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Enter to WIN The ‘Highmanity’ T-Shirt Giveaway Contest


We’re excited to offer our first FREE T-shirt contest on our Facebook page, Natural Revolution starting Wednesday March 1st.

The contest will be posted to our Facebook page starting at 9 a.m. EST, and the shirt pictured is a sample of the shirt, which will be printed on both sides. This contest will be running for a limited time only, so be sure to get in on the fun before it ends!

The cost of the shirt is $29.99, but if you win the contest, it’s yours FREE including shipping in the continental United States!

The design is called ‘Highmanity‘. The design was created by the publisher of Natural Revolution, Steven Peters, for all Cannabis Warriors, their friends, families, allies and patients who know all too well the struggle that it’s been for cannabis to be accepted in society as a miraculous gift for all humanity. The Highmanity design was inspired by my passion and advocacy for cannabis to help ‘spark’ the conversation by spreading the message about just how amazing cannabis is.

More about the Highmanity design:

“Highmanity embodies humanity’s desire to ascend into a higher state of mind, body and of spirit, awakening the Universal energy in which the Flower of Life (Cannabis) was created from The Divine and Mother Earth, compassionately given to all sentient beings, ignited by a celestial spark, together reaching to share and cherish its miraculous gifts, unbound, infinitely cascading into the fathomless sea of endless wonder and blissful enlightenment beyond belief.”

If you’d like to enter the contest, click the link below, and Share this article with your FB friends, family and allies so they too will have a chance to win this FREE T-shirt.

Stay tuned for the contest details which will be posted on our Natural Revolution Facebook page starting at 9 a.m. Wednesday March 1st, with more information on how you can enter the contest to WIN!

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  • Misha P.

    This is such a beautiful design! I’m definitely going to enter and hopefully win. Heck, i may even buy one for my hubby. We’re a cannabis lovin’ family, even our dog loves it. lol Even if i don’t win i’m gonna get a couple of these shirts b/c there so cool, and i’m sure people that see me wear this will definitely make them take a second look, especially since the design is printed on the backside of the shirt. Kudo’s to you Steven for making this shirt available to all of us to help “spark” the cannabis conversation. 🙂


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