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Are you or someone you know a writer? Would you like to be a contributing author by sharing your personal stories that you feel people could gain value from because of the life lessons you’ve learned along the way?

Topics on our website are about healing, philosophy, alternative remedies, meditations practices, and healthy living approaches physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Share your story with tens of thousands of like-minded people each month who are seeking to learn about natural healthy living on a well established health-related website.

We’re not looking for well-established writers, but rather, are looking for people that have something insightful about their life experiences, what they’ve learned from them and have a passionate desire to share their message with the world.

What is Natural Revolution?

We’re a community of like-minded people who seek to improve their physical, mental and spiritual health and well-being, where they can come together and share what they’ve been through in life and what they’ve learned along the way.

Why contribute to Natural Revolution?

1. Your post will get broad exposure, promoted to over a half a million readers to the website every year.

2. You’ll get an Author’s bio with a picture of you below your article where readers and subscribers can read about you and your passions.

3. You’ll get links included in your bio to promote books, courses, Facebook pages/groups and other social media platforms you’re a part of, and other relevant products you’d like to promote.

Most contributors remark that featuring their articles on Natural Revolution increases traffic and subscribers to their website and products.

If you’re interested in becoming a contributing author, read our submission guidelines by clicking here.

If you’d like to know more about Natural Revolution and the person behind it, click here.

If you know of someone who may have an interest in writing about health-related topics and cannabis culture and would like to share their voice, let them know about this too and share this page – you never know who’s itching to let their voice be heard far and wide!

I look forward to hearing from you!

Steven Peters
Founder & Publisher of Natural Revolution