Top Fun Games and Activities to Do While Being High

Are you looking for some fun games to play while smoking weed? We have a couple of ideas for activities you can do alone or with your friends. It might be dull to smoke and not do anything. So, why don’t you take one of our recommendations and enjoy the best experience while being stoned?

To be able to have fun while smoking weed, there are a couple of things you need to be aware of.

Do not drink alcohol and smoke marijuana at the same time. This combination is the worst, especially for beginners. Take this advice seriously, if you do not want to pass out in the middle of the game.

Do not take extra hits. Only smoke when you lose the game. You do not want to get baked during a fun game.

Use moderate strength weed. These games will make you smoke quite a lot, using strong weed might kill the fun too quickly.

Fun Games You Can Play in a Group


If you do not know Medusa, here is a background story. Medusa is a Greek mythology monster who has snakes as her hair. Whoever looks at her in the eyes will turn into stone.

This game is very easy and you can play it in a big group. First, sit in a circle and start the game (all of you must be face down). On the count to three, face up and look at one of the members. If you look at each other in the eyes, say “Medusa” and you two must take a hit.

Never Have I Ever

This one’s a classic drinking game that you can adapt to play with marijuana. It is fun to play with 4 members onwards. Choose the first person to say “Never have I ever…” follow with the things you have not done but other members may have done. Whoever has done the thing you say, must take a toke.

For example, the first person says “Never have I ever passed out after smoking weed”. If any of the members passed out after smoking weed, they must take a hit. After that, all of the members take turns to say “Never have I ever..” or until you run out of weed.

Bong Pong

This game is similar to beer pong. The rules are the same. However, you add cannabis to the game to make it to the next level. You can use one or two cups to make it harder to play. Fill the cups with water, or if you want a hardcore version, you can fill them with beer. If you make a shot, you can reward yourself with a hit or make your opponent drink a cup of beer.

Push-Up Challenge

This is another simple game you can play with your friends. It requires your lung’s capacity and your body strength. To start the game, take a big hit of weed, hold it, and start doing push-ups. The person who can do more push-ups without exhaling is the winner.

Jamaica Jammin’

To play this game, you need to put on a song by the king of Marijuana Bob Marley. The song is called Jammin’. The rules are super easy. You need to take a hit whenever he says “Jam” or “Jammin”. The chorus of backup singers counts too. Beginners must be careful while playing this game because he says those words a lot in the song.

Things to Do When You Are High Alone


When you feel high, sometimes you feel like you are lighter. Put on your favorite upbeat song and let your body go with the music. You will be surprised at what you can do with your moves. You can try to record yourself and watch it later. This will surely put a big smile on your face.

Listen to Music

Listening to music when you are high is the best feeling. Try to go on Spotify or Youtube and listen to “Music for when you are high” playlists. Not only will you enjoy the rhythm, but you will discover new songs as well.

Get Deep

Cannabis can bring down walls and make people let their guard down. That is to say, having a deep conversation while being stoned can be one of the best experiences that you can have with your friends, partner, or even someone you just met.

You might be surprised to find out something you may not know about the person in front of you. If you have things in your mind you want to say to your friends or partner, maybe this is the perfect time to say them.

Get Creative

If you are an artist or you are interested in art, why don’t you try to create some artwork when you are high. Being stoned is eye-opening. It clears your head and gives you more freedom to be creative.

Have Sex

Smoking weed arouses your sense of touch. Thus, if you have sex when you are stoned, you will be able to feel more. Most people claim that they tend to be turned on when they are high too. You and your partner can have the most passionate sex if both of you are high. Perhaps, this is the time to show your partner how you feel by making love to them.

Either you prefer to smoke Marijuana alone or with friends, we hope this article will help find things to do while you are stoned and have the best experience out of it. It is very significant to know your limit. Remember not to overdo it or mix it with too much alcohol.

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