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Cooking Oils – The Good, The Bad, and Downright Toxic to Consume

Best and worst cooking oil

There’s much debate and confusion about whether certain cooking oils are good or bad for you, especially if they are cooked. In this video, Bobby Parrish breaks down which cooking oils are in fact better than others, while some are just outright harmful to your health.

You probably know by now that the ratio of omega-6 and omega 3 fatty acids play a key role in health and longevity.

Cooking oils at their best and worst

Below is a chart that breaks down cooking oils and fats, along with their smoke point and omega-6 to omega-3 ratio. You want to look for fats and oils higher in omega-3 which are the healthiest kinds of fats/oil to consume.

Cooking Oils / FatsSmoke Point °CSmoke Point °FOmega-6: Omega-3 Ratio
(plus other relevant fat information)
Unrefined flaxseed oil107°C225°F1:4
Unrefined safflower oil107°C225°F133:1
Unrefined sunflower oil107°C225°F40:1
Unrefined corn oil160°C320°F83:1
Unrefined high-oleic sunflower oil160°C320°F40:1, 84% monosaturated
Extra virgin olive oil160°C320°F73% monounsaturated, high in Omega 9
Unrefined peanut oil160°C320°F32:1
Semirefined safflower oil160°C320°F133:1, (75% Omega 9)
Unrefined soy oil160°C320°F8:1 (most are GMO)
Unrefined walnut oil160°C320°F5:1
Hemp seed oil165°C330°F3:1
Butter177°C350°F9:1, Mostly saturated & monosaturated
Semirefined canola oil177°C350°F2:1
[ (56% Omega 9), 80% Canola is GMO and not healthy to consume.]
Coconut oil177°C350°F86% healthy saturated, lauric acid (has antibacterial, antioxidant, and antiviral properties).  Contains 66% medium chain triglycerides (MCTs).
Unrefined sesame oil177°C350°F138:1
Semirefined soy oil177°C350°F8:1 Soybean oil is GMO and not healthy to consume.]
Vegetable shortening182°C360°FMostly unhealthy saturated, Trans Fat
Lard182°C370°F11:1 high in saturated
Macadamia nut oil199°C390°F1:1, 80% monounsaturated, (83% Omega-9)
Canola oil (Expeller Pressed)200°C400°F2:1, 62% monounsaturated, 32% polyunsaturated. 80% of Canola in the US is genetically modified, (GM).
Refined canola oil204°C400°F3:1, 80% of Canola in the US is genetically modified, (GM).
Semirefined walnut oil204°C400°F5:1
High quality (low acidity) extra virgin olive oil207°C405°F13:1, 74% monosaturated (71.3% Omega 9)
Sesame oil210°C410°F42:1
Cottonseed oil216°C420°F54:1
Grapeseed oil216°C420°F676:1, (12% saturated, 17% monounsaturated)
Virgin olive oil216°C420°F13:1, 74% monosaturated (71.3% Omega 9)
Almond oil216°C420°FOmega-6 only
Hazelnut oil221°C430°F75% monosaturated (no Omega 3, 78% Omega 9)
Peanut oil227°C440°F32:1
Sunflower oil227°C440°F40:1
Refined corn oil232°C450°F83:1
Palm oil232°C450°F46:1, mostly saturated and monosaturated
Palm kernel oil232°C450°F82% saturated (No Omega 3)
Refined high-oleic sunflower oil232°C450°F39:1, 84% monosaturated
Refined peanut oil232°C450°F32:1
Semirefined sesame oil232°C450°F138:1
Refined soy oil232°C450°F8:1 Soybean oil in the US is genetically modified, (GM).
Semirefined sunflower oil232°C450°F40:1
Olive pomace oil238°C460°F74% monosaturated, high in Omega 9
Extra light olive oil

Ghee (Clarified Butter)





74% monosaturated, high in Omega 9

0:0, 62% saturated fat

Rice Bran Oil254°C490°F21:1, Good source of vitamin E & antioxidants
Refined Safflower oil266°C510°F133:1 (74% Omega 9)
Avocado oil271°C520°F12:1, 70% monosaturated, (68% Omega-9 fatty acids)
High in vitamin E.

Best and worst cooking oil

We should add that all highly refined vegetable oils are extremely toxic to your health and are linked to causing a host of diseases and even blindness when consumed.

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