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Rand Paul: Hypocritical for Jeb Bush to Oppose Marijuana

Sean Hannity did not ask his first guest of the night Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) about his controversial comments about vaccines on Monday, but he did ask the senator to elaborate on comments he made last week regarding potential 2016 primary opponent Jeb Bush’s “hypocrisy” on marijuana laws.

Following Bush’s admission that he smoked marijuana in high school, Paul accused the former Florida governor of “hypocrisy” given that he does not even support the legalization of medical marijuana, let alone the lessening of sentences for nonviolent drug offenders.

“I’m not really promoting legalization, but I am promoting making the penalties much less severe and not putting people in jail for 10, 20, 30 years,” Paul told Hannity. As he’s done before, the senator pointed out the inequity of rich white people serving no time for smoking pot while poor black people end of in the prison system.

“I think it is hypocritical for very wealthy white people who have all the resources to evade the drug laws” to be in favor of strict sentences for those who cannot, Paul explained. “Particularly in Jeb Bush’s case, he’s against even allowing medical marijuana for people that are confined to wheelchairs from multiple sclerosis,” he said.

Drawing a sharp difference between himself and Bush, Paul said that medical marijuana is “the least we can do for some of these people with chronic illnesses.”

Watch video below, via Fox News.

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