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How to Avoid Premature Wrinkles

There’s a few things to consider if you have premature wrinkling. What’s your diet like? How many minutes do you spend in the sun daily? What do you wash your face with, and the lotion you use? Do you smoke? Do you drink alcohol? Do you use recreational drugs?
All of these things, including your stress factor greatly affect your skin, particularly your face.
Diet: Eat organic non-gmo; lots of fruits and veggies. The antioxidants and phytochemicals in them are the most powerful anti-wrinkle foods you can consume; they fight free radicals like no ones business.
Drink filtered water in a non-plastic bottled. All bottled water that is in a plastic bottle leaches toxic chemicals such as Bisphenol A (BPA) when shipped in a heated delivery truck; get a food grade bottle for water and drink at least 32 oz a day to keep your skin and body hydrated.
Sun exposure is important for Vitamin D which your body needs to ward of all kinds of ailments; get at least 20 minutes to no more than 40 minutes of sun exposure a day at least 2 hours before noon (when the sun’s radiation is at a lower level), or 2 hours after noon where those levels are decreases. Use a natural sunblock if you like. Getting sun exposure is vital to health; don’t let anyone tell you differently. Though, too much of anything, especially exposure to the sun, can be a very bad thing for your skin and you can experience the onset of premature wrinkles.

Look for chemical-free products

Use only natural face wash, cosmetics and lotions. Carefully inspect ingredients to see if they contain Phthalates, Parabens or other toxic ingredients and avoid them at all costs. Lotions that contain Vit. C, almond oil and other natural ingredients replenish the skin. Stick with only natural products.
The same goes for the soap you use when you shower and the shampoo and conditioner you use. If you read the labels and they contain SLS, Paraben or other chemicals that are hard to pronounce, throw them out. Use only natural shampoos and soaps. The same goes for your toothpaste. Remember, anything you put on your body, goes into your body. Be as careful to use only natural products.
If you smoke or are in proximity to smokers, that can contribute heavily to premature wrinkles, and cancer too; if you do smoke, quit. Instead, try using a vaporizer which is much healthier than smoking tobacco. Hard alcohol similarly does the same thing. Limit yourself to less than 16 oz of red wine per day.

Wear sunglasses. Other than staying indoors and away from windows, sunglasses are the best way to protect the thin, sensitive skin around your eyes from UV radiation.

Sleep on your back, if possible. Sleeping with your face pressed against the pillow can cause sleep lines, which can turn into wrinkles. Satin pillow cases can also help in the anti-wrinkle fight.

If you have deep wrinkles, try Retin-A or Renova. See your doctor for a prescription of Retin-A, a cream that has been proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and thicken thinning skin, which is part of the aging process. If your skin is very dry, ask about Renova, a gentler formulation of the anti wrinkle cream.

It is no coincidence that the rates of cancer have skyrocketed over the last couple decades, and it’s in part due to the many chemicals that are in non-organic foods, our water and body products. Use common sense and make healthy changes that will change your life for the better, and perhaps those premature wrinkles will be a thing of the past sooner than you expected.

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