Hemp Seed Oil vs. CBD Oil – The Ultimate Comparison

Have you ever thought about the differences between CBD and hemp oil? They both have a special place in our health industry. While the Cannabidiol is emerging as a medicine with a vast number of applications, the hemp seed oil is rich in nutrients, and it’s an excellent food or a supplement.

Primarily, CBD is a cannabinoid that has shown remarkable results in treating many severe conditions, such as cancer. This fact leads many consumers to confusion due to terminology used by manufacturers.  To gain profit, they tend to identify CBD and hemp products as one, which is a mistake.

Even though they are derived from the same plant, the primary distinction is in parts of the plants we use for production. For instance, then hempseed oil is made from pressing cannabis seeds to extract fatty ingredients. On the other hand, CBD oil is sourced from the flowers of cannabis, which has a more significant percentage of cannabinoids.

So, stating these particular aspects, we can’t say they are the same.

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This compound seems to be one of the most popular cannabinoids that everyone’s buzzing around. In this case, there are a lot of misconceptions regarding CBD, but it’s one of the rare chemicals that won’t get you high.

The oily products which contain a concentration of CBD are known as CBD oils. The intensity and usage of each of them mostly vary. Until recently, the most appreciated compound was THC, but compared to Cannabidiol it can alter your perception and get you high.

The endocannabinoid system plays a significant role and produces specific receptors which attract CBD. They are called CB1 and CB2 receptors and are located throughout the body, but mainly in our brain.

The CB1 receptors control coordination, dynamics of the movement, anxiety, emotions, mood, thinking, and memories. However, CB2 receptors are more common in the immune system. They affect inflammation and pain.

What Is Hemp Oil?

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The hempseed extract is derived from the seeds of industrial hemp, and it’s the only part of the plant used for this production. The seeds are cold pressed, peeled or unpeeled to make a delicious nutty flavor.

It doesn’t contain cannabinoids such as THC or CBD, which means it’s not psychoactive. It is legal in the majority of countries, and it’s sold in food markets, together with common types of oils, such as olive or coconut.

The hempseed oil is famous for its nutty flavor and high levels of unsaturated fats, such as Omega 3 and 6 and it has a variety of applications, from lotions to soaps.

It is also great for cooking, and it’s packed with nutrients. It will provide a crispy and nutty flavor to foods and can be an excellent replacement for dressings in salads.

Differences Between Hemp Oil and CBD Oil

Parts Used for Production

You must be wondering, what is hemp oil made from and how it is produced? It is made of hemp seeds, which are rich in protein and omega 3 and six fatty acids, it is an excellent source of vitamin E and minerals. It has a similar process of production as olive oil.

While the cannabis plants are grown to maximize the production of THC and CBD, the hemp is cultivated to increase the production of seeds and fibers. The stalks of the hemp plant are robust, thick and fibrous, which is used for clothing, ropes. The hemp plants are bushier than cannabis plants.

The reason why marijuana farmers avoid fertilization and production of seeds is lover percentage of cannabinoids, making the flowers harder to consume as a drug. They have separated these two plants, considering they have a different application and use.

On the other hand, CBD extract is made from cannabis flowers and leaves, which are created in exceptional conditions. In the last couple of years, farmers started experimenting with plants and begun growing species which are high in CBD and THC.

Cannabidiol has become very popular in medicine because it has the power to relieve the pain and in some cases destroy the cancer cells.

Species of Origin

The family Cannabaceae includes several species, cannabis indica, Cannabis ruderalia, and Cannabis sativa L and they can be found on every continent in this hemisphere. Hemp and marijuana are often identified as the same plants, but they are not.

Even though they originate from the same species, they are different in growth patterns, look, and use. For instance, hemp plant grows up to 20 feet tall, while marijuana is bushier and not that tall.

For better understanding, here is the comparison:

  • Cannabis sativa – it grows up to 6m, stems are smooth and hollow, laxly branched with long internodes. The petioles are short, approximately 5-9 leaflets per lead. In most cases, it is cultivated for fiber, oily products and sometimes for drugs.
  • Cannabis indica – it is under 3m. Stems are smooth and nearly stable, densely branched with short internodes. The plant usually has 7-11 leaflets per leaf. Grown primarily for drugs, but also used for fiber and medicines.
  • Cannabis ruderalis – this plant is small, under 0.5m. It features smooth and hollow stems, which can be unbranched. They have 5-7 leaflets per leaf, and the surface is dull green and marbled. The Cannabis ruderalis is feral and not cultivated.
  • Cannabis ‘afghanica’ – probably the most popular among them all, due to a high amount of psychoactive compounds. It grows 1.5 m tall, and stems are ribbed and nearly solid, they are densely branched with short internodes. The petioles are long, usually 7-11 leaflets per leaf. The Cannabis ‘afghanica’ is mostly produced for drugs.

