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Fox News Doctor: ‘Crack babies come from women smoking marijuana’

Fox News Medical A-Team member Dr. David Samadi asserted over the weekend that “crack babies” were caused by women “smoking this whole marijuana business.” On the Saturday edition of Fox & Friends, host Clayton Morris reported that a recent study published in Scientific Reports found that marijuana was less dangerous than any other common recreational drug, including alcohol and cigarettes. ...

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Send a Message to Your Senators: Get the Feds Out Of The Marijuana Business

HR 1013, the Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol Act, removes cannabis from the United States Controlled Substances Act Washington, DC — Legislation was introduced Friday in the US House of Representatives to permit states to establish their own marijuana regulatory policies free from federal interference. House Resolution 1013: the Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol Act, removes cannabis from the United States Controlled ...

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Vote Online: Should Marijuana be Legalized?

A number of movements to legalize the use of marijuana have been gaining steam lately. There are places in California where it’s already legal for medicinal purposes. Much of the American public now believes that the drug should be legalized (40 percent according to a Rasmussen International Poll ) but others are still concerned about health damage and other adverse ...

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15 Cool Things You Should Know About Marijuana

If you’re like most, you may like infographics, which help digest a lot of useful information in one fell swoop. From why you get the munchies to a brief history of marijuana, to how far back marijuana was used in China, all broken down in an easily digestible format. Tackling all the cool things about marijuana would be a laundry ...

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EWG’s 2015 Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce

  As the winter begins to fade and delicious fruits like peaches and nectarines come back into season, we’re beginning to think about our upcoming grocery lists and all the fresh spring fruits and vegetables we’ll enjoy. EWG’s Shopper’s Guide is broken down into two easy-to-use lists, the Dirty Dozen, the top 12 fruits and vegetables with the highest amount ...

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Marijuana Courses Offered at Colleges Across the Country

Across the country, college students from Colorado to Ohio are clamoring to sign up for law school classes focusing on marijuana. At the Moritz College of Law at Ohio State University, Friday afternoon classes aren’t very popular. Unless it’s Marijuana Law, Policy & Reform. “I would like to imagine a world when all law students have to take it because ...

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‘Florida Medical Marijuana Act’ Officially Submitted to Lawmakers For Consideration

The preceding is a summary article of the Florida Medical Marijuana Act ‘white paper’ which was submitted to the Florida House of Representatives in Tallahassee, Florida, The Florida Senate, and Legislative Staff. Bill Wohlsifer, Attorney at Law who previously ran for Attorney General of Florida, has pulled together a group of volunteers with the express purpose of furthering the State of Florida’s hemp and medical marijuana ...

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Take Action to Support Legalization of Marijuana in 31 States

By Erik Altieri, NORML Communications Director At post time, there are 31 states that currently have pending marijuana law reform legislation. These measures deal with a wide array of topics including decriminalization, record expungement, medical access, and full legalization. 2015 is shaping up to be one of the most active legislative sessions on record for the marijuana legalization movement, but ...

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