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Is Your Chocolate Contaminated With Toxic Metals?

By As You Sow — Responding to published research showing high levels of heavy metals in commonly eaten food items, As You Sow began extensive independent laboratory testing of 42 chocolate products for lead and cadmium. We found that 26 of the chocolate products (~62%) contain lead and/or cadmium at levels in which one serving exceeds the California safe harbor ...

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Why Chinese food safety is so bad

Hong Kong (CNN)Almost half of Chinese food-processing plants fail to meet internationally acceptable standards, new figures suggest. Quality control specialist AsiaInspection said 48% of the “several thousand” inspections, audits and tests it conducted in China last year failed to meet the requirements stipulated by some of its clients — Western food trading companies and retailers. “There are horror stories, obviously,” ...

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Food safety is a matter of national security

By Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) and Rep. Rosa L. Delauro (D-Conn.) – When President Obama addresses the nation on Tuesday night, he will undoubtedly talk about the pressing national security issues facing our country. But there is one area of vulnerability that is often overlooked, yet touches each and every one of us every single day—food safety.  We think it is something that needs ...

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Chef Jamie Oliver Proves McDonald’s Burgers “Unfit for human consumption”

By David Warner  — Hamburger chef Jamie Oliver has won his long-fought battle against one of the largest fast food chains in the world – McDonalds. After Oliver showed how McDonald’s hamburgers are made, the franchise finally announced that it will change its recipe. Oliver repeatedly explained to the public, over several years – in documentaries, television shows and interviews – ...

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