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Feds Say Cannabis Use Jeopardizes National Security

Feds Think Cannabis Use Jeopardizes National Security, Source: http://i.livescience.com/images/i/000/023/332/i02/joint-120110.jpg?1326223348

By Raylan Campbell — Just in case anyone was unclear that the federal government is on the wrong side of the fence concerning cannabis, the Department of National Intelligence recently issued a statement reminding all federal employees that at no time and under no circumstances are they allowed to use cannabis, even if they are residents of states that have legalized recreational cannabis or if they are authorized medical marijuana patients.

This time, they are touting a claim that federal employees are jeopardizing national security if they use cannabis. Here’s the clause from the edict:

“The Department of Justice issued guidance…making it clear that no state can authorize violations of federal law, including violations of the Controlled Substance Act, which identifies marijuana as a Schedule I controlled drug. Moreover…[it] specifically prohibits a federal agency from granting or renewing a clearance to an unlawful user of a controlled substance or an addict, and under federal  law,  use of marijuana remains unlawful. Last, [federal guidelines stipulate] a drug-free workplace and drug-free federal workforce, and expressly states that use of illegal drugs on or off duty by federal employees in positions with access to sensitive information may pose a serious risk to national security and is inconsistent with the trust placed in such employees as servants of the public.”

I’m reminded of the days when the anti-cannabis campaign was in full swing and we were told that smoking marijuana was funding terrorism or Colombian drug cartels and that your average everyday stoner was personally responsible for all the drug violence on earth (prohibition was the problem, not cannabis). Now they say that even using American-grown reefer in a state that has made it legal puts our national security at risk? What kind of cannabis are they talking about? Is there some hyper-strong sativa out there called “Truth Serum” that incapacitates the user to such a point that any question asked of them will be given full disclosure? Of course not.

The modern American stoner is not a top secret assassin privy to government secrets. Look, the federal employee with his hand on the nuclear launch button should probably not go to work stoned (though I don’t really care if he got ripped after his shift). But most government employees don’t have that kind of power at their fingertips. The janitor at the federal building in Colorado or Washington is jeopardizing national security by simply possessing cannabis? It’s a hard sell for me.

Frankly, I think this is evidence that the feds are simply just running out of believable reasons to keep cannabis illegal. Legal cannabis doesn’t kill people, it doesn’t lead to heroin use, it doesn’t fund terrorist cells half-way across the globe. Pot espionage has got to be close to the bottom of the BS barrel, right? What’s next? Is cannabis going to be classified as a weapon of mass destruction? Is Social Security as we know it going to vanish a little more with each bong hit?

This is simple lunacy. I’d sincerely like to see them try and enforce this rule and drug screen the 4.1 million federal employees across the states. I have a friend who works fairly high up in the Seattle Mayor’s office and he was told on his first day that even though weed is legal in Seattle, coming to work stoned is not allowed. That’s it! I think the feds could learn a little from Seattle and simply issue a statement saying, “Just like drinking alcohol on the job is prohibited, so is using cannabis. Come to work sober.”

And that points to another issue with this statement. I think alcohol use poses a far greater threat to national security than marijuana use, pot might make you a little forgetful or disorganized, but it really doesn’t abolish your inhibitions the same way booze does. Don’t believe me? Poll your friends and ask them how many regretful one-night-stands they’ve had due to getting too stoned.  Department of National Intelligence, indeed!

Steven Peters

Owner & Publisher at Natural Revolution
Steven Peters has been a health advocate for more than a decade and proponent for alternative healing by ‘Empowering Natural Living’ through homeopathic approaches. He is also an activist for social justice and environmental causes in the GMO Labeling and Non-GMO grassroots movements across the country, and a staunch advocate for cannabis education and reform.

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  • As an advocate, and a business owner, I don’t think there is anything wrong with the stance taken by the Federal Government as an employer. It is the right of an employer to have stipulations and here they have said that they will not be providing clearance if someone is an addict of a controlled substance. In the eyes of this employer, cocaine use and MJ use and prescription pill abuse are the same thing and none of it is allowed. If you don’t like the position, you don’t have to work there.

