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The Lowdown On High-Tech CBD Isolate Craze Sweeping the U.S.

Cbd isolate crazeWouldn’t it be great if our government representatives weren’t such control freaks in trying to exert their power and control over the masses making it more difficult for people to get the medicine that they need to help ease their pain and suffering?

Sadly, federal and state governments don’t work that way, so it’s up to all of us to find legal ways around the antiquated system that will benefit our health without being bureaucratically bamboozled by our own government.

Whereas many states that either has not implemented cannabis legislation or where states have just begun to enact cannabis laws, navigating the cannabis landscape can be challenging for people looking to use a cannabis product like cannabidiol (CBD) from hemp, without any THC in it for their pain, anxiety, depression or other ailments.

What are CBD isolates?

The cannabis revolution has attracted many entrepreneurs to find ingenious ways to get the most out of cannabis, especially CBD, and one that is sweeping the country is a CBD rich product known as CBD isolates.

With an impressive 99%+ content of CBD, isolates are what people are discovering as an alternative or in conjunction with, full spectrum CBD oil that can only achieve at most of roughly 40% CBD.

CBD isolate is the most potent CBD product available on the market. In its pure crystalline form, CBD isolate is a fine white powder containing only the CBD chemical compound.

cbd isolate chart

CBD isolate is not a synthetic or lab-made cannabinoid. Instead, it is an all-natural product, extracted from the hemp plant and refined down to an incredible purity.

CBD isolate removes all of the oils plant material, waxes, chlorophyll, and more, leaving behind the valuable CBD, which can then be ingested as is or taken using one of the methods detailed below.

What’s great about CBD isolates is that it is derived from hemp which is legal in all 50 states and doesn’t require any legislation to be passed to have access to it.

The difference between Hemp and Medical Cannabis

A hemp crop grown in Suffolk, UK (Photo: Adrian Cable)

A hemp crop grown in Suffolk, England (Photo: Adrian Cable)

The core agricultural differences between medical cannabis and hemp are largely in their genetic parentage and cultivation environment.1

While marijuana plants contain high levels of THC, the psychoactive component, hemp contains very little of the psychoactive chemical. This single difference is what most rely on to distinguish hemp from marijuana.2

Hemp plants produce more CBD than THC, while marijuana produces more THC than CBD. Interestingly, research has shown that CBD acts to reduce the psychoactive effects of THC, separating hemp further from marijuana.

With all the benefits that CBD has, and for people looking to tap into just how they affect everything from treating cancer, opioid, and benzodiazepine withdrawal symptoms, MS, Alzheimer’s disease and many more, there is no doubt that making the conscious choice to escape the clutches of BigPharma is one that frees us from the chains that our own government has purposely placed on all of us for their profits and sordid agendas.

How to stay clear of the state regulatory traps

With all the restrictions state regulators are putting people through, if one were to consider having the opportunity to use the legal CBD isolates or full spectrum CBD oil for that matter, that might be able to solve at least some of the issues patients have by not having access to, nor can afford, cannabis going through regular state-sponsored channels.

For people looking for relief, they don’t need to go through the hurdles of the bureaucratic jungle just to get CBD.

Just imagine:

  • NO state registration to fill out
  • NO state initial registration to pay
  • NO annual registration to pