10 Best Marijuana Festivals You Must Visit

Are you a ganja lover and also love meeting people? Going to festivals where people enjoy smoking weed like you is another experience. Not only will you have music to dance to while you’re high, but you will get to socialize with cool people as well. Here are the top 10 festivals that you can explore with your friends or family.

Chalice is one of the great marijuana festivals. Its slogan is “Music, Glass, Hash, Art”. This festival focuses on the art of glass that you use to smoke ganja. It is located in a small town called Victorville, San Bernardino, California.

This festival is three days long. The activities include the creation of glass, weed exchange, weed purchase, arts of cannabis, and music. There are many different types of music such as Hip-Hop and electronic, and the festival features artists who are famous among marijuana lovers like Ludacris, Thriftworks, and Cypress Hill.

High Times Cannabis Cup Festival

High Times Cannabis Cup is the world’s leading marijuana event. At first, it started in Amsterdam and expanded into many places such as Colorado and Southern California. The main thing of this event is the competition of the best vape pens, edibles, strains, and concentrates. The winner will get a Cannabis Cup as a reward.

Furthermore, there is a vape lounge, a live grow room and an edible village for you to experience. If you are not interested in these boots, there are baby goats for you to pet, super slides to play, and other exhibitions to see.

Other than those fun activities, music is a big part of this festival as well. You will get to enjoy live music from famous artists. For example, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, NAS, and Rich the Fid.

National Cannabis Festival

This festival takes place in Washington D.C, only one mile away from the capitol building. The latter was created to celebrate the cannabis legalization in DC by a small group of ganja lovers who gathered together to create The National Weed Festival in early 2015.

Moreover, the famous festival features a large array of activities such as concerts of popular artists, yoga, contests, and education sessions. Finally, diversity is more than welcome in terms of age and culture. Thus, you will get to exchange experiences with many people from different cultures.

High Life Festival

High life festival is a celebration of medical marijuana legalization. It offers the audience a closer look at many products, technologies, and advancements of weed. You need to be 18+ to attend this festival. Those who do not have an MMJ card can attend the event, that being said, you will not get access to the “prop 215” medical section.

You will get to see how cultivators, chefs, breeders, and extraction artists work on their products. Thus, it is a perfect festival for you if you are curious about these things. Furthermore, this event is famous for hip-hop music. You will get to see some of the best hip-hop artists like Rick Ross, N Harmony, Fat Joe, and Yo Gotti.

The Austin Reggae Festival

This annual festival is held to celebrate music and marijuana. This festival is also known as Marley Festival which is named after legendary stoner “Bob Marley”. It takes place in Austin, Texas. The music there, of course, involves reggae. You will get to smoke high-quality ganja and see Jamaican flags all over the place.

Bonnaroo Festival

This festival is held in Great Stage Park farm, Manchester, Tennessee. It lasts for 4 days starting from the second Thursday of June. You can enjoy the music while eating food which is made from, you guessed it, marijuana!

There are many stages of live music with many different styles such as Hip-Hop, Jazz, Indie, Reggae, electronic, and pop. It is famous for having diversity like arts, freedom to do things, and underground cultures which give you a whole new experience.

Seattle Hempfest

If you want to see innovations in smoking weed, this is the right place for you. As you can see from the name, this festival is held in Seattle, Washington. The festival lasts for three days and it is free to attend. This is for people who support marijuana rights and want to get rid of the negative energy of those who are against it.

Not only will you get to listen to live music, but you will get to hear impactful speeches from potential speakers. That is to spread a positive attitude and educate people about using cannabis.

Cannabis Liberation Day

This festival is in Amsterdam, Holland. It is the biggest event in the Netherlands. The objective of this festival is to celebrate the international cannabis culture and display the benefits of weed. Plus, you do not need to pay to attend this festival.

There are many programs involved such as arts, inspirational speakers, and music live performances. They also offer you a camping area for those who want to have a unique camping experience.


You might know Coachella as a hippie festival where many celebrities dress up and take many cool pictures on Instagram. However, you should know that everybody is invited and that weed is a must to bring to this event. Many famous singers and DJs will be performing all day long. One thing to take into consideration, however, is that the ticket is quite expensive.

The Cannabis Wedding Expo

This event is held in many places in Canada. It is perfect for couples and canna-business as there will be experts on the spot to educate you on how to use cannabis safely and smartly. If you are thinking of having a wedding where weed is the main theme, this event is a must to go to.

Nothing is better than smoking ganja around people with the same interests. The positive and fun vibe will surely give you the best experience of smoking weed. However, knowing your limits and being responsible for yourself is one thing to always keep in mind.