    I don’t allow my employees to use cannabis while they are working. Is that wrong? Many users of cannabis don’t process things as quickly and short-term memory can be effected which would make the employee less valuable to me than if that same employee were not using drugs of any kind. In fact, I don’t know many dispensaries that would allow their employees to be using marijuana while at work.

    • Ben Pogue

      …i’m an employer too, but a person’s right to privacy trumps my need for access to the individual’s body fluids, end of argument

    • Chris W

      Even as an advocate for legalization, I completely agree with not coming to work stoned; that’s something I wouldn’t tolerate either. But to tell someone (whether an employee or not) they can’t partake on their own time is akin to furthering a police state. What someone does for recreation on their own time is NONE OF YOUR DAMN BUSINESS!!
      I presume you, like most others, employ people who drink (some of whom are most likely devote alcoholics with the numerous issues that it produces), which is far more detrimental than any form of pot use. It’s easy to lose control and/or say something that’s secretive and shouldn’t be divulged when drunk but not when stoned. Also of major difference is the fact that alcohol affects you into the next day, pot does NOT do that. Its effects are nullified in a couple of hours and produces NO HANGOVER or other detrimental effects the following morning! Nice of you to tow the propaganda machine that’s full of misinformation and inconsistencies. Do some research as you seem to not be privy to the REAL facts.
      As for your claim pot users are less valuable and not as smart is asinine considering there are many doctors, lawyers, scientists, government officials (secretly of course), and many other highly intelligent professionals who use it recreationally. Many of these users happen to be some of the smartest people in the world. So much for that theory!

  • Ross Wind


    around the world people worry about the climate change due to pollution. It is
    established that pollution causes many types of cancers and heart diseases. Whatever
    are the smoker’s arguments facts are, our lugs aren’t made to become smokers. Breading
    smoke is against nature, it’s polluting our lugs. As a cancerous substance,
    logic tell us tobacco should be forbid like many other dangerous products. Marijuana his too a cancerous substance, plus it
    damage the brain. How society became so much tolerant that it is not surprising
    that full grown adults defended this unsafe practice. It is perilous not only
    for the user but for the people around too and shows a bad example for young
    people. And it smell so awful! They are always excuses for drunker, smokers and
    other drug adepts. The easy way out is to fallow the crowd. It takes more
    courage to face reality. It takes simple common sense with a good amount of
    kindness to place the best interests of the general public first. Combating the
    use of drugs, what ever is the cost, would bring to our society a long term
    reward. Acceptance and tolerance only accelerate the deterioration of individuals
    and our society as a whole as well. Regularly medias had denounced the billions
    and billions of dollars spent to treat smokers and the great amount of
    deceases. If the use of marijuana, cannabis continued, one day medias will give
    more attention and produce similar reports as those from tobacco smokers. Not
    so long ago cigarettes companies made they own scientific studies to contradict
    those that had showed evidences of danger. They save time and gave to the
    naives smokers a fault sense of security. Today we see the same diversion
    tactic coming from some marijuana’s industries.

    • Danilo Pie

      How about we take away everyone rights? No can do anything without the permission of the state…..would you like less freedoms so you can breathe a little easy?….dont forget cars….lets ban those too so you can breathe easy walking home from work ……

      • Chris W

        Agreed, industry has done far worse to the environment than people smoking as well.

        • Ross Wind

          Sure blame others… Every thing else except drugs.

      • Ross Wind

        do you evaluate the cost of a human life? I love to have no more cars that runs
        on petroleum. But this is not an excuse to bring an extra chemical danger to
        humans ? With cars, at least they trying to make more hybrids or fully
        electric. But marijuana is more dangerous than in the 60’s it goes in the
        opposite way.

    • Simon Osen

      Maybe it takes courage for you to face reality, but even by your own presentation these people are facing life – with weed instead of courage. Or maybe even – with weed – and with courage.

      Why don’t you focus on leading by example instead of telling other people how to feel and how to act, if they are not conspiring against you.

      Sobriety has left the building in 2015. While the tail lags behind, and most of the body, the horns are already piercing and bleeding out old lies.

      While drugs do little to actually break down differences between people socio-economically, it can certainly induce states where people are judged on their behaviour and not who they are before this point. It can also induce great visionary states, stats which human civiliazation has had contact with before christinity and the bigger monotheisms eroded out culture typically associated with psychoactives.

