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Exposed: The Plan for Depopulation by U.S. Government

What people say and what they do sometimes oppose each other. Putting that in less than a nice way — they would be called a liar.

We all judge each other to some degree. We look at what someone says and what they do and correlate the two and see if they match up — if they don’t, then it’s likely that what they’ve said is either a lie, or a circumstance interceded and their words fell flat and their behavior took a totally different turn; one that was never expected from what they told you.

What did that tell you about that person?

The same can be said about politicians and government. Especially if they continually tell you something and then the behavior doesn’t match up, as is the case more often than not, when referring to politicians.

Some might call them disingenuous, or a flat-0ut ‘liars’. Some might look at what they say, and look at what they do and put the pieces together, and some may not fully get that someone who is disingenuous is most likely someone you would never trust. And for good reason. Who would want to trust a liar? No one!

Don’t look at that person behind the curtain

The same goes for people who are pulling the strings behind the curtain in government. Surely, a one term Senator who was voted into office could not undo forty years of the militarized industrial complex, and the leviathan of a war-machine that it has become today. What he says means much less than what his behavior dictates. But look at the behavior of someone, and you have your answer of who they are.

The opportunity to see someone’s character is an incredible gift. So thank you to all the politicians and corporations who’ve exposed their character to be what it is. Thank you for awakening many of us to exactly who you are and pitting the world against you.

So too goes for the “Above Top Secret” covert agencies within the U.S. government and others around the world, whom a select bunch of dignitaries, Presidents, Heads of State and large corporations, meet on an annual basis to work out the problems of the world. As if they’ve taken over the part of playing God. But they believe that’s their job; they have the most power or money and the God complex is in full gear.

This isn’t a pretext for a science fiction book. The scenario described would be known as The Bilderberg Group. Behind the curtain sits a group of people who are doing just that; planning an agenda that you nor I know nothing about. But little do they know, that their behavior has exposed them for who they indeed are.

Yes, it’s speculative as to what they’re up to. But what would you think a few of the worlds problems would be? Disease. Starvation. Poverty….OVER-POPULATION? Everything related to the ‘problems of the world’ comes back to population.

Let’s go back to the person that was lying in the beginning of this article and the analogy of what behavior exposes certain organizations, agencies, corporations, politicians, etc.

What behavior, not what they’ve said, nor what their written policies state; just the outcome of their behavior? Each of these principal global elite have shaped the spectre of our lives, because they control the money, the food supply and pharmaceutical industry — all of which are key players in a global scheme of nothing less than depopulation.

But of course in their minds, they’re ‘helping the world’.

Overpopulation is profoundly growing each year with the world population exceeding 7 billion people on planet. Everything such as disease, starvation, poverty and clean water can all be solved by decreasing the population. And if The Bilderberg Group has anything to do with it, and they indeed do as the Georgia Guidestones dictate, then their plans are surely succeeding.

Let’s dig deeper and analyze the ‘behavior’ to see what that behavior tells us.

The FDA/Monsanto have told us that their objective is to help the world. One states that they are there to protect the welfare and health of the public. Monsanto states that their GMOs will feed the world and increase yield and be the save all for mankind. But when we look at their behavior, or outcome which has been contrary to their claims, both have conspired to depopulate the world. You may ask how would I come to that conclusion? Look at their BEHAVIOR. The outcome is a tale tell sign. I would hope that you’re awake to see what is happening right before your very eyes. If not, then you’re not paying attention.

The FDA already admits to “adverse events” (murdering) over a hundred thousand people a year due to drug interactions; drugs that they approved to be safe. That number doesn’t even account for the other 350,000 nursing home patients who die each year from pharmaceutical “adverse events”. So close to half a million people dying from drugs that the FDA has deemed as safe.

Monsanto’s DDT chemical – The World Health Organization estimate exposure to DDT killed 863,000 people.

Monsanto, another key player in the global cartel, has created yet another toxic monstrosity of theirs which are genetically ‘mutated’ organisms (GMOs) which inundate almost the entire food supply of the U.S. And from the numerous research studies which have confirmed that GMO cause autoimmune diseases, one being autism, as well as cancer and sterility, they too are batting a hundred in their depopulation agenda.

When we look at what has changed in the landscape of the world, in particular the U.S., numbers don’t lie.

The increase of obesity, cancer, autism, sterility and a host of other diseases didn’t exist in these profound numbers prior to 1994 like they do today. In 1994, GMOs were released into the U.S. food supply.

And relatively speaking, the increase of population and the increase of disease has increased steadily for quite some time; especially when our food supply took a sudden turn and without our consent, we were put into a covert experiment that has been taking place, and still to this day, since 1994 when genetically modified (mutated) organisms were introduced into the U.S. food supply.

We must ask ourselves, what changed was to such a degree that it started affecting the health of millions of people in the U.S..

The major thing that did changed was the food supply and the introduction of genetically engineered crops.

According to the latest estimate, released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 1 in 88 children in the U.S. has an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) — a nearly 25% increase from 2006, when the rate was 1 in 110, and a stunning 78% increase since 2000–02, when the CDC first began tracking the disorder and estimated the rate at 1 in 150 children.

Then of course, there is vaccines which contain mercury, a toxic carcinogen which is administered to millions of children each year. If you consider that in 1970, the case of autism was 1 in 10,000 children. But if you look at this chart below, you’ll see a steady increase of the rates of autism and the use of vaccines.

For more governmental behavior which shows a trend of depopulation — government legalized cigarettes, a drug that kills 443,000 people in the United States each year. Yet marijuana, which has never killed anyone to date, but rather has healing medicinal properties, is illegal. Makes perfect sense!

Add fluoride into the mix, which is found in all public water systems throughout the U.S., the damaging health implications of all these deadly compounds which government approves and pushes onto the public at large, ‘their’ plan of depopulation, is brilliant.

What we’re left with is a government whose agencies who are ‘suppose’ to be there to protect us, yet are the very ones that are killing us, and in the millions each year. And the aftermath that we’re dealing with is sick, diseased people making the pharmaceutical companies and medical industry billions of profits each year.

And don’t think for a second that every single person that is affiliated with the FDA, Monsanto and other major contributors of genocide, hasn’t invested heavily in the very businesses that create and keep people sick.

Of course, no one makes money from people who are healthy.

What is at the root of these forces of state and corporate control of the People, is a moral responsibility for everyone to resist these forces at all costs — and in theological terms, these oligarchic forces are forces of death.

I’d say their agenda for control of the masses and depopulation, and ending the worlds ‘problems’ thus far, is working perfectly!

Did someone mention, chemtrails?



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