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Dangers of Marijuana ‘Wax’ Highlighted After Death in Minnesota

Concentrated marijuana, created by cooking marijuana leaves in a cylinder soaked with butane, is a dangerous new trend that has the authorities in Minnesota worried.

The wax created from the process contains two to six times the amount of THC as normal marijuana. THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is the active ingredient in marijuana and is responsible for most of the psychological effects.

The process of creating the marijuana wax has been linked to a fire and explosion in St. Cloud in November. Sally Douglas, 85, died of smoke inhalation from the fire. Two men have been charged with third-degree murder over the death. The men, Dustin Zablocki and Justin Pick claimed, “they were cooking cannabis oil in the basement when their hotplate ignited butane gas.”

The process makes butane hash oil, which is then used with a bong or electronic cigarettes to give a stronger high than regular marijuana cigarettes. Making marijuana wax is a dangerous process that uses butane to extract the THC. Butane fumes can fill the area where the wax is being made and any spark can set off an explosion.

The rash of fires caused by wax production has supporters of marijuana legalization calling for more government regulation to make it easier to get marijuana wax, which also known as shatter or dabs.

“If law enforcement is serious about the dangers of people making hash oil in basements, they should support a legalized industry,” said Marcus Harcus, director of the Minnesota chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws.

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Steven Peters

Owner & Publisher at Natural Revolution
Steven Peters has been a health advocate for more than a decade and proponent for alternative healing by ‘Empowering Natural Living’ through homeopathic approaches. He is also an activist for social justice and environmental causes in the GMO Labeling and Non-GMO grassroots movements across the country, and a staunch advocate for cannabis education and reform.

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  • chillin granny

    Lies….NO ONE HAS DIE FROM CANNABIS EVER. If the rediculous war on drugs can’t find the TRUTH they will manufacture it. END THE LIES…..END PROHIBITION!!!!

    • Doug Groh

      How correct you are. The problem is not just with the untruth manufacturers, but with the media that keeps the untruths flowing in the socail and main stream medai.

    • David Skisler

      yeah real lies cuz haven of any dead cause by marijuana

    • Heidi Joy Hameed

      No one has died for smoking it, eating it or whatever but people HAVE died from the EXTRA shit they used (usually incorrectly) in order to change the form of the cannabis (like with this story). SMH Wish they’d just deschedule already

  • Higzy

    “Dangers of Marijuana Wax” … Wax isn’t the danger here. The REAL danger is stupidity.

  • A guy

    Love the misleading title. Fucking click bait bullshit

  • Heidi Joy Hameed

    Education is seriously missing with regards to Cannabis and most of the educaiton that IS taking place is full of innuendo and fear mongering tactics.

    • Waldoe Flagg

      What do you mean? This article is full of facts. Ex; “created by cooking marijuana leaves in a cylinder soaked with butane” Cause, you know that’s exactly how it’s made.

      • Heidi Joy Hameed

        You’re right, Waldoe Flagg, it IS full of facts, I was referring to other forms of education in terms of cannabis legalization. Obviously there is a lot more education then there used to be but there’s still not enough nor is it getting to the right people. It’s not rich powerful people blowing up thier basements – it’s poor, who-the-heck-are-you people.

        So this article is telling you how NOT to make it, right, as is the current education? So, the question becomes, how DO we make it without killing ourselves, setting the house on fire or singeing our eyebrows – that’s what I’m talking about in terms of education and let’s not forget that this is Minnesota which is typically very cold, starting to drift towards spring in March so they were likely doing it with very little ventillation. One – MN is not a legal state so they’re idiots even if they lived or didn’t get caught (a LOT of risk) and Two – these kinds of instances are exactly why cannabis needs to legalized – descheduled, actually – on a Federal level to cover all the states. If you ARE going to do shit illegally (and I’m not advocating that uh, necessarily) use your damn brain the grey matter between your ears, unless, of course, you enjoy life behind bars.

    • Sock

      In you endo? Is that an Italian marijuana suppository?

      • Heidi Joy Hameed

        You’re awesome, Sock lol It took me an hour of pondering to figure out what you were asking. Innuendo – too funny. Might not be such a bad thing lol

  • reeferhead

    Who’s the dummy who blew themselves up making dabs. Not like they were doing the pop bottle rocket in there basement. Rocket scientist. All the more reason to legalize and put a certified professional over the task.

  • nathan

    first of all you dont cook the marijuana in the cylinder with butane… you soak it and then let butane evaporate and THEN purge it in an atmospheric vac oven designed for this.

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  • Billandcc Williams

    ignorance is the problem. please take the time to do your reseach so that you know what you are talking about and then educate others. the two morons in this story should go to jail. But this tragic tale could have been avoided with legalization and education.

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