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The 10 Biggest Enemies of Marijuana Legalization in The US

There are many ways in which people adversely impact a society as a whole, and these 10 are the biggest enemies of Marijuana Legalization of our time.

Through their smarmy agendas and short-sighted actions, theses top 10 people stop the access of medical marijuana to millions of patients who are chronically ill; they’ve hindered hundreds of new medical marijuana business infrastructure in communities across the country; they stop the creation of hundreds of thousands of new jobs for the medical marijuana industry; they stop tens of millions of dollars of tax revenue from coming into states, and stop the projected billions of dollars from sales and taxes away from states which could have gone toward building new schools, educating children and the public about the responsibilities of marijuana usage and other proactive resources and programs that would positively serve their communities.

These 10 biggest enemies of marijuana legalization aren’t just enemies, they pose an imminent threat to our citizens and our country as a whole. To them, their twisted ideology and political agenda, cause a direct burden upon the masses through ‘collateral damage’.

The hundreds of thousands of seriously ill patients who need this medicine just to survive, these marijuana enemies are literally a threat to their lives. There is indeed nothing more pressing than to ensure that these enemies of marijuana legislation are called out so we can know who exactly are the ones affecting, arguably, one of the most important issues of our time.

10 biggest enemies of marijuana legalization

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  • Randy Robinson

    Why is it that Dr. Nora Volkow, the head of NIDA, is never on these “big bads” lists?

    She’s worse than Leonhart. Leonhart has to cite NIDA-funded studies to justify prohibition.

    • Dana Wilson

      As far as I’m concerned, Volkow and Leonhart are THE two biggest problems in the world. Both have control issues, both are unwillingly to do the research…both are led by the money they receive every year by those corporate entities who currently have a huge monopoly on the medical industry. And both need to get the heck out of the way of science and progress.

  • John Kelsall

    i guess it has to do with keeping your head down

  • Vapemans

    you forgot George Soros, who also being a Multi Billionaire, as he is the “Head of the Controlled” opposition. He is there to lead Cannabis Activists into Deep and Harsh Corporate Government Control Mechanisms.

    If you let Soros Lead you, You may as well let the DEA lead you.

    • Patricia Silverman

      George Soros also funds marijuana research in Israel so he knows all about its medical efficacy, what he did in FL he did to get a casino in Florida. FL is corrupt so maybe he thinks he can buy his way in

      • Tommy Warren

        and he can, that how Rick Scott won the Governors seat and how amendment 2 didn’t pass. sadly, Florida is a state that is completely bought with money

        • TJHillgardner

          What state isn’t controlled by money? The Koch Brothers have been paying for lobbying and political organizing to coordinate state-level policy action for decades.

  • Dennis Justice

    Nancy Grace is the Westboro Baptist Church of the Prohibition Movement. She has inadvertently hurt the cause more than helped it.

    But ultimately, the only thing these assholes care about is the $$$$ they get keeping a PLANT illegal a little while longer, no matter how much prohibition has hurt Americans.

    Love of money = root of ALL evil.

    • Vallidus

      bzzt wrong

      Pretty much everyone hates the WBC, exccept the WBC

      Nancy Grace has legions of lemmings that hang on her every word

  • claygooding

    You left out Grassley,,the new Chair of the Judicial Committee,,he is in place to keep any reform laws from ever being debated on the floor of the House.

  • johnfromjersey

    They are 10… or 10 hundred… we are 300,000,000. Do you really believe that these people can stop us?

    • Adam

      Sadly, yes. They can stop us. It’s money that makes the decisions, not the people.

      • Paul Baird

        This is true. Same with the whole we have a right to vote. No we have a right to give our opinion.

    • Rob

      I want to say no, But our opposition is not just these 10 but those who dont question them, their agenda, or their commitment to the status quo at any cost. They write off the personal experiences of we 300,000,000 as drug fiends looking to score, as opposed to responsible adults looking for, pain relief, nausea suppression, depression relief without sexual side effects (or further risk of suicide) or fun without severe liver distress.

    • scooter

      10 hundred? Are you friggin high?

