9 Awesome Places in Europe Where You Can Smoke Weed Freely

Are you planning a summer trip to Europe, which will provide you an opportunity to experience their culture to the full extent? Are you looking forward to meeting the most kindred spirits and share your adventures with them? Do you want to know the list of the best places where you can smoke weed in Europe?

Europeans are quite progressive on lots of social issues, and the same rule applies to pot.

Marijuana has become part of their lives, and they are not ashamed of admitting it. People are pretty laid back and generally not embarrassed to tell the foreigners how much they love a couple of hits of joint. The weed is grown and cultivated even in the residential object.

Even though European countries have somewhat flexible laws on pot consumption, you still have certain limitations. For people who think outside the box and are brave enough to try something new, here is a couple of countries that will satisfy your pot requirements.


The pot Mecca for opioid users, Netherland is the most famous country for marijuana consumption. It features a lot of coffee shops, which many tourists find appealing. They have made Amsterdam trendy place for those who want some relaxation and fun.  

Though the recent government steps made it seem like the Netherlands will become less tolerant towards the pot use, the mayor promised that the city’s coffee shops would continue to serve locals and tourists. After all, 1.5 million tourists come to Amsterdam each year to enjoy this forbidden pleasure.

Here you have an opportunity to try marijuana in all shapes and sizes. You can find pot in cookies, drinks, and joints. We believe Amsterdam is one of the rare palaces in the world where a person can indeed feel free.

No one will judge you, or look down upon you, just because you love taking hit from time to time.


You must be wondering, is weed legal in Spain? Well, this country has a complicated system of laws, but marijuana isn’t decriminalized, as long as you use it in private. The new set of regulations has been in use since the 90s.  If you get caught with opioids in public, you won’t be jailed, but you might pay a fine of about $330.

However, you are allowed to grow two plants for personal use, but purchasing or selling is still illegal. Foreigners are often confused with these contradictory laws; this is way private pot clubs have flourished in the last couple of years. In cities like Barcelona, you can pay a membership, where people smoke marijuana, or buy some of their own.

But, tourists be aware, the government has found a way to limit the access only to Spanish residents. 

The restriction is one of the methods to suffocate marijuana tourism and help Spain attract people who will be genuinely interested in their culture.

image of joints


As of January 2017, Germany has passed a law to legalize medical marijuana officially. But, this fact doesn’t make it easy on recreational smokers. The weed in Germany is still illegal, but there are some loopholes you should explore.

If you get caught with a small amount of weed, according to Paragraph 31, you can avoid prosecution. The public prosecutor may drop the case, considering the offender only had a minimal amount for his or her personal use. In this case, there is no interest in pursuing criminal prosecution because the offender can use, grow, produce, import, export, and transport only a small amount of narcotics.

The Supreme Court has limited the amount to 7.5 g. In the capital city Berlin, the rules are a bit liberal, the pot for recreational use is limited to 15 grams in most cases. This is one of the reasons why Berlin has become so popular among marijuana users.


France has always been the place where you can explore all kinds of liberties. Cannabis is not legal here according to laws, but it’s tolerated. As long as you avoid being too obvious, you will be fine.

If you get caught smoking weed in public, then you will most likely earn a fine, but nothing much worse than that. So, stop being paranoid, and be discrete about pot consumption in crowded places.

Police patrols are monitoring different areas and streets, but they aren’t violent towards tourists. Most likely they will say nothing or look away. Keep in mind that you are in a foreign country and their rules and regulations apply to you.

The police might arrest you for any soft drug-related activity, but they can also look away. However, staying low key will keep you away from troubles. Paris is known for its decadence, so try to explore it.

Decriminalized but still not legal

Decriminalized but still not legal


Portugal has decriminalized the possession and use of all drugs. As long as you don’t have more than a 10-day supply, you are free to consume marijuana. However, if you are caught with this small stash, then you can be sent to a rehabilitation center, or be forced to pay fine.

In this case, a three-person jury decides your fate, but usually, there is no penalty. In 2014, the European Monitoring Center for Drugs and Drug addiction policy report showcased that stricter laws led to a decrease in drug and HIV related deaths.

Czech Republic

Compared to many former Soviet countries, the Czech Republic isn’t heavy-handed when it comes to drug regulations. Medical marijuana is legal, and their laws don’t consider the use of any opioids as a criminal offense, as long as you don’t possess large quantities.

This state also makes a difference between marijuana and other drugs. The law allows up to 10 g for personal use, and therefore it’s not a criminal offense. But, if you get caught, you’ll still be fined for the possession. Don’t grow though because this situation can lead you to have severe consequences with the law.


In Italy marijuana is still illegal, but approved for personal use. The new laws allow up to 5g of any opioid, as long as you use it in the privacy of your home. There are a couple of places where you can buy high-quality weed.

For instance, Santa Maria in Trastevere and the bar San Calisto. Search for homeless looking guys and make eye contact. If you treat them for the service, they will hook you up.

Also, if you visit the Termini Station, walk down the street and find a couple of Moroccans. The majority of them have family and friends who are dealers.

smoking marijuana in Italy


In 2013, the state passed the law that allows people the possession up to 10 g of marijuana. However, you have to be over 18, and if you get caught doing drugs in a public place, you will be fined. This offense won’t go on your permanent record, and you don’t have to make a court appearance.

Considering the fine is around $110, it’s still something manageable. This country has an excellent economy and high salaries, so residents consider this amount cheap. If you come to Switzerland, make sure to smoke pot in private, to avoid problems with the law.  


The use of drugs is not considered to be an offense in Poland. On the other hand, the possession is punishable by up to three years of imprisonment. The laws of this country don’t differentiate cannabis and other drugs, but the cannabis-related cases are less strict than others.

If this is your first time visiting Poland, then you can find pot in many clubs and neighborhoods. The Palace of Culture near the train station is one of the best places to purchase weed. In the capital, you should be able to find high-quality dope for cheap money, but make sure you are discreet.


When traveling Europe, recreational use of marijuana can be a fun and exciting experience. We are all aware that old continent has flexible laws when it comes to drug consumption, but you should be mindful of their rules. Even though you are a foreigner, their regulations also apply to you.

Depending on the country you are planning to visit, make sure to explore trustworthy places because there are a lot of scammers. Try to connect with locals because they will offer you high-quality weed. The best would be to ask someone for a recommendation.

Maybe some of your friends visited the place before you, and they can give first-hand advice. Keep in mind that you are meeting an entirely different culture and what’s regular is States might be strange in Europe.

Be friendly, polite and open-minded. Otherwise, you won’t score good results and dealers will avoid you.

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