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How to Smoke Weed Without The Smell

Finding a place to smoke is not a concern for many, but hiding the smell weed leaves behind is. We have all made failed attempts to cover up the strong scent marijuana leaves behind. We’ve choked on Lysol after spraying the entire can, which still made the room reak of pot. Of course, we have also attempted using our favorite ...

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Amazon Echo Is Suddenly a Stoner’s Dream

If you smoke a lot of weed, it’s time you buy an Amazon Echo. This week, Amazon rolled out three major updates to its artificially intelligent speaker, which make it a fantastic tool for stoners: You can now order a Domino’s pizza, stream music from Spotify, and hail an Uber all by yelling commands at your Amazon Echo. The updates ...

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How to Spot Online Marijuana Scammers

“Quality kush for sale.” “We do overnight shipping and very discrete.” “Best strains of high-quality medicinal at moderate prices.” You’ve seen the posts on Facebook, Twitter, and your favorite websites, and some of you have probably even contacted some of these spammers. As a result of some messages we’ve been receiving questioning the authenticity of buying marijuana online (come on people, really?!), it seemed to ...

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Marijuana May Actually Be Bad for You – What?!

If you smoke a lot of marijuana on a regular basis, you may have some problems with your verbal memory in middle age. That’s according to new research published Monday in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine. Researchers at the University of Lausanne in Switzerland examined the effects of long-term marijuana use by studying the marijuana consumption habits of nearly 3,400 Americans ...

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Not All Vaporizers are The Same at Delivering Safe Doses Of Cannabinoids

There are several types of vaporizers on the market that have heat temperatures which can be set to keep cannabis from combusting. Although there is limited research into the effect of smoking cannabis and the correlation to cancer, it’s advisable that having a non-combustible vaporizer at hand when smoking cannabis can lessen the likelihood of irritation to the throat, mouth ...

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6 Amazing Ways to Enhance Your Marijuana High

Marijuana leaves

When beginning smoking marijuana for the first few times, it can be euphoric more than if a person has been smoking for a while. At first, when a person starts smoking it, it seems like the best feeling in the world, but over time, tolerance increases to the level that you just get slightly buzzed. While all the other joints throughout ...

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New Marijuana Strain Designed To Make Women Orgasm

One night, pot enthusiast Karyn Wagner smoked up with her partner before having what she later described as the best sex she’d ever had. “After I smoked this one, I said, ‘you know, honey, that was perfect. Save it for next time,’” she said in an article published byThe Cut. That night proved to be life-changing for Wagner, not only ...

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WATCH: Congressman Calls for DEA Head’s Firing

Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) says it’s time for President Obama to fire Chuck Rosenberg, acting administrator of the Drug Enforcement Administration. Rosenberg recently called medical marijuana a “joke.” Related Articles Studies Show CBD Treats Many Forms of Cancer Smoking Vs. Vaporizing Cannabis – Know The Facts 11-year-old Sues Federal Government to Legalize Medical Marijuana THC vs CBD Infographic — Effects, ...

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