How Jerry G Method Can Help You Pass a Drug Test

Have you ever come across a drug testing before? Do you know the procedure to pass this check? For the majority of people, the overall experience can be shocking and frightening, especially if you are a frequent opioid user.

Approximately two decades ago, there was a lot of secrecy about Marijuana usage. However, many consumers knew the techniques to avoid detection, but they were well hidden from the general public.

Fast forward today, people are posting various solutions on social media about the strategies to pass the urine test and among them Jerry G Method. Due to security concerns, more and more employers are suggesting hair follicle examination, over urinalysis.

One of the reasons substance users resort to some unusual methods is because they are afraid of losing their jobs. If you ever come to this point in your life, then we suggest you start applying the Jerry G method. It has shown some remarkable results and nearly impossible drug detection.

As the name suggests, Jerry G, who was an active drug user designed this system that involves bleaching hair to pass drug test. This is an eight-step guide that has the power to change the follicle structure. You should be prepared for the outcome because the exposure to harsh chemicals will undoubtedly alter your entire appearance.

We can’t claim it’s a safe procedure because it plainly shows some side-effects. For this formula to be successful, you need to open the outer layer of the follicle. The only way to accomplish that is by using bleach to pass a drug test.

Jerry G Method Step By Step

Step 1 – stop using Marijuana and other opioids ten days before your testing.

Step 2 – use bleach and any dye kit that contains ammonia, on the day you stopped taking drugs. Make sure it’s permanent and close to your natural color.

Step 3 – after you complete this process, wash it with a hair drug test shampoo. Do not use a blow dryer, let it dry naturally.

Step 4 – on the 10th day, repeat the entire procedure.

Step 5 –  again wash the hair with a detox shampoo.

Step 6 – on the day of the testing, make a paste using baking soda and apply it directly to the roots. Make sure to cover the entire hair as well. Let it sit for 15 minutes and then rinse it off thoroughly.

Step 7 – one more time utilize the toxin rid shampoo.

Step 8 – last but not least, use the Zydot Ultra Clean Shampoo to wash your hair.

Jerry G Method Step By Step

Depending on the length, or if you are convinced you might have higher toxin levels, then we advise you to repeat this procedure multiple time until you’re sure your hair is toxin-free.

That’s it, you are now prepared for the testing, and we guarantee you the best results.

Things Required for The Jerry G Method?

The procedure gained a lot of popularity because it requires a couple of items you can find in any larger drugstore. Here is the list of things:

  1. Bleach – according to your hair length and type, you will use the appropriate number of bottles
  2. Hair dye containing ammonia, for permanent results
  3. Toxin wash shampoo
  4. Zydot ultra clean shampoo
  5. Baking soda
  6. New combs, to avoid further contamination
Jerry G method

Does It Actually Work?

So far, many people have confirmed the success of the Jerry G detox method, and they were able to beat the drug tests. Even though this entire procedure places a lot of stain on the hair, it surely delivers some excellent results.

If the job is your number one priority, then bleaching and dying shouldn’t be a big problem. It is a small annoyance compared to a mess that positive drug results can bring. You get to keep your employment, as well as your reputation.

Jerry G Method vs. Macujo Method

Well, the opinions are divided between these two. Depending on the goals you are trying to achieve, you may prefer one over the another. They combine different guidelines and procedures, but the result is the same, hair free of toxins.

However, this process is cheaper than Macujo and contains baking soda drug test instructions, which is a significant advantage for many people. Also, you may expect permanent results with this system. Bottom line, you can try the both of them and see which one will meet your demands.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Success rate – people have been using the Jerry G technique for years, and they all experienced positive benefits. Even though it takes a couple of days to complete the entire procedure, you still get the permanent effects, which is at some point crucial thing.

Cheap – if you were ever to follow any other method, you would have to spend a lot of money clearing your follicle from toxins. THC, which is the essential ingredient of marijuana, takes six months to leave your body.  Besides being cheap, this solution is also fast, within ten days you will be passing a drug test with baking soda and bleach.

It only requires five ingredients – nowadays, you should be able to find all the components from the list in any larger supermarket. You can choose between various manufacturers and compare their prices. But, mainly, the costs are pretty cheap, and this method is very affordable.

It will ruin your appearance – we already mentioned the side effects of this process. Hair damaged is only a small inconvenience compared with the consequences you will face when your results come back positive. The bleach will wreak your hair, but it will provide you with positive results.

It will ruin your appearance hair


Jerry G Method Success Rate?

You must be wondering does bleach help pass a drug test? When faced with challenging situations, people tend to make reckless decisions and they are looking for ways on how to pass a home drug test with bleach. But, there is no need to worry about your wellbeing. You can read many online positive reviews and people who used it swear by it.

Advice Before Using The Jerry G Method?

If you do try this method, then you should throw away all your old combs, brushes and accessory. With this process, you are eliminating the old hair entirely. People who have thick hair should repeat the procedure one more time, and you can also get a haircut for easy manipulation.

Jerry G Method Failed?

The success rate is surprisingly high with this one. So, we believe you shouldn’t experience any difficulties. Of course, there will be people who claim this method is a gimmick, but you got nothing to lose, except maybe your job and life. We got you interested now, right?


The Jerry G Guideline is a risky and damaging method, but compared to others is cheap, comfortable, and fast. If you have a critical drug testing in your company, then getting caught could mean the end of your employment. It involves eight steps, and it will fundamentally change your follicle.

However, even the frequent marijuana users have a chance of passing this examination. So far, many drug users have confirmed the success of this technique. It provides clean results and makes it impossible to detect the opioids in your system.

If you decide to follow this guideline, then make sure to complete all the steps. Skipping anything will only lead you to failure, and you don’t want to mess around your life. So far, Jerry G Procedure has been one of the most successful systems to clean your follicle from toxins and make sure you are safe and sound for the testing.

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