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Having been in this industry for quite some time, we developed a unique set of skills, which we believe you will find useful.

Marijuana usage has been a controversial topic for years, even though many countries legalized and decimalized its consumption. People are facing various limitations, battling for their rights, and often resorting to different illegal channels to get a hand of it.

Many studies and clinical trials have proved the medical benefits of cannabinoids, but somehow our government fails to realize their potential. Drug testing has become a common practice in companies all over the world, which drives people to commit pretty unusual acts to get out of it.

One of the reasons we launched this site was to help average people go through testing. It takes approximately six weeks for weed or another drug to leave your body. From time to time we all tend to relax with a couple of joins, but, when we are confronted with unexpected drug testing, a lot of things are at stake.

You can find multiple websites online offering you various solutions, but only we provide reliable information. Our mission is to deliver accurate, objective and trustworthy solutions, which will help you overcome this challenging situation.

To be competitive in the market, in the last couple of years, we broaden our team of experts. Now we work with prominent medical experts who have extensive knowledge of cannabis. Our posts are educational and informative, and they’ll assist you in realizing what effects drugs have on the human body.

The more you know about this process, the faster you’ll avoid work-related incidents. Our team of experts will provide you with comprehensive tutorials, in-depth analysis, and ingredients you should combine to pass the drug testing.


Donald Mathews

The leading chemist in our team, Donald has extensive experience in dealing with cannabinoids and their impact on our body. He is the main responsible for the success of our posts. Donald offers comprehensive research and stands behind his claims.

Denise Stevens

If you ever wondered who goes through your emails and test all ideas you send us, well it’s no other than Denies. She in charge or verifying and approving trials, which later go on our web page. We should point out that she is the hardest working person in our team, spending hours in the office, going through various drug tests until she finds the best solution for our readers.

Jason Thomas

Many people consuming opioids tend to go through an emotional crisis. Taking a couple of joints won’t make you an addict. Five years ago Jason started working with us and became a significant member of our crew. He majored in psychology and is an author of many drug-related articles.

Samantha Cruise

Being one of many people who went through rehab, Samantha is ready to share with you here fantastic journey towards recovery. Our website tends to have a broader approach to this subject, so we focus on various marijuana-related cases, which can offer you valuable information and let you know you aren’t alone.

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