Health Organization Creates Fake Marijuana Use Disorder Issuing Warning

Last Friday, March 4th, the NIH released a public health statement on the dangers of ‘Marijuana Use Disorder’, a made up malady drummed out of statistical correlations and then packaged as a public health epidemic. This sort of fear-mongering propaganda is the death knell of the pharmaceutical researchers and manufacturers as marijuana business threatens to redirect a large portion of their profits.

Marijuana use disorder is being labeled as a mental health problem, but not necessarily an addiction. Because there are no chemical dependencies or traumatic physical withdrawal symptoms from marijuana, it cannot be technically called an addiction. So instead, it being listed as a pattern of behavior with harmful consequences, which is the most generic reasoning possible. Any pattern of behavior has the potential for harmful consequences. Life itself is a long drawn-out lottery of lucky breaks and unintended pitfalls. You can let a smoothie habit send your life careening off into the depths of human misery. That becomes more likely in individuals with low self-awareness and critical thinking skills, which is what happens to people when you immerse them in an environment of deceitful propaganda, as the NIH is doing here.

While the NIH may have charts and graphs detailing gobs of data to back them up, they do not have reason on their side. Their own addiction models do not support their conclusion. Even though they are not calling it an addiction, their insistence that the issue requires more regimented response nationwide frames it squarely in the paradigms of treatment centers, another big business with plenty of influence.

As the tide turns in the favor of marijuana users and businesses, hyperbolistic alarmism based on falsehoods will only get worse. A number of industries that have been influencing our government and legislation through lobbying are going to feel the heat. Consequently, their desperate deceitful cries shall flood the media like Kardashian hyjinx or Charlie Sheen’s medical history.

If you or someone you know are suffering from Marijuana Use Disorder I advise you to put on a Mitch Hedberg album, grab some munchies, cool beverages and a coloring book, and wait it out. There is hope.


Health Organization Creates Fake Marijuana Use Disorder Issuing Warning