5 Easy Ways to Live a Happy Healthy Life

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The secret to a long life is in your diet. If you eat healthily, you can increase your life expectancy by up to 7 years. Consuming more healthy foods and less unhealthy or processed foods is the key to increase vitality and longevity.

Leading a healthy life not only increase your life expectancy but also provides you with other benefits including:

  • Good Mood: Your diet can affect your mood. Consuming certain foods can cause people to feel tired and irritated. Similarly, foods that are rich in certain nutrients can also cause you to feel happy.
  • More Energy: The right food provides you with energy to be able to do work without feeling tired early on. As a result, you end up being more productive.
  • Increased cognition

Let’s now have a look at how you can live a healthy life:

Exercise Regularly

Studies show that exercise has a direct correlation with the release of endorphins which help reduce stress and lighten up the mood.

Exercise also helps reduce fat and promote muscle growth, hence making you physically stronger. It also keeps cholesterol in check and reduces the chances of diseases such as heart attacks.

Exercise also strengthens your immune system that helps fight bacterial infections. According to research, 150 minutes of brisk walking a week can increase life expectancy by 3 years.

Doctors recommend at least 30 minutes of exercise every day. Even though 30 mins can seem too much at the beginning – especially if you don’t exercise at all –  consider training for at least 10 mins a day and slowly move up the intensity ladder.

Strength training is highly recommended, but cardio shouldn’t be neglected as it promotes cardiovascular health. Treadmills, ellipticals, rowing machines, stair-steppers, and stationary bikes are all fantastic options to get the heart rate up. You can find fantastic treadmill reviews over at Consumers Advocate or you can always join a gym.

You can even try meditation. Studies suggest that meditation helps reduce stress. Doctors recommend meditation 15 mins twice a day.

Improve Your Relationships

Be around positive people. Spend time with family and friends. Watching a movie or having a meal with them can significantly help reduce stress and make you feel better. Going out with friend and family on a vacation or a social event can also be extremely healthy for you.

Toxic people can feed on your happiness and health. Don’t be afraid to cut such people out of your life.

Improve Your Eating Habits

What you eat can have a significant impact on your hormones and health. Eating too much bad food such as oily foods, fast foods or junk food can significantly damage your body, make you obese, and even lead to depression.

Make sure to drink plenty of water. Doctors recommend that a person must drink at least 2 liters of water a day. It cleanses the body, keeps you hydrated and also helps keep weight in check.

Have a balanced diet. Eat green vegetables and fruits. Also, add protein, healthy fats, and healthy carbs in your diet.

New research also recommends drinking coffee as it helps reduce the risk of diseases ranging from type 2 diabetes to Parkinson’s disease [R]. Another study suggests that coffee consumers have longer lifespans. However, be sure not to go overboard with it. About two cups a day is enough to get all the benefits we need from drinking coffee.

According to research, 25% of Americans have vitamin D deficiency. Consider visiting a dietician and get a customized diet plan made according to the needs of your body.

Improve Your Sleeping Habits

An irregular sleep cycle or a lack of sleep can negatively impact your health as well as your hormone levels. It can weaken your immune system and lead to depression as well.

Getting a good night’s sleep can help regulate hormones and lead to a stronger immune system.

If you’re having trouble sleeping, consider trying relaxation techniques such as scented candles. Avoid drinking coffee, using the computer, and using phone prior to your sleeping schedule.

To get the healing and rejuvenation that sleep offers throughout the night, it’s important to sleep for at least seven to eight hours (uninterrupted).

Letting Go of Bad Habits

This is a no-brainer. The first step to a healthy lifestyle is to avoid unhealthy habits. These include staying away from recreational drugs, quitting smoking, and reducing drinking.

If you are involved in drugs, consider going into rehab or a community group. You can also use nicotine gum to quit smoking. Also, check out their brotherly quotes for some motivation.

Living a healthy lifestyle can be one of the best decisions you can make. Healthy should be your top priority so make sure to start today. It is all about saying bye to bad habits and accepting a lifestyle that’s healthy and positive.

5 Easy Ways to Live a Happy Healthy Life