  • Franklin

    Keep adding to the list people. Also note the family that own Publix Supermarkets also contribute money to Prohibition. Sheldon Adelson not only owns the Sands Casino and The Venetian in Las Vegas, he also own a pharma company in Israel that came out with a promising report on reducing inflammation with THC/CBD. Pharma wants something they can patent. I’d also add the Mormon Church to the list as they appear to be bankrolling the “Mormon Marijuana” in states where the vote is close. That was “compassionate” Charlotte’s Web idea in an attempt to divide MM people. Both smoking and intoxication are forbidden by their religion and they donate through a lot of channels are well as directing their follower to vote. I would add both of the Gaetz legislators from Florida to that list as they are more then just state members of congress. Their family also controls the medical contracts for prison inmates. Florida Governor Scott who is under investigation right now for improper ties to the corporate prison industry in that state. If I had more time I’d like to compile a list on the Top 100 and put them under the spotlight like they do patients seeking the medicine plant. It’s encouraging to see many enlightened minds in these comments.

    • bison220

      What they dont realize that they would make way more money with it legalized from all the taxes on pot shops and everything else

    • bison220

      What they dont realize that they would make way more money with it legalized from all the taxes on pot shops and everything else

      • TJHillgardner

        The savings government would see from expenses for law enforcement, prosecution, incarceration, and parole/probation supervision of persons charged with cannabis offenses combined with the increased income tax base created by legal commerce in cannabis is a more than sufficient economic incentive to end cannabis prohibition now without voluntarily offering up your money to pay special taxes on this one medicine and trading away your right to grow your own. Just restore cannabis to the status it had in America before the federal government succumbed to insanity approximately 70 years ago by ending prohibition.

  • Twitt3rsphere

    The logic of the quotes make me lol. You smoke weed to get high, well excuse me you drink too get drunk? And your much more likely to get in trouble when you’re drunk. Smh -.-

    • Tommy Warren

      and the one where a Senator is taking the opinion of a Pop music icon as a professional medical reference……the fact that people like him even get elected casts shame on America

  • Datrebor

    Bill O’Reilly has not, that I have seen, refute the racial imbalance. I watch his show every day. He also does not mind that people get high in their own home. He is more concerned in what this will mean to the children. He is wrong about this but that is his stance, the children. I have also not seen him actually say there is no medical value in marijuana. What about Jeb Bush, Scott Walker, or Chris Christie?

  • DWrecked

    Those people need to read a fucking book. And pull their goddamn heads out of thier asses and learn. Should look into what kinds of things they lobby for. I bet 90% of them are in some sort of other drug organization either medicinal or tobacco or alcohol. Which would prove why they are are against legalization. They are trying to protect their interests and money. Watch them all die from an overdose or lung failure due to cigarettes. And watch the cure to cancer, which in some instances there already is, be due to medicinal uses of marijuana. These people need to be removed from there positions and never heard from again.

    • Witchwindy

      Kennedy, Sabet, and Sembler all have financial interests in rehab. Sembler was the Founder (with his wife) of Straight, Inc. which was charged numerous times with child abuse and torture in their “rehab” programs, they changed the name of the org a few times it’s now Drug Free America, but they still advocate the same methods they used in Straight, Inc. They SHOULD be in prison themselves for what they did to those kids some very clueless parents put in their care.

  • Peru

    Nancy Grace is a loon..she needs help, weird crazy woman..

    • fred bear

      LOL… what I’ve always thought. Never have liked the woman.

  • Andrew Snipes

    Because of their unfounded discrimination against something I enjoy they will never get my vote if they run for president! !!

  • But really these people work for us.
    Their argument for prohibition is so pathetic all they can do is expose their criminality.
    They make themselves look like idiots, they can only expose the false nature of police state prohibition.

  • LadyNigh

    Get the sticks out of their asses and maybe they might see things in another way,they would rather fight against something that they don’t understand than to try to understand it.

    Oh but i bet the pain pills,nerve pills,cig’s or glass of expensive alcohol that they drink is ok,I would put marijuana up against those any day !!

