How To Beat Any Drug Test And Stay Clean

Last update: March 2021.

All of us have tried marijuana at least once in our lives, right? But what happens if you had a little fun with your friend and then suddenly you are expected to have a drug test? This escapade could get you kicked out of school, cause you to lose your job, or not get the job of your dreams.

So, instead of dealing with consequences, you should look for solutions and how to beat a drug test. To do this, you need to understand how drug tests work, what types of tests there are, and which drugs you might be tested for.

We will go through the entire procedure and help you prepare yourself the best you can!

So, let’s get started!

To avoid unpleasant surprises, here are a couple of facts you should be aware of:

  • Drug tests seem to appear out of nowhere.
  • Your employer won’t announce the drug test; it will happen suddenly.
  • Everyone is susceptible to drug tests, and no one is excused, even medical cannabis patients.
  • According to laws, employers still have the right to fire employees who don’t pass a drug test.
  • 61,8% of U.S. companies conduct drug testing for opioids.
  • A drug test can’t determine the frequency of use nor the severity of the problem, which further indicates that these types of examinations can’t confirm that users have substance-abuse issues.
  • A drug test doesn’t tell the difference between an illegal substance or a legitimate prescription drug.
  • A urine test is the most common and frequently used drug test.
  • Marijuana is still the most commonly detected drug.

According to data, in 2013, 1.7% of employees in the U.S. were positive for marijuana.

worker surprised because of a drug testing announcement

Different Methods of Drug Testing

Drug testing applies various methods, some of them being more reliable than others. We will explain each briefly, so you know what to expect.

Hair Follicle

Hair follicle drug testing measures metabolites that your body breaks down. In this case, metabolites work their way through the bloodstream, reaching the blood vessels in your head. Eventually, the growing hairs absorb metabolites and nutrients at the same time.

This type of drug analysis can show the previous drug usage, and it’s required between 1-120 strands of hair. Some try bleaching or cutting their hair to pass a drug screen, but keep in mind that lab technicians can take hair anywhere from your body.

Go to our “How to pass a hair follicle drug test” guide for detailed information.


Urinalysis is quite frequent and relatively cheap to conduct. There are two types of urinalysis, a screening and a confirmatory test. The majority of participants will go first through screening, and if metabolites were found, they would do a confirmatory test as well.

The results can either be positive or negative. How to pass a urinalysis? Many people believe that drinking a lot of water will dilute their urine, but sometimes this can be a red flag for the technicians.

image of Urine

If you want to pass this test, check out our guide here.


Blood tests never fail, and even if you had all the blood replaced in your body, the technicians would still be able to detect some traces of illegal substances. Even though this is the most accurate test, it’s not often used because it is rather expensive.

However, don’t let that lure you into a false sense of security because you can still end up behind bars if caught high while driving.

Mouth Swab

Oral fluid drug testing checks the level of cannabinoids in your saliva. While there are many speculations about their effectiveness, some researchers believe that it’s great for checking THC if the person has smoked marijuana in the last ten hours.

This procedure is non-invasive and relatively accurate. If you want to cheat mouth swab, you could try chewing ice or using antiseptic mouthwash to neutralize saliva.

image of mouth swab


Nail drug testing is similar to hair testing, and it can determine where there was a long-term use of illegal substances or not. The lab technician will take one or two milliliters from each nail, and they will be tested for metabolites as they would do with your hair.

This isn’t a very popular method, but it will be administered if the hair isn’t enough. You could try cutting all your nails as a way of passing a drug test, but don’t rely too much on this method because the technician can apply other procedures as well.


Remember that any liquid in your body can be tested for opioid residue. The sweat test is a relatively new type of screening, and you are required to wear a patch for two weeks. If you use drugs during that time, the patch will catch it.

It is mostly used in child protective services and the law enforcement sphere. To avoid being caught, don’t use drugs while you are wearing the patch.

How long does MJ stay in your system?

The marijuana detection window shows a wide range of results. Research from 2017 estimates that a detection window for a single marijuana cigarette can be for about three days. On the other hand, drug tests for thc can detect opioids in your hair up to 90 days, while urine between 3-30 days.

We should mention that saliva results show illegal substances for up to 48 hours and blood tests for up to 36 hours. Factors such as continuous use and addiction can only prolong the detection window.

how long does weed stay in a system

How to beat a drug test?

Beating a drug test seems nearly impossible, but other the years, the users have developed different techniques that might help you pass a drug screening. Let’s check them out and see which of them really work!

Stop smoking

This one is pretty much self-explanatory. If you don’t want to get caught, don’t smoke pot. You could try a substitute like CBD, which doesn’t cause the high effects like THC and as long as you use pure CBD, it won’t’ show on commercial drug tests.

