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Steven Peters has been a health advocate for more than a decade and proponent for alternative healing by ‘Empowering Natural Living’ through homeopathic approaches. He is also an activist for social justice and environmental causes in the GMO Labeling and Non-GMO grassroots movements across the country, and a staunch advocate for cannabis education and reform.

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Why Marijuana Was Really Made Illegal in The U.S.

Is hemp Illegal because of Marijuana? No, Marijuana is illegal because of Hemp and power-hungry corporations and people in high places. Most people in the mainstream never really mention hemp. That’s because hemp can’t make you high and thus mainstream media focuses on “Marijuana”. In turn, people tend to think that Hemp is illegal as a byproduct of “Marijuana prohibition” ...

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Hillary Donors Use State DNC Loopholes To Launder Millions

To give you a sense of how much the Democratic Party establishment is on Hillary Clinton’s side, we have an amazing story from Counterpunch about how they funneled millions into her campaign. In August 2015, at the Democratic Party convention in Minneapolis, 33 democratic state parties made deals with the Hillary Clinton campaign and a joint fundraising entity called The ...

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The Man Who Wants To Stop Marijuana Legalization in California

Roger Morgan is an anti-drug activist determined to stop marijuana legalization in its tracks. And because of the anti-pot coalition’s successful thwarting of California’s Prop 19 in 2010, he believes that he’s got a pretty good chance. Morgan is spearheading the Stop Pot 2016 campaign, which sets up him and his group as the primary political opposition to the marijuana ...

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Health Organization Creates Fake Marijuana Use Disorder Issuing Warning

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has a sort of reassuring ring to it. Yet, even a little investigation into this organization reveals that it is essentially the junction where the US Government and Big Pharma are joined together in a profitable union. The seemingly impending legalization of medical and recreational marijuana across the country has the pharmaceutical industry more ...

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US Supreme Court Ruling Could End Legal Marijuana Sales

Although the Obama Administration advised the U.S. Supreme Court in 2015 not to waste any time entertaining a lawsuit brought forth by Oklahoma and Nebraska that suggests Colorado’s legal marijuana market is causing “irreparable injury” due to an influx of drug trafficking into their communities, the nation’s highest court will discuss on Friday whether to pick up the case—creating the potential ...

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Can Marijuana Improve Your Sex Life?


When you get supremely stoned, you’re probably not good for taking care of anything beyond a couple bags of Doritos. However, more and more doctors that specialize in medical marijuana are noticing a surprising side effect from a light buzz: Patients getting cannabis for pain management, anxiety, or chronic conditions are reporting it’s helping in the bedroom, too. “We’ve known for a while, at least anecdotally, ...

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How to Smoke Weed Without The Smell

Finding a place to smoke is not a concern for many, but hiding the smell weed leaves behind is. We have all made failed attempts to cover up the strong scent marijuana leaves behind. We’ve choked on Lysol after spraying the entire can, which still made the room reak of pot. Of course, we have also attempted using our favorite ...

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