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The 10 Biggest Enemies of Marijuana Legalization in The US

There are many ways in which people adversely impact a society as a whole, and these 10 are the biggest enemies of Marijuana Legalization of our time.

Through their smarmy agendas and short-sighted actions, theses top 10 people stop the access of medical marijuana to millions of patients who are chronically ill; they’ve hindered hundreds of new medical marijuana business infrastructure in communities across the country; they stop the creation of hundreds of thousands of new jobs for the medical marijuana industry; they stop tens of millions of dollars of tax revenue from coming into states, and stop the projected billions of dollars from sales and taxes away from states which could have gone toward building new schools, educating children and the public about the responsibilities of marijuana usage and other proactive resources and programs that would positively serve their communities.

These 10 biggest enemies of marijuana legalization aren’t just enemies, they pose an imminent threat to our citizens and our country as a whole. To them, their twisted ideology and political agenda, cause a direct burden upon the masses through ‘collateral damage’.

The hundreds of thousands of seriously ill patients who need this medicine just to survive, these marijuana enemies are literally a threat to their lives. There is indeed nothing more pressing than to ensure that these enemies of marijuana legislation are called out so we can know who exactly are the ones affecting, arguably, one of the most important issues of our time.

10 biggest enemies of marijuana legalization

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