      If you see a long term goal for yourself and others around you why not show them your point by living it. Your point can still be easily shown and proved without compulsion.

      The idea of the endogene human is facing its last summer. From now on we look to what we can add to our perception, not what we can withhold from it.

      • Ross Wind

        Innocent people suffers for the wrong doings of others. We all have to face reality in a way or the other. The used of drugs bring a heavy load in all our society. It makes thousands and thousands of people suffer greatly. I’m often surprised to see smokers rightly protesting at the arriving of a industry that creates pollution close to them or protesting about the climate change. In these
        instances, they fight for justice, they fight for their rights, for their health and those of their children. For the same reasons you asks them to quit tobacco, marijuana or to banned it, the health and rights of others are suddenly no longer important. What is logical to focus is NO MORE DRUGS and other dangerous chemical substances as well. I’m showing the example by telling the facts and it take’s courage in this particular environment. I wish some of you would do the same some day for your own good and the good of others.

        • Chris W

          Well then, I guess you mean to ban all man-made prescriptions too since they are PROVEN to kill many who use them, unlike pot.

        • Simon Osen

          Marihuana is one of those sins where you can accomplish understanding of the sin, weak as it is in terms of deragatory behaviours, by experiencing it. It is risk-free for a man of a opinion as yourself, you will find no allure in its intoxication.

          If and when you experience this you will be in a position to receive the truth of it: you are pointing your criticism at a trivial activity.Inhalation of cannabis in a singular action is not the truthful receiver of your ire. Its the repeating self destructive need to ingest or use drugs when other acitivies would have been more respectful to commit to. Im sorry, but you cant and you shouldnt tell other people how to live their life. If people fall out and you want them to feel responsible for it, do you not yourself feel responsible for the faults you have commited? What is at the core of your displeasure?

    • LunaLynx

      What are you on? How can you be taken seriously when you can’t even spell or use the English language properly?

      • Chris W

        Glad I’m not the only one to notice that fact. My response notes the same but could be taken with more salt (not that I care what they think). you have to love the lack of intelligence of some of those against legalization or any form of its use.

      • Ross Wind

        I am not English, I did my best. How this deprived my reasoning, in anyways? If you used spelling for your main arguments it says a lot for your reasoning capacities.

    • Chris W

      Ironically, people like you tend to think that pot smokers are dumb, of no use and can’t form proper sentence structure, etc., etc. It seems the majority of those who oppose pot are the ones not smart enough to complete a proper sentence. Your comment is quite difficult to follow with so many misspelled words, not to mention poor grammar and punctuation.
      So much for that theory too! Thanks for the laugh though.

      • Ross Wind

        I never said that. They are many reasons for the used of drugs, and many are by
        well educated people. What ever the reasons, once someone becomes attached to drugs, it is in the human’s nature to find excuses for their wrong doings. Drugs
        is not only dangerous for the users. What about drugged drivers ? Family
        destructions, children in spoke polluted homes, the cost of health care and so
        on. In times were we talking more about the return to biologic food, the chemicals and potential cancer danger in cannabis and marijuana is going in the opposite way. Yes in times when logic tell us clearly that tobacco should be banned like many other products are, instead the expansion of the drug is encourage.

        • Chris W

          Attached to drugs? I presume you mean addicted. While not impossible, pot is nowhere near as addictive as meth, heroin, barbiturates, etc., and ALL man-made prescription drugs, as I noted in my last response to you. I’ve noted in other threads that those who do become addicted to pot are not too bright and have low esteem. The prohibitionist propaganda was started by Big Pharma in collusion with Pres. Nixon. It was first proven in the 20’s or 30’s that certain compounds of pot actually cure diseases and further proved in 1974, but that information was suppressed from the public and those who made those discoveries were banned from advertising or risk losing their license to practice medicine, as well as deportation for those who were not Canadian citizens.
          A cure (like pot or any other natural way) will NOT produce profits for Big Pharma, but keeping us on daily medications for the rest of our lives will. Once cures are released then Big Pharma will close its doors as it will not be able to make profit….think about it man!!