    • Witchwindy

      Those charges could apply to 9 of them but Kevin Sabet’s religion forbids him to do any of those ingestibles, he is the one true believer among them, in spite of that religious belief he is STILL a prohibitch because he knows not everyone shares his religion and he also knows the science behind the medical miracle of cannabis and chooses to ignore that it could and would help hundreds of millions of people in favor of prohibition lite (he wants to channel people into rehab instead of prison, but if someone refuses rehab or drops out or goes back to using, he would send them to prison, though he will never admit that would be the end result). If you don’t know the definition of prohibitch go look it up on the Urban Dictionary along with prohibidiot and prohibitute.

  • Michael Loflin

    Every damn one of them get paid by big busness. pharma, oil, lumber, monsanto,

  • Crazy neighbor

    Same solution for your nasty felon cops who get away with stuff, Hitman.
    Really don’t condone violence as an answer, but hey this is the USA we’re talking about unnecessary war and violence is almost second nature to your government and law enforcement, seems to be how you get what you want.

  • Matt

    This doesn’t surprise me too much. A bunch of conservative …s who don’t really have a lot of education on benefits of marijuana. Furthermore, most of them don’t even care to hear the scientific facts that marijuana can be beneficial in some cases! It’s a sad state we’re in today.

  • Anon

    Michele leonhart deserves to be hung. She has killed many with her thug agents and has even said that all the unfortunate amount of deaths means that the war on drugs is successful. Someone please beat her into a coma

  • frank

    fucking making it legal or don’t i will still smoke lol

  • Jo Ellen Lukpetris

    It appears they all share a brain so shouldn’t it read “1 Biggest Enemy of Marijuana Legalization”? Kennedy now that is funny. Family of friggin drunks oppose weed?

  • Wrestling Sucks Now

    To be honest, real potheads don’t care about the legal standing in their state, they don’t follow too much politics, they don’t care for peoples opinions, they already know that the sweet leaf is pure and harmless so they smoke on, so take some advice from a real pothead and smoke on and laugh at anyone who judges you

    • Tommy Warren

      you can only laugh at people who judge you until you are in front of an actual judge, then shit gets serious. real potheads DO care because they want to continue to be potheads without fear of being thrown in a cage with a bunch of animals. yes, we know that the plant itself is harmless, but the legal repercussions are far from harmless. that’s why real potheads do follow politics to some extent and actually attempt to make changes. if they didn’t then they don’t really care enough about pot to be called potheads.

      • Wrestling Sucks Now

        Keep on worrying lol, pot is just a misdemeanor now, which can easily be taken care of with a fine or community service, if painting an old school means i can smoke pot, that’s cool

      • Bob in EP

        I’m white and have a job. Cops leave me alone. Sometimes they call me “Sir”.

        • Tony…a reality based entity

          obviously an egotistical racist……not too bright either….completely missed the point !!….didnt ya? ..lmfao

        • TJHillgardner

          White privilege at work.

  • alphus


  • dts5150

    Fuck em all!! I live in Colorado.

  • dts5150

    Fuck em all!! I live in Colorado.

    • TJHillgardner

      Yeah, you’re fucked! At least in New York we still have a chance to get ending cannabis prohibition right.

  • má(r)ktea

    michelle leonhart should smoke a joint to get inspiration to decide is she/he a male or female 😀

  • Lb

    Why are there only old farts deciding whats good or bad? They arent fucking up-to-date on ANY information that has come up the past 10 years, it’s like a tennis coach trying to teach someone to play hockey. HAHA. FUCK when will people wake up and see these old fart-toons are just crazy in their damaged nervoussystem …. only idiots are in control in this world…..

  • Bob in EP

    The only legislator in the group is Sessions. The rest are a bunch of nobodies who have limited, if any, say in the legislation.

  • Thierry

    The implications that marajuana is dangerous is proof of uneducated accusations. Alcohol and cigarettes kill more americans every year yet nothing is done to stop them from being sold … …if our senators and republicans are this ignorant then why do they get elected I for one refuse to vote for anyone that refuses the american public thier rights period

  • Shawn Culverhouse

    #1 just needs some of the D in her life

  • Paul Baird

    One thing marijuana is an herb. It is naturally grown. But all these pills and stuff that are made are “ok”. You sound dumb. It’s not a drug. For the dumb ass that said the only reason for it is to get high. Hey open your eyes jack ass. It cures so much. But hey let’s sell alcohol that actually kills people. Yup some people are as smart as I box of rocks. I know an 8 year old that could tell you all the positives of marijuana because he is autistic and it helps him get through his day. So you people that are against it opinions vary and for what I have seen it do for the good I tell you to go back home and preach to your spouse cause nobody got time for your lame lifestyle and closed eyes.

