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Fox News Doctor: ‘Crack babies come from women smoking marijuana’

Dr. David Samadi speaks to Fox News (screen grab)

Fox News Medical A-Team member Dr. David Samadi asserted over the weekend that “crack babies” were caused by women “smoking this whole marijuana business.”

On the Saturday edition of Fox & Friends, host Clayton Morris reported that a recent study published in Scientific Reports found that marijuana was less dangerous than any other common recreational drug, including alcohol and cigarettes.

“I think it’s a very dangerous study,” Samadi argued. “People need to be very careful about not getting the wrong message from this study. They’re using a lethal dose as a comparison. For example, they’re putting pot against or weed against cocaine or alcohol. We know you need less amount of alcohol to die. So, they’re using death to see what’s dangerous and what’s not.”

“They’re extrapolating a lot of these animal studies and surveys that doesn’t make a lot of sense and coming with this whole thing that pot is safer,” the doctor insisted. “Absolutely not. It’s a huge fraud.”

Samadi warned that marijuana could cause memory loss, mood changes and psychosis.

“It actually causes heart attacks,” he added. “It increases your heart rate. And on and on.”

“We’re seeing in Colorado that we had 13 kids that came to the emergency [room] and ended up in the ICU as a result of overdose from marijuana,” Samadi said. “Now we have crack babies coming in because pregnant women are smoking this whole marijuana business.”

The Fox News Medical A-Team doctor concluded by calling medical marijuana “the biggest scam I’ve ever seen.”

“I challenge any doctors, come to my Facebook, convince me how this is healthy for you. I’m 100 percent against this.”

Watch the video below from Fox News’ Fox & Friends, broadcast Feb. 28, 2015.

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Source: www.rawstory.com

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  • Heidi Joy Hameed

    Crack babies from parent that smoke marijuana??! Wow…Why do people print this bullshit?

    • Renee Higgins

      A better question would be: why do doctors go on national TV and espouse such ill informed and ignorant statements?

      • Heidi Joy Hameed

        Right; you’re absolutely right; that IS a better way of phrasing it 🙂

  • L C

    This guy is a fraud. 13 kids who were in the ER smoked MJ with alcohol and did other drugs. They only tell you what they want you to hear.

  • Tony

    Does anyone still give Fox News ANY credence?

  • Chris Bennett

    I have been sending Dr David Samadi studies on cannabinoids and cancer for years. Did anyone catch when he said these studies are absolutely not true he smiled and started to laugh. Watch the video at 1:12 and see if you catch it. He asks people to comment on his facebook page.I guess he didn’t like my comments,because he blocked me. See if you can help set him straight, here is his website and work email.http://www.roboticoncology.com/

  • Control freaks everywhere. Give me Liberty and leave us all alone. Your full of BS doctor.

  • ridingcrops

    And inbreds give us Faux mews and their viewers.

  • Dave Kool

    Any time I see a story that starts off with “Fox News…” I can safely assume that anything and everything thereafter is complete bullshit.

    This idiot is inviting doctors to his facebook page to refute his claims? Hmm, could that be because he can then delete any comments that actually show emperical, factual, peer-reviewed research that he is fully and completely full of shit?

    How about Samadi invites some researchers onto his show so they can debate with him on live television? We all know that will never happen, as he would be destroyed.

  • poli tic hater

    i dont think he is a real dr. he must of got his phd in a cracker jack box

  • Nadine Fisher-Kirby

    The guy isn’t a real doctor and if he is, his license should be revoked. Crack babies come from crack head parents who smoke….. wait for it … crack cocaine ! Wow how far will they go to negate Marijuana which is proven to work medically since the sixtys and possibly earlier. Studys have been done all over the world. CBD oil stops /slows siezures in children and adults among other things. It should be legalized.

  • Patricia Silverman

    uneducated, and espousing outdated propaganda, thinks that we will believe him because he is a doctor however this shows exactly what that is false teaching, cannabiods are in breast milk, the endocannaboid system is a major system in the body and “Modern” medicine does not even know about it, so this is the time to look at everything we believe cause a lot of it just is not true, and this is one big issue, a herb , that just so happens to feed us was turned into a drug – drugs are man made remember?- and the most deadly substance known to man and we were all lead to believe it. Stop spreading this propaganda we the people deserve better, we demand the truth

  • This IDIOT is a FRAUD. Marijuana IS SAFER than alcohol, tobacco, and opiates! WE ALL know this is B.S.