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Finally Realizing the Dream of Legalized Medical Cannabis in Florida

Finally Realizing the Dream of Legalized Medical Cannabis in Florida

Those of us who are either new, or long-time vigilant advocates of supporting legal medical cannabis with Amendment 2 (A2), it was a long time coming that it finally passed, and now that medical cannabis is now a constitutional law in Florida, those who sought to help those who were sick or in pain, can now find comfort knowing that 6.5 million Floridians voted to help ease their suffering.

We finally won this long battle to bring medical cannabis to Florida for patients who will now have the opportunity to be treated with something natural, God-given, and is NOT a synthetic, and potentially, deadly prescription drug.

There are currently over 400,000 seriously ill people in Florida that will now have the legal right to consume medical cannabis. A person who is suffering with a debilitating disease or is in pain in the state can no longer be denied medical cannabis from their doctor for any reason as soon as Amendment 2 goes into effect in 2017.

If you voted Yes for A2, let me personally take this opportunity to say THANK YOU! If it wasn’t for you that voted Yes, millions of Floridians would not have the chance from legal medical cannabis to relieve their pain and suffering. You made a BIG difference in the lives of potentially millions of people. How amazing is that?!

To every single person in this group who supported us and our goals to see that A2 passed, with an overwhelming 72% of the vote (Yes, amazing!) by spreading the word and getting out there among the millions and beyond, THANK YOU!

So congratulations and thank YOU for championing the cause and ‘Fighting The Good Fight For Cannabis’.

Let me also add, that by voting Yes on A2, you were instrumental in helping reduce the number of certain drug cartels in our state, cities and in our communities. When there’s a safer competitive market, the black market always diminishes. So when there are less drug dealers on the street, it profoundly contributes to the benefit of communities everywhere and, there is one less avenue for kids to get drugs, which will help keep those children out of harm’s way.

Just like with alcohol, the black market with prohibition is what created incredible violence, gangs and a myriad of problems for cities. When prohibition ended, they finally saw a dramatic decrease in guns on the street and people getting killed by alcohol-pushing criminals.
Now, like in almost every state in the US, when there is a much safer market for cannabis, through legal dispensaries, it keeps caregivers, and patients safe and helps lessen the activity of drug dealers on the street, and online.

A2 will also have regulatory guidelines that are setup to ensure strict safety protocols to see that there are NOT dangerous additives mixed in with cannabis, like harmful drugs, pesticides, and other toxic substances.

The legalization of medical cannabis is also providing for our courageous police officers the ability to not have to be bothered by petty crimes like people smoking small amounts of cannabis, and then having to cite, fill out long reports or arrests the thousands of people who are using cannabis each year. That not only saves their department an immeasurable amount of money and time each year, but it also enables police officers to allocate more time to focus on keeping violent criminals off the streets who are a profound scourge to our society.

Lastly, the amount of tourism and tens of millions of dollars that will be generated with the many new cannabis industries to our cities and state, there’s no question that government and city employees will potentially see not only an increase in their wages, but those millions of dollars will be directed towards increased budgets for departmental programs which will help our cities thrive with new amenities, that will not only improve our city, but improve the quality of life of every single person who lives in Florida.

So again, thanks to every single person who helped get The Florida Medical Marijuana Legalization Initiative, also known as Amendment 2, passed; we couldn’t have done it without you!

Greatly appreciative,

Steven Peters

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Steven Peters

Owner & Publisher at Natural Revolution
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