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‘Up In Smoke’ – A Timeline of Marijuana Use in The U.S.

From 1911 when the first U.S state made marijuana illegal to 2013 where two states have now re-legalized. 2001 showed only 30% of the U.S in favor of re-legalization. The U.S now has 58% of its citizens in favor of marijuana re-legalization. This infographic puts it all together for you. Showing you from start of how marijuana has changed over ...

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Miami’s 17th-Annual Medical Marijuana Benefit -March 14, 2015

Remember when we marijuana was going to become legal in Florida?  Fear not, American democracy is a revolving door, and the time to hit the polls is coming sooner than you think. The real freedom fighters of the medical marijuana movement are hitting the pavement and fighting the good fight like it never ended. Because, you know, it hasn’t. On Saturday, March ...

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The Global Marijuana March Begins May 2, 2015

The Global Marijuana March (GMM) is kicking off at different locations across the world taking place this year on Saturday May 2, 2015 and include marches, meetings, rallies, concerts, festivals and other relevant information and events relating to cannabis. The Global Marijuana March began in 1999 which have had hundreds of thousands of people participated in over 829 different cities in 72 ...

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Top 5 Industries That Fight Against Marijuana Legalization

With mounting evidence supporting cannabis’ health and wellness benefits and resounding evidence of the drug war’s failure, it’s a wonder that anyone still opposes cannabis legalization. Despite the tremendous momentum in favor of legalization last year, it turns out prohibition still has deep support with even deeper pockets. There are five major groups lobbying to keep marijuana illegal. Of those, ...

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68 Studies on The Efficiency of Marijuana Against Cancer

68 studies on the efficiency of marijuana against cancer

Cancer is a leading cause of death in industrialized countries. So far, the treatments available from the pharmaceuticals have limited efficacy, as well as significant toxicity and strong undesirable side effects. It is known that the marijuana plant can help in a natural way and relieve symptoms of cancer and chemotherapy: pain relief, nausea, vomiting, greater appetite, improvement of mood, sleep, and ...

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