  • daniel rossi

    What a bunch of sqares to use old school tech. , they all lie and they are all crooks bet not one of misses a meal or a cocktail ..

  • jon

    if only kevin knew the difference between reefer and refer, plus, motherfuckers like him probably prosper off companies such as big tobacco

  • sydney

    I disagree with this 100 percent. Everyone on that list is crazy and they have NO CLUE what the real facts are. I would love to know their opinion if they found out they were ill. Would they take the pills or try medical marijuana. The pills doctors prescribe get abused and the people taking them become dependent on it. Not only that, but over time it ruins your body. First hand experience, I had a friend who did perks for fun and it changed her personality and she started stealing any and everything to get her fix. Another friend of mine smokes for recreational purposes and he “doesn’t want to shoot me when we are on the pot, or high.” It may not be for them but that doesn’t mean they should take away
    someone’s medicine, especially if it is helping them survive and live
    normal lives. I could go on and on about this subject. We need to stand up to our parents and grandparents generations. We need to show them Cannabis is A PLANT, that grew here before human civilization and will continue to grow after we are gone.

  • Nathan Hurst

    Ya… Nancy Grace can kill herself and no one would care.


    Do it.

  • Witchwindy

    Nancy Grace has not been as skinny as that pic of her for a decade or more, she it viscious, vainglorious, and just a plain vain (with absolutely NO REASON for which to be vain) bitch who loves to berate and cause unnecessary pain to others who do not share her twisted outlook on life.

  • Kat Ford

    Nancy Grace,,,,,bitch from hell, her.

  • Gary Williams

    Ever so slowly the ignorance will be overcome and these morons buried!

  • TJHillgardner

    Language has consequences and the author fails to understand the importance of nomenclature in the conversation. The words “end cannabis prohibition” need to be substituted in the public consciousness for the words “marijuana legalization” if we are to get justice in this campaign. Everyone needs to understand how calling the cannabis plant “marijuana” is just ignorant as “marijuana” is a name historically rooted in racism against Mexicans, yet properly given only to the flowering bud of the cannabis plant without regard to the rest of the plant and its myriad uses. Moreover, the word “legalization” portrays the issue as if cannabis being outlawed is the norm. However, its 4,500-year history of use as a medicine compared to its brief 70 year history of federal statutory prohibition compels us to recognize that the relatively recent prohibition is the exception to the historical rule that cannabis is a beneficial plant with many uses. Usage of the proper nomenclature will educate the public about the proper historical context, shift the parameters of the conversation, and increase the likelihood that legislation will be advanced repealing prohibition and returning to every America the right to grow your own. As long as you continue to talk about “marijuana legalization” it remains highly likely that your “legalization” will be burdened with unreasonable and irrational taxes and regulations that will threaten your right to grow and cater to the big corporations lurking and looking to control the cannabis business and run it like the liquor industry. And you can imagine what kind of cannabis you would have to buy if the Budweiser of Bud was in charge of deciding potency and breeding matters, right?

  • Kelvin Harvey

    I think from personal perspective , that you have as much right to Marijuana as you do to God . Seeing how it is one of the plants he put on this earth . So if they believe in God they should then believe that its one of his plants , medicines .. If not then They are Lying about their belief in God aren’t they.

  • Sue Miller Bonucci

    They are all idiots ! What are they gonna do when we keep getting the national cannabis wall so big that they won’t be able to fight us anymore ! Remember we put them there and we together can get them out !!

  • Adam Horton

    I’m moving to Colorado. The fuck with Florida and all these other anti marijuana eastern Nazi states.

  • steven

    why do we not just remove these people and clear the path to progress from these so called heroes. I smell that they must have some dirt, lets hire some private detectives and show that these people are just as evil as the laws they say are helping America.