Production Differences

The difference between hempseed oil and CBD oil is quite apparent. The high-quality hemp seed extract is made using the cold press. The machine presses the extract out of the seeds without heating, which is an essential factor.

But, before this entire procedure takes place, the seeds need to be cleaned, removing all leaves, dirt, and contamination from other corps. The cold pressing is a process that extracts the oils from vegetable seeds at temperatures under 50 C. Considering the same technique is applied to hemp seeds, it’s also a virgin oil as well.

However, to make a CBD oil, the manufacturer must start with a high concentration of CBD strains. As we mentioned earlier, many farmers selectively breed various types of cannabis which contain a high amount of Cannabidiol. There are a couple of procedures that can be used to extract CBD from the cannabis plant.

CO2 is probably the most expensive methods but provides the best results. It is clean, and it doesn’t use toxic solvents such as butane and propane. Another useful technique is alcohol extraction. In this case, high-proof solutions can pull Cannabidiol from the plant but may harm and damage other valuable molecules in the process.

Having in mind their application and use, when buying either of these oils, you have to make sure it produced with the latest quality standards and from reputable manufacturers. A lot of consumers had experience issues when they bought not such genuine products, which failed to deliver the expected results.

Seed cannabis

Usage Differences


Products containing the Cannabidiol have entirely another purpose, and they used to treat severe ailments such as cancer and tumors.

Cancer treatment – this is a notorious disease and one of the leading cause of deaths in the world. So far, no one was able to find the cure. The reason why patients resort to some unusual solutions is the life-threatening condition they face every day.

While conventional treatments are incredibly harsh on the body, Cannabidiol has little or no side-effects, which makes it perfect to use during chemo or radiation. Many patients are witnessing the remarkable effects cannabis has on our body.

The CBD is one of many cannabinoids that has displayed antitumor activity and has become a potential cancer treatment. Unfortunately, it’s not legalized in all countries.

Anxiety – even though it’s not psychoactive Cannabidiol is known to reduce the tension. Based on many studies, this cannabinoid is considered a productive and healthy replacement for pharmaceutical drugs. We are all aware of the facts how addictive that can be, which is not the case with this compound. It won’t modify your state of mind and will help you overcome even the most challenging situations.

CBD Content

The hemp extract is usually associated with industrial products, and it’s legal to grow as long as it contains less than 0.3 percent of THC. Hemp Oil and CBD both contain a low percentage of THC; Hemp Oil is low on CBD while CBD Oil is high on CBD. Considering it is used in food industry, hempseed has little or no cannabinoids.

It can grow up to 15 feet tall, and it’s usually harvested by machines.

On the other hand, cannabis plant contains a large percentage of Cannabidiol, and it is especially farmed and cultivated for this purpose.

Over the years, marijuana farmers have learned to grow plants which contain high levels of CBD. However, the positive side of Cannabidiol is that it doesn’t change the consumer’s perception and alter his behavior.

The adequate amount can be beneficial for the patients suffering from the specific condition and helps them during the recovery.


Does hemp seed oil contain CBD?

Depending on the manufacturing process and application, the answer to this question is yes and no. For instance, hempseed oil used for food industry doesn’t contain traces of CBD.

However, hemp remains are a primary source for commercial Cannabidiol oil. We expect that in the future, cannabis buds will undoubtedly replace CBD oil from hemp. Even though these two products come from the same plant, they are made from different parts, which prevents contamination.

Is hemp oil as good as CBD oil?

Well, it depends on their purpose, the hemp products are mostly used for diet and meals, while products containing Cannabidiol are primarily applied in medicine.

If you are looking for an opportunity to treat some condition or you are suffering from some disease, then hempseed extract won’t help you. But, before you try any of these two, make sure to get proper information about their usage, application, and dosage.


When we are talking about these products, they have found a broad application in our life. In the last couple of years, there has been a lot of misconceptions, doubts and even false information regarding cannabis. But, one thing is sure, this magical plant has the power to cure many severe condition and scientists are still struggling to find proper answers.

If you are brave enough to neglect all skeptics and follow your gut, then you won’t make a mistake. Either of these products doesn’t contain psychoactive compounds and won’t get you high, which is an excellent addition. They only have a beneficial effect on your body and can help you combat many severe condition and illnesses.

Make sure to use a trusted source because there is a lot of imposters on the market, who are ready to sell anything for the money. If you manage to get the legitimate products, then we grantee you won’t be sorry.