The Official High Times Cannabis Cookbook

One of the best ways of using your hard-earned stash is to turn it into a sumptuous and buzz-inducing culinary delight. The High Times Cannabis Cookbook has been at it for years, and they have compiled a book of some of the very best cannabis recipes. Everything from entrees, to full-blown holiday meals, can be found in the confines of this book.

All-Time Best Rated Cannabis Books

The Pot Book: A Complete Guide to Cannabis

Aimed at giving the reader a comprehensive overview of all things cannabis-related, The Pot Book will take your knowledge of cannabis far beyond growing. It covers the history of cannabis, as well as its role in politics, medicine, and society – detailing recent research and the potential role cannabis has to play in the future.

All-Time Best Rated Cannabis Books

Marijuana Horticulture: The Indoor/Outdoor Medical Grower’s Bible

This well-packed book has all the detailed information you need to take your skills to the next level, both indoors and out. It is a bestseller and a base reference for most intermediate and advanced cultivators. There is a lot to learn from its 512 pages of advice, photos, and detailed instructions.

All-Time Best Rated Cannabis Books


Marijuana Smoker’s Guidebook: The Easy Way to Identify and Enjoy Marijuana Strains

In Marijuana Smoker’s Guidebook by Matt Mernagh, he gives his personal accounts and opinions of his experiences with over 180 different cannabis strains. He has meticulously worked his way through smoking them all, presenting his findings in both informative and humorous manners. Not only will this give you insights into the strains you already own or have grown, but also helps you choose your next strain as you adventure deeper into cannabis cultivation.

All-Time Best Rated Cannabis Books

The Cannabis Grow Bible: The Definitive Guide to Growing Marijuana

Without a doubt, The Cannabis Grow Bible by Greg Green is the definitive guide for any grower, from novice to pro. Once this book is mastered, the only place you will learn more from is your own experiences. Fully updated and illustrated in full color, and with techniques for both indoor and outdoor cultivation, this comprehensive guide covers everything growers need to know, including how to select the best plant genetics, soil and hydroponic grows, dealing with pests and predators, advanced systems and breeding, and protecting the crop from nosy neighbors.

All-Time Best Rated Cannabis Books

The Emperor Wears No Clothes 12th Edition

The Emperor Wears No Clothes by Jack Herer is one of the most famous cannabis-related books ever to be published. Written by the late Jack Herer, a cannabis philosopher, campaigner, and all-around guru, he goes into great detail regarding the many uses both cannabis and hemp have, how they can change our lives for the better, and why they face the persecution they do. It leads to the reader having a much more rounded and informed opinion regarding cannabis and allows them to get deeper involved within the community.

All-Time Best Rated Cannabis Books

All-Time Best Rated Cannabis BooksCannabis Pharmacy: The Practical Guide to Medical MarijuanaGROW GREAT MARIJUANA

Beyond Buds: Marijuana Extracts- Hash, Vaping, Dabbing , Edibles and Medicines

In Beyond Buds: Marijuana Extracts- Hash, Vaping, Dabbing, Edibles and Medicines, this is an excellent book on the subject, especially if you enjoy edibles and cannabis oil extractions. The book covers everything from product reviews to recipes for cooking to the basic steps to make any extract product currently on the market. I’m sure this will be a valuable reference for many years to come.

All-Time Best Rated Cannabis Books

Cannabis Pharmacy: The Practical Guide to Medical Marijuana

This newly revised edition is now completely up-to-date with the latest information on the body’s endocannabinoid system, which is now understood to control emotion, appetite, and memory, delivery, and dosing of cannabis, including e-cigarette designs, additional varietals, and a new system for classification, as well as 21 additional ailments and conditions that can be treated with medical marijuana.

All-Time Best Rated Cannabis Books

Grow Great Marijuana: An Uncomplicated Guide to Growing the World’s Finest Cannabis

From start to finish this book will show you what you need, how to set it up, and how to grow it. Logan Edwards is extremely knowledgeable, and the way that the book is formatted makes it pretty easy to focus on what is really needed for an excellent healthy growth. One of the best, if not the best grow bible on the market.

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big book of buds All-Time Best Rated Cannabis Books All-Time Best Rated Cannabis Books

The Big Book of Buds: Marijuana Varieties From the World’s Greatest Seed Banks

This book catalogs many of the famous strains from across the globe, detailing their growing characteristics and quality, backed up with beautiful photography of each strain. There are also engaging insights and tips into growing, as well as essays assessing the unique aspects of cannabis botany.

All-Time Best Rated Cannabis Books

The Cannabis Encyclopedia: The Definitive Guide to Cultivation & Consumption of Medical Marijuana

Detailed chapters on everything from seed selection and germination, indoor and outdoor gardening, hydroponics, lighting, life cycle, and flowering, harvesting, and post-harvest processing and preservation, and troubleshooting the various problems that come up. You can find more than 2,000 beautiful color images illustrating this 596-page book.

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Coffee Shop Guide Amsterdam 2015/16

This isn’t just a coffee shop guide, it’s the go-to book for anyone making their first trip to Amsterdam which delves into all things cannabis, with menus with information about their smokes and pricing. The guide shows you local hidden treasures and little known must-see places. The guide details basic coffee shop etiquette, as well as what to expect at each coffee shop. 

All-Time Best Rated Cannabis Books