10 Best Ways to Smoke Marijuana

Are you bored of smoking cannabis in the same old way all the time? Here we compiled some of the most interesting ways you can try at home or a party with your friends. If you did not know, weed has many benefits. It gives you more power, it relaxes you, and also gives you a better athletic performance. Let’s go through fun different ways to smoke weed.

Smoking weed through a bong is very common among smokers. That is because it gets you very high extremely fast. The key thing about using a bong is the process of the smoke going through water before reaching your lungs.

Bongs are made in many types of materials, such as ceramic, plastic, glass, metal, and bamboo. Yes, there are many kinds of bongs, for example:

  • Waterfall Gravity Bongs
  • Straight Tube Bongs
  • Round Based Bongs
  • Multi-Chamber Bongs
  • Bucket Gravity Bongs
  • Beaker-Shaped Bongs
  • Vaporizer

Smoking weed through a vaporizer, vape pen, or vape is one of the best solutions to enjoy your weed. You basically smoke pure weed vapor directly and it smells like nothing. Thus, it will get you high very easily and healthily because you do not need to inhale any tar debris into your lungs.

On the other side of the spectrum, it might be easy to go around and smoke with a vaporizer. However, it is extremely expensive. It is worth the purchase if you smoke regularly, but there are cheaper methods if you smoke cannabis once in a while.

The Bucket Gravity Bong

A gravity bong is fun but quite intense as it will get you super high. This method includes water, a two-liter bottle, a bucket, and your stem.

First, cut the bottom of the two-liter bottle and make a small hole on the bottle cap for the stem. Then, put it in a bucket filled with water. Lit up your weed while slowly pulling the bottle up. Open the cap and smoke it out of the bottle.


To smoke marijuana in a blunt, you need cigar paper and pure weed. It is similar to a joint, but you do not use rolling papers or cigarettes. As the size of the cigar is thick, it will last longer. The smell and the taste of the cigar papers and the weed will give you an amazing experience that you should definitely try if you are a smoker.

Gas Mask

This is an intense one. What you will need is a bong with a mask. You basically inhale the smoke from a bong while wearing a gas mask and the smoke will be inside engulfing you. It forces you to inhale all of the smoke. This is not recommended for a beginner as it can suffocate you.

Hash Yogurt

If you want to eat weed, this is an easy one you can try. Firstly, choose your favorite yogurt. Secondly, put some butter with some hash in a spoon. Use a lighter to melt the butter and hash together. This process might take up a few minutes. When it is well mixed, you can eat it with some yogurt.

However, this might take a while for the hash to kick in as it goes through your stomach. Thus, be careful because you wouldn’t want to overdose.

Bottle Hits

This is an interesting method. You only need a bottle and a cigarette. The first thing that you need is to make a small hole in the bottom of the bottle, just big enough to put a cigarette in. Then, put your hash in the cigarette and light it up until the bottle is filled with smoke. When you are satisfied with the amount of smoke, take the cap off and inhale it all in.

Soda Can

Smoking ganja out of a soda can might be childish, but it is an easy solution mostly for teenagers who cannot find papers. To do so, you need to bend the soda can a tiny bit. Make a hole in the crease. Put your cannabis in the hole, light it up and smoke it from the hole on top of the can.

The sugar, taste, and caffeine leftover from the soda can makes it a better experience. You can taste these mixtures, and that is what makes it fun to try.


If you hate the taste or the smell of ganja, you need to try this one. You only need an apple to make a homemade pipe. You can use a pencil to make a hole in the apple for your weed. The smell and the taste of the apple will make it easier to take a hit. Plus, you can even eat it later after you’re done, but it might not taste the same.

Straight to the Dome

If you cannot find any papers, bongs, or anything that you can smoke your ganja with, then this is the way! You basically put a bud in your left nose and block your right nose. Light the weed and inhale straight to the dome.

This is another way to smoke it. However, this is not a very smart way and should be used only if you don’t have any other choice.

There you have it, the 10 best ways to smoke weed. It is always recommended that you use high-quality marijuana for the best experience that you can get. On that note, choose the right method for you, and don’t overdose!