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How Amazon Allows Fake CBD Oil Sold to Their Customers

How Amazon Allows Fake CBD Oil Sold to Their Customers

If you do any kind of shopping online at Amazon for any length of time you’ll know that a vast majority of the items sold on their website is from third-party sellers. And doing a search for hemp oil on Amazon returns over 7000 results, a majority of which are selling hemp seed oil, passing it off as hemp oil and fabricating false medical claims, making it appear as if the products they’re selling is CBD oil.

There’s so much confusion about CBD oil and where it comes from that sellers are taking advantage of this shameful opportunity to cash in on selling hemp seed oil by making medical claims that treat everything from anxiety, pain, sleep disorders and a host of other ailments. Of course, hemp seed oil is great for the skin and hair, and has many nutritious aspects for our health, but contains extremely low amounts of cannabidiol (CBD).

Buyer beware!

Amazon has placed a disclaimer at the bottom of the product page, like the one below, where these hemp seed oils are being sold that relinquish Amazon from any responsibility for false medical claims that are made, and in the process, are duping their customers by allowing the sellers on Amazon to sell a product using deceptive advertising practices.

Amazon does not allow sellers to sell hemp oil with CBD in it. Any seller making a medical claim that it helps/supports/reduces/relieves anxiety, sleep or any other ailment should be banned from Amazon as they’re making a medical claim that is completely false using deceptive advertising.

The fact that there is so much confusion around CBD oil and hemp oil, cannabis oil, there are fake reviews on Amazon stating that hemp oil is, in fact, CBD oil when in fact it is not.

And to add to the confusion, fake reviewers making these claims that hemp seed oil has helped their anxiety or sleep, or many other ailments, a potential customer reads these fake reviews, it makes it that much more difficult to discern what is real or not.

Amazon customers are buying essentially snake oil, and then to make it worse, the sellers offer a free bottle if the customer buys and leaves a positive review on Amazon, basically a kickback, which fools potential buyers into believing the reviews are legitimate when they are not.

To that, the hemp oil that they are selling doesn’t clearly state in the product description that it is made from hemp SEED oil, which is similar to olive oil; they’re basically selling cooking oil for up to $99.99 for one ounce!

The price isn’t the issue. Rather, it’s the medical claims and deceptive advertising practices that these sellers are duping customer into believing hemp oil has medicinal properties, when in fact, it does not.

Below are some of the many Amazon sellers making false medical claims of hemp seed oil. Fake Amazon Review Fake Amazon Review Fake Amazon Review Fake Amazon Review Fake Amazon Review

The FDA would have a field day with these false medical claims and take these companies to court and or fine them if the claims were on the packaging of these hemp seed oil products themselves. But because these third-party sellers make the false medical claims on the Amazon website there is no regulatory body that has made it a point to discourage this kind of deceptive advertising.

Amazon has been reluctant thus far to stop these kinds of shady tactics because they make a fee from every seller that sells their products, and unless a company’s ethics and morals are more important than their bottom line, false medical claims such as these will be continued by sellers on Amazon, and their customers will be none the wiser.

To detail the policy that Amazon seller must accept prior to selling any product, this excerpt is straight from seller central on Amazon.

Examples of prohibited listings.

The following cannabidiol (CBD) and Hemp products:

– Rich Hemp Oil containing concentrated cannabidiol (CBD)
– All non-ingestible products that contain cannabidiol/cannabinoid (CBD)
– All ingestible products, including dietary supplements, that contain cannabidiol/cannabinoid (CBD)

In other words, CBD is not allowed to be sold on Amazon.

Source: https://sellercentral.amazon.com/gp/help/external/200164490?language=en-US&ref=mpbc_200277220_cont_200164490

Of course, sellers don’t state in the description of their product that they are in selling CBD oil because that would go against the policy of Amazon. But the loophole that they’re using by making false medical claims is perceived by the customer as if the hemp seed oil they’re selling is equivalent to CBD oil, which it is not.

Hemp, which is naturally abundant in CBD, is an ideal source for CBD oil supplements. However, hemp seeds lack any substantial levels of cannabinoids. Hemp seeds contain only trace amounts of CBD – typically less than 25 parts per million (ppm). Because of hemp seed oil’s marginal quantity of CBD per dry weight, it’s unfeasible as a CBD supplement.

When manufacturers look to make hemp oil that’s rich in CBD, they pull from hemp’s stalks, flowers, and leaves, which contain up to 150,000-ppm levels of CBD. Rather than cold pressing, a CO2 extraction process is used to directly pull the CBD-rich oil from the stalks, flowers, and leaves of the plant.

This hemp-derived CBD oil is a thicker and more viscous oil than hemp seed oil. Like hemp seed oil, CBD hemp oil contains the array of crucial nutrients that support a healthy diet. However, CBD hemp oil also contains higher levels of cannabinoids, including CBD.

If you are in the market for high-quality authentic CBD oil that has the medicinal properties that can, in fact, treat many conditions, it’s important to find reputable online sellers that sell CBD oil and has a certificate of analysis (COA) that shows the results of testing of heavy metals, and other toxic elements like pesticides, fungicide, herbicides, and mycotoxins.

It’s also important to make sure you read the reviews on credible websites that sell authentic CBD oil as well as contact the company should you have any other questions regarding the product, as well as reading information about the company that sells the CBD product so you can be as informed of where the hemp is sourced, extracted and knowing about the company that sells it.

It’s amazing that these companies that sell products on Amazon can get away with this for so long and nothing is done to stop them from selling bogus CBD oil to unsuspecting customers.

I hope this has shed some light on the business practices of Amazon and their third-party sellers and how deceptive they can be, and will clue you in as to what to look for if you buy CBD oil and not some knockoff that’s otherwise disguised as such.

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