chance to rediscover certain messages, and understanding that I may not have understood, so I can apply those positive things I’ve learned thus far in my own life to enhance who I am as a person.

Of course, is just one channel of inspiration; there are obviously many channels of inspiration all around us. And for me, it’s been a blessing to receive the messages from them; and so, as someone who always wants to help and pass on good and positive useful things to other people (my hope is that you do find it useful), especially those I only want the best for like my family and friends, and my subscribers to this website, all of HayHouse’s insightful and profound resources is my Happy New Year message and gift to you should you like to discover all that awaits.

I’ve found David Ji, the first person I ever heard on the site; he has a very calm and soft-spoken but clear voice as to how to realize our full potential. And he talks about it in language I can understand, and that touched upon many things that I am going through in my own life. You may find him, or the many other speakers/teachers/authors that want to share and pass on what they’ve learned throughout their journey of life. They all have varied degrees and or accomplishments in their life that now they are featured on this very popular website.

Doreen Virtue is another person, which I won’t go into detail about, though when you have the opportunity that may come your way to discover her, she has touched my life in so many ways. What a messenger and blessing she is!

I hope you enjoy the site as much as I have. And if you like the site and find it useful, feel free to check it out first for as long as you want or need to, and if you feel it might benefit you, sign up for free. They have a lot of FREE resources! I haven’t bought anything from, at this point, I’m just using all the resources that are free to use.

This is David Ji’s radio channel.!/host/davidji ; have a listen, it’s free; if you like it, great, if not, that’s Ok too. Peruse the website and find what speaks to you.

You can also visit for books and other resources (I think some of them are for purchase, though not all). I’m doing just the free things right now!

Blessing to you, with all the good and positive things that life may bring and teach you this exciting new year,

Steven Peters
Publisher of Natural Revolution

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