How to Smoke Weed Without The Smell ?

Finding a place to smoke is not a concern for many, but hiding the smell weed leaves behind is. We have all made failed attempts to cover up the strong scent marijuana leaves behind.

We’ve choked on Lysol after spraying the entire can, which still made the room reak of pot. Of course, we have also attempted using our favorite body spray as a cover up. So, what actually works? Is it possible to smoke without the smell?

Smoke Outside

If smoking outside is an option for you, you should definitely consider doing so. When you smoke outside, the smell of cannabis quickly disappears. However, you are more at risk of getting into trouble if you live in a state where weed is not yet legalized. It’s very hard to cover up the amount of smoke that marijuana produces indoors. So, if you can, enjoy your daily joint outdoors.

Luckily, there are ways to smoke inside and not fill up the entire place with the smell of cannabis. One way to hide the smell, that will be at no cost to you, is to smoke in a bathroom that has an exhaust fan.

Put a towel down on the floor to cover up the door’s crack so that no smoke escapes. This is especially convenient for those who live with other people. All you have to do is run the shower, sit or stand on the toilet, and blow the smoke into the exhaust fan.

After you are done, jump in the shower. People will think you’ve been in the shower the whole time and all they will smell is the shampoo or soap that you use.

Another cost-free option is to use a toilet paper roll and dryer sheets. All you do is stuff dryer sheets on one end and blow smoke through the other.

How to smoke weed inside without the smell ?