The Old Style Aloe Toxin Rid Detox Shampoo Review

Do you have an upcoming drug test, and now you are in a hurry to cover your tracks and get back to everyday life? Did you know that even prescribed medicine can lead you to fail your drug testing?

If you haven’t paid much attention, every year, FDA updates the list which features banned drugs, however, not many of us have the habit of checking them, including professional athletes. Just remember the case of Maria Sharapova, who was banned from playing tennis professionally for two years.

Now, when it comes to average people, they usually end up in trouble when consuming marijuana or other opioids. However, aloe rid detox shampoo might be the answer to your prayers. Sure, you can rinse off the effects of drugs by drinking a lot of water, but how about your hair?

In the last couple of years, follicle drug testing has become a prevalent method, which enables laboratory technicians to know whether some person has taken drugs in the past. That’s why many people are afraid and often resort to unusual solutions. 

Therefore, in this article, we will discuss the effects of an old style aloe toxin rid detox shampoo and try to pinpoint potential benefits.

Old Style Aloe Toxin Rid ShampooThe old style aloe rid detox shampoo is one of the most effective products used to detoxify and clean your follicle. Initially, it was designed to help swimmers get rid of the chlorine and hard water minerals build up in their hair.

Additionally, individuals wanted to remove industrial impurities that could damage their follicles. However, the only problem with this product was its so-called effectiveness. It showed excellent results, but many people complained that it had irritated their scalp, so they started questioning whether it was safe.

Later the manufacturer changed the formula to make it a bit milder. But, this slight variation busted people who were using it to pass a hair drug test. When combined with other products, this solution was so powerful it could open follicle and remove the presence of the drug, without damaging the hair.

For that reason, this hair detoxifier is formulated with specific ingredients, such as propylene glycol, that breaks the outer layer or also known as the cuticle. Therefore, if you are planning to buy this product, then make sure to look for an old formula because it is the only one that can help you and remove excess metabolites deposited by your sweat glands.

How Does Aloe Rid Detox Shampoo Work?

THC metabolites get into your hair through the bloodstream, specifically in part called the cortex, and it’s the typical way how lab technicians detect the presence of the illicit drugs in your blood.

Now, when you apply any kind of hair detox, it works by removing metabolites from the cortex, starting from the inside and working inward. However, the majority of hair detox solutions have issues reaching the cortex, considering it’s hidden under a tough outer layer called the cuticle.

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To strip drugs from your hair, you need to use active components, such as hydrogen peroxide, which aloe rid detox shampoo for opiates has. The primary purpose of this product in the Macujo method is to break down the cuticle. Once the cuticle is broken, the two other crucial components, such as detergent Tide and salicylic acid found in Neutrogena, remove THC from the cortex, and almost entirely from the exterior of the hair.

A lot of athletes, as well as employees who enjoy occasional joint depend on this product. So far, its ability to remove traces of THC from the cortex is remarkable. However, you should pay attention to various manufacturers, as well as formulas, because only the old-style solution can help you with this issue.

How to use old style aloe toxin rid shampoo ?

The aloe rid detox shampoo old style should only be used in combination with the Macujo method. Additionally, pay attention to the three most significant ingredients, such as Tide detergent, salicylic acid found in Neutrogena, and Aloe Toxin Rid Shampoo.

If you are resorting to this solution, then you probably know how this method works. However, to be successful, you must repeat the steps at least five times before drug testing. If you have one week to spare, then do it once a day.

On the other hand, if you have less than five days, then wash your hair twice a day. Make sure to leave enough product to strip your hair one last time before the due day, since new follicles grow 24/7, and you don’t want to risk failing your test because of the last day’s growth.

What Are Aloe Rid Detox Shampoo Old Formula Secret Ingredients?

the old style aloe toxin rid shampoo and ultra cleanThis solution features two parts, the basic product, and Ultra Clean shampoo. As we already mentioned, you must use both of them to eliminate the traces of THC from your hair.

To provide optimal results, aloe rid detox shampoo old formula ingredients are designed in a way to help you stay clean on your drug test.

The list includes the following ingredients:

  • Water
  • Tocopheryl acetate
  • Cocamide DEA
  • Soybean sterol
  • Panthenol
  • Avocado oil

Keep in mind that this list only incudes a couple of ingredients, since no one knows the exact number of them. However, they will help you distinguish the old formula from the new one, which provides better efficiency.

Where Can I Get Aloe Rid Detox Shampoo?

If you made it so far, now you must be wondering where can I get aloe rid detox shampoo? Well, the genuine product is only available at However, it’s not cheap and be prepared to pay a couple of hundreds of dollars.

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While we browsed other online stores and other retail sites, we haven’t managed to find this particular product, at least not an old-style formula. On the other hand, many people use Amazon for this purpose. However, if you see the solution, especially in the original tube, which by the way, isn’t manufactured anymore, make sure to read the reviews carefully.

Some will sell the newer version of this product for $100+, when in fact, it costs less than $30. Therefore, wait to read aloe rid detox shampoo old formula reviews that actually worked, before you waste any more money.


What can I substitute for aloe rid detox shampoo?

Well, so far, we couldn’t find any reliable, or for that matter, efficient substitute for the aloe rid detox shampoo old formula. Even though a lot of users recommend Nexxus products, keep in mind that this is the new, milder product; therefore, it won’t provide you with optimal results.

Only the old-style cleaning solution will help you get rid of THC residue from your hair.

Can you use t sal instead of aloe rid detox shampoo?

If you want to pass drug examination, then the only way you can do this is by using an old-style Aloe Rid formula. Many products will promise remarkable results, but not one of them will be able to deliver what the original one can.

For that matter, only focus on genuine formula and see how it washes off drugs from your hair.

Can I make my own aloe rid detox shampoo?

Considering that aloe rid detox shampoo cost will surpass your expectations, you might be tempted to make the same products. However, so far, we weren’t able to find any efficient recipes that could help you replicate the original formula.


Does aloe rid detox shampoo work – the ultimate question that’s been bugging everyone, right? However, in this article, we tried to lay down some necessary information that could help you choose the right product for your needs.

We know that facing any kind of drug test is a stressful situation, and you can hardly fake the results. But, there is still hope! The good news is that many weed consumers have managed to pass their hair drugs examination by using Aloe Rid shampoo.

Just make sure to shop aloe rid detox shampoo that contains the old formula, while using the Macujo method, and you are 100% ready for the upcoming challenges.