Stinger Detox Product Reviews & Top 3 Picks

If you are concerned about an upcoming drug test and looking for some help, Stinger Detox might be a good solution for you. The latter is a product that will cleanse toxins from your body in a natural way. This article is going to tell you everything about how efficient Stinger Detox is and explain how to use it properly.

Based in Phoenix Arizona, Stinger Detox is a reputable company that has lots of experience in the detox drink market, as it has been the game since 1993. The main highlight of the brand is that there is a large variety of detox kits you can choose from. It also claimed that their products can efficiently help you pass a drug test if you strictly follow their instructions.

What Are Stinger Detox Products?

Stinger Detox products are mainly divided into 4 categories and each comprises 3-4 products with both liquid and capsule versions. Here are the 4 categories of Stinger Detox products:

  • Instant Detox is the best solution for people who have an unexpected drug test since Stinger
  • Instant Detox can rapidly flush out undesirable toxins from your system the same day as your drug test.
  • The Most Powerful has the strongest formula, recommended for heavy smokers.
  • Permanent Detox helps speed up the body’s natural detoxification process as it will make you permanently clean from weed traces in one week.
  • Mouthwash & Hair: The last one is for your hair or your saliva that you can use alongside the detox drinks for a better result.

What Are the Top 3 Recommended Stinger Detox Products?

Stinger Detox has launched many detox kits for different purposes. Among all choices, we have selected the top 3 popular products that may interest you:

Stinger Buzz 5X Extra-Strength Liquid

Let’s start with the no.1 best-selling product on Stinger Detox’s official website, Stinger Buzz 5X Extra-Strength Liquid. The latter has 5 times more concentrated formula than the regular detox formula. It is designed for heavy smokers who need to get their bodies deeply cleansed.

Before using Stinger Buzz 5X Extra-Strength Liquid, you must stop smoking for at least 48 hours. On the appointment date, drink a detox drink 1 or 1.5 hours before your test. After that, refill the empty bottle with water and drink it all again. You should try to urinate as frequently as possible.

Stinger Whole Body Cleanser 1 HR.

Stinger Whole Body Cleanser 1 HR is one of the most popular products from Stinger Detox since it can thoroughly eliminate toxins from your whole body at the cellular level, especially if you are a light consumer. Moreover, it is also easy to drink and there are up to 3 flavors: pink lemonade, blue raspberry, and fruit punch.

Similar to the first one, you will have to refrain from drugs as well as alcohol at least 2 days before use and drink it 1 – 1.5 hours before your test. Thereafter, put water in the empty bottle and drink it all 4 times in order to dilute toxins and increase urine output. Lastly, for a better result, it is also advised to consume a lot of fiber and vitamins which are good for your excretory system.

Stinger 5X 7 Days Extra Strength Permanent

Last but not least, Stinger 5X 7 days Extra Strength Permanent is the answer for people who want to be thoroughly cleansed from toxins in a week or so. After taking the product, it will boost your body’s natural detoxification and all remaining drugs should be flushed out within 7 days.

For the liquid formula, you should take 1 tablespoon of Stinger 5X 7 days Extra Strength Permanent before your breakfast and another one before your dinner for 7 days. During the process, you should avoid food with milk such as cheese, butter, and yogurt. Most importantly, you must refrain from weed and other drugs as well.

Customer Reviews: What Are the Pros and Cons of Stinger Detox?

According to customer reviews on the websites, we have listed all the positive and negative sides of the Stinger Detox products for you:

Pros of Stinger Detox:

  • Easy to use
  • Favorable flavors in detox drinks
  • Affordable price
  • Variety of product choices
  • Effectiveness, most clients who are light and moderate smokers (both weed and cigarette) said that it does work with them.

Cons of Stinger Detox:

  • Brand information on the website is quite short.
  • If you weigh over 230 pounds, you will need a double dose of Stinger detox drink along with
  • Stinger Accelerator Caplets for better results (additional choice).
  • Stinger 7-day detox doesn’t work well with chronic or heavy weed consumers.
  • Some clients are not satisfied with the regular 7-day detox product.

Where Can You Buy Stinger Detox Products?

The manufacturer’s official website ( is the most convenient way to buy Stinger Detox kits. Besides, the brand also offers free standard ground shipping.

If you purchase before 12PM, your order will be generally shipped on the same day (no shipping on weekends). Apart from, you can also find their products on many online stores like Amazon. However, you should be wary of counterfeits and expired products as well.

Stinger Detox is truly an interesting option for people who seek a reliable detox kit for their drug test. You can take a look at the official website and check for their offers. We hope this article helps you finally find the right product for you. Good luck with your upcoming test!

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