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Here is Why New DEA Chief Admits Marijuana Less Dangerous Than Heroin But Won’t Reschedule It

WASHINGTON — Despite ample evidence pointing to the therapeutic, non-addictive qualities of marijuana, the new head of the Drug Enforcement Agency wants to keep it legally classified alongside heroin and other highly addictive substances. “If we come up with a medical use for it, that would be wonderful. But we haven’t,” declared Chuck Rosenberg, the acting head of the Drug ...

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Has The End of the War on Drugs Finally Begun?

After an unprecedented losing streak on Capitol Hill, the once-untouchable Drug Enforcement Administration suffered last week what might be considered the ultimate indignity: A Senate panel, for the first time, voted in favor of legal, recreational marijuana.Last Thursday, the Appropriations Committee voted 16-14 on an amendment to allow marijuana businesses access to federal banking services, a landmark shift that will ...

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Update: 5 Scientific Experts Join Lawsuit to Bring Down Monsanto

In my ongoing exposure of Monsanto’s illegal and immoral tactics, I was excited to announce that a class action lawsuit against the company for false advertising was taken on by none other than T. Matthew Phillips. We reported on this lawsuit at Natural Society, when minimal mainstream media outlets would touch the subject. Now, under penalty of perjury, 5 experts ...

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Could Florida Decide on Recreational Marijuana in 2016?

While the Florida state legislature continues to talk in circles around the issue of pot reform, a legion of cannabis activists have come forward with a ballot initiative aimed at legalizing recreational marijuana in 2016.  Regulate Florida, an organization seeking to repeal prohibition in the Sunshine State, received word last week from state election officials that their master plan to put ...

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WATCH: Guy gives away free weed for those in desperate need.

Free weed? This is the kind of charity we love to see! Watch one man hand out sandwich bags full of marijuana, a vat of which he carries around in a large plastic bag and refers to as ‘bammer’ — despite claiming its crystal-y quality. He times his marijuana distribution a couple days after ‘Welfare Wednesday’ when people in need will ...

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Man uses drones to expose one of America’s “biggest secrets”.

Within a few weeks of its release, this investigation by Speciesism: The Movie director Mark Devries had been viewed by millions worldwide, and received major global press coverage. Mark Devries has been secretly using spy drones to investigate and expose the environmental devastation caused by factory farms.  In this investigation, the drones capture shocking aerial video footage of several massive facilities that supply ...

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Marijuana giveaway and smokeout event to celebrate legalization

On July 1, recreational marijuana will officially be legal in Oregon. Some kind of celebration, a commemoration of the occasion, was inevitable. But that party won’t come from the usual suspects in Portland. Hempstalk, the time-honored yet controversial cannabis fair, was denied a permit this year. High Times, which brings its Cannabis Cup events to cities around the world, has struggled to ...

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