Go on hydration before the test

Another way to pass a marijuana drug test is to dilute your urine. Drink excessive amounts of water before the screening to diminish visible drug levels. However, be careful because technicians tend to notice these kinds of stuff, and they might opt for another method.

Cleanse and Detox

Many marijuana users seek to flush the body of any traces of detectable THC. These include various kits, chewable capsules, shampoos, drinks, and even mouthwashes to help them pass a saliva test. However, any of these can carry additional side-effects and make you look suspicious, so be careful which cleanse and detox method you use.

woman drinks 2 glasses of water

The most popular detox methods

Natural detox: sport + liquids and diet

Substance abuse is often linked to a poor diet, skipping meals, and poor food choices, which father prevents your body from getting healthy. That’s why getting the right amount of nutrients and making detox is even more important to your full recovery.

When it comes to exercise, even though it’s recommended, you should avoid it 24 hours before the test to prevent spiking THC levels in your bloodstream.

Detox program

Detox programs aren’t necessarily aimed at removing THC completely from your system but detoxifying the body in general by removing toxins and impurities. No one can guarantee you they will work 100%, but you should try everything that can help you cheat a drug test when you are short on time.

Detox drinks

Detox drinks like green tea or cranberry juice might appear like a good solution to get rid of THC out of your system, but are they reliable? Well, the truth is, they don’t actually remove THC from your body but load urine with proteins and vitamins like creatine. It’s the same as adding sugar to your coffee.

In other words, THC may still be present in your body, but it’s possible that the toxicology report won’t register it.

detox green smoothie drinks

Drug screen products

Nowadays, you can find a lot of drug screening products online; however, they can only help you check whether there is a presence of an illegal substance in your body. They can be pretty reliable, especially when you have an upcoming drug testing.

Home remedies

Marijuana users often resort to home remedies to cheat a drug test. You will often hear them say that cranberry juice, Certo, bleach, niacin, vinegar, Goldenseal, and bentonite clay can do wonders. While, to some extent, this might be true, you need to be aware of the fact that there is no instant fix and that you would probably have to use these home remedies for a couple of weeks to see actual results.

How to pass a drug test in 24H?

The question of the day, how to pass a drug test for pot in 24h? If you ended up here, it means you are pretty much desperate, and you have no time to lose. Some of the methods we described in the previous sections might help you flush drugs from your system.

Try drinking a lot of water, detox drinks, or green tea for urinalysis. When it comes to hair follicle drug test, you could resort to bleaching, but keep in mind that lab technicians can take hair samples anywhere from your body.


Will I Pass a Drug Test If I Smoked 1 Week Ago?

Well, it depends on a couple of factors. If you are a regular marijuana consumer, your chances of beating a drug test are pretty slim. On the other hand, you have a decent chance of passing a drug test if you are an occasional user or first-time weed smoker.

Are Drug Test Results Considered Medical Records?

Generally, drug test results, similar to all medical records, should be kept confidential. However, they are filed in a separate medical record and only shared with parties involved in a procedure.

Can Drug Test Detect Gender?

Yes, different types of tests can detect the gender. So, before you even consider cheating a drug screening, keep that in mind. The only thing that might pull you out of this mess is that the majority of companies tend to skip gender-based tests due to their price.

Are Drug Tests Always Accurate?

It depends on the test which is administered. For instance, hair and blood test are the most accurate testing methods. But because they are relatively expensive, the majority of employers and rehab facilities don’t use them. Urine tests are commonly used, and they tend to be a bit more error-prone.

How Much Drug Test Cost?

The average urine test costs between $30 and $60, while the blood and hair tests go over $200. You should keep in mind that the price will mostly depend on the test type, the number of tests, the purpose of testing, and the number of panels.


A qualitative drug screen is used to detect the presence of illicit substances in the body. On the other hand, the screening that determines the amount of drug in a specimen is called a quantitative test, and the only way to get one is in the lab.

How to prepare for a drug test:

  • Abstain from drugs
  • Use a home detection kit
  • Detox your body
  • Learn about different types of tests
  • Don’t count on false positives

Remember that on some occasions, you might have to retake the test, and don’t resume your old habits until you are free of danger. Additionally, avoid medication for a couple of days. Don’t try to come up with excuses because false positives are nearly impossible to generate if conducted in reliable labs.

And, last but not least, no amount of second-hand marijuana smoke will affect your urine test, so you can’t count on false positive. The best ways to beat a drug test are described in this article. Make sure to follow them, and you may still have a chance. Good luck!

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