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Hundreds of Legal Ways You Can Get Paid To Smoke Weed

There is a lot of myth and misconception out there about the use of marijuana and while if you abuse it there can be bad side effects, the same rings true for alcohol, prescription drugs, cheeseburgers and just about anything else on the planet.
Marijuana is now being widely accepted as having medicinal properties and even the mainstream media are starting to accept that it is not just something for teenage no hopers, who want to spend all of their waking hours getting baked.
But the legalisation of marijuana has come with an unexpected twist that will make the stoners of the world perk right up!
People who like to have a smoke would happily sit and smoke for free, but they are now offering clinical trials and other jobs which will not only see you getting high as a kite, but you will also get paid for doing so.
That is, barring you live in a state where using cannabis is legal.
Though, if you’ve you’ve had enough in your state where cannabis is still illegal, like many who’d rather move than be continually oppressed by their state laws, they’ve moved to a legal state and have taken advantage of all the perks where weed is legal.Let’s look into where you can find a paying position to use cannabis to your heart’s content.

Clinical Trials

The national institute for drug abuse have run 13 human trials, some of which they have received over $1 million of funding for. There are also hundreds of active clinical trials which are being completed on a broad range of subjects ranging from finding out the effects of cannabis, all the way up to using it for cancer research.

Cannabis Journalist

There are also other more creative ways the cannabis connoisseur can get paid for smoking. Oregon Live recently published a position for a freelance pot smoker to review and write about different strains of cannabis-

“The candidate should be an experienced cannabis consumer with deep knowledge about the variety of strains and products available on the Oregon market. The items would appear 2-4 times a month on OregonLive and/or The Oregonian. “

The Denver post also offered a similar position-

“We are absolutely hiring a freelance pot critic. And a freelance pot advice columnist. And a freelance video game writer. What we’re doing here is covering cannabis culture and news from a professional, journalistic and critical point of view. If you think you have something to offer: rbaca(at)denverpost.com.”

Other Cannabis Careers

There are also over 800 jobs that you can find online at 420careers some of these jobs include Budtenders, which are kind of like bartenders only your serving herbs, not liquid drugs. Master growers, which as you can imagine are the people who have the knowledge to grow cannabis.

Marijuana doctors, this is a position for medically certified marijuana doctors. There are even positions for those who just want to cut, dry and bag the buds.

So regardless of your views on cannabis, it is here and seems to be getting more accepted as a recreational way to wind down and relax. It is also being used for countless medicinal uses and seems to have given birth to a new economy. So if you are a cannabis enthusiast you can now get paid for your time!

Do you smoke, recreationally or medically? Are you for or against Marijuana? Does it make you lazy? Or is it just a myth? Let us know your views by leaving us a comment below. We welcome your input!

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