Full Review of Certo Drug Detox Method – Does It Really Work?

Have you ever heard of fruit pectin? Pectin is a type of starch that naturally occurs in fruit cells. The latter can actually help purify your body of all kinds of toxins, and at the same time, saving you from a positive drug test.

Nowadays, many products use fruit pectin as their primary ingredient, including Certo Drug Detox. If you are going to have a drug test for your new job, you may consider Certo as an option.

However, before you buy anything, we invite you to read our complete guide on this product.

This product comes in the form of white starch powder and is made from fruits such as apples and citrus. Thus, if you have allergies to these fruits, you should talk to your healthcare specialist before consuming Certo pectin.

You can easily find Certo in most grocery stores or online websites such as Amazon.com. When heated, fruit pectin turns into a gel. This is why it is normally used as a thickener for jellies and jams. Furthermore, it can also be used as a medication for:

  • Relieving constipation
  • Improving your blood sugar level
  • Lowering your cholesterol
  • Assisting in your weight management

What Are the Ingredients of Certo Drug Detox?

Here are the main ingredients and their benefits:

  • Fruit pectin – is believed to improve the body’s fiber elimination system that increases the elimination of THC through excrement.
  • Sports drink – contains electrolytes, which are needed to balance your urine color.
  • Creatine monohydrate – is present in normal urine. Consuming it along with your detox diet will keep everything well-balanced in your flushed urine.
  • Multivitamin – will keep a good mineral ratio in your urine.
  • Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) – aids the liver in the detoxification process.
  • Vitamin B12 – Even though a side effect of taking vitamin B12 is brightly yellow urine which may cause the urine to look abnormal, it can still help to restore the color of urine that has been highly diluted by the abundant amounts of water required by the detox.

How Can Certo Drug Detox Help for a Drug Test?

The reason why Certo works effectively against toxins like THC is that they are primarily removed through feces.

As Certo is fluid content, it increases stool consistency and boasts a faster reduction of toxins from the body. Moreover, THC is fat-soluble, meanwhile, pectin which is basically fiber-based, stops THC from being absorbed into the blood.

Consequently, stomach acids associated with the pectin molecules release fats without letting them break down into their elemental states.

Also, this stops the fat metabolites from being absorbed into the body as well as from bonding with the THC metabolites. Instead, it gets liquefy in the stomach acids and gets removed from the body through feces.

As it has the property of being able to bind and remove substances from the digestive tract, it may cause diarrhea. That said, this is weirdly a good effect that will help you pass a drug test. To defecate is to cleanse the digestive tract!

Certo Drug Detox Review

Now that you know everything about how it works and what it’s made of, here’s a list of the pros and cons of Certo Drug Detox:

Pros :

  • It is well-known as it is easy to find in most stores (including certo, which is found in pretty much every grocery store).
  • It provides a good amount of fiber to your diet.
  • It is not dangerous to your body.
  • It cleanses out your guts and overall body.
  • It is inexpensive.
  • It is easy to use.

Cons :

  • In most cases, it will give you diarrhea after consuming.
  • It needs to be mixed with a dilution drink because it is quite strong if you drink it alone.
  • You have to add B-vitamins and creatine to your diet for it to work properly.

Instructions on How to Use Certo Drug Detox

Here is the list of things you have to prepare beforehand:

  • 2 packets of Certo (over the course of two days)
  • Sports drink (Gatorade for example)
  • Multivitamin
  • Creatine monohydrate
  • B12

Here Are the 5 Steps of How to Use Certo to Pass a Drug Test for Weed

Step 1 :

On the first and the second day prior to taking your urinary drug test, you should drink a large amount of water and frequently urinate in order to help decrease toxins in your body.

Step 2 :

The night before the drug test and shortly before you go to bed, you should mix one sachet of Certo with one 32-ounce Gatorade. Then, shake until the pectin has dissolved and drink over the next 15 minutes.

Step 3 :

The next morning, drink 32-ounce of water roughly 3 hours before your drug test.

Step 4 :

With 2 hours to go until your test, repeat the second step by taking the next sachet of Certo with another 32-ounce Gatorade. After which, you should normally urinate several more times.

Step 5 :

An hour before the drug test, drink 32-ounce of water, take a vitamin B2 supplement before taking multivitamins and finally, urinate once more.

And that is all for our complete guide on Certo Drug Detox. With a bit of preparation and determination, you should be able to go through the process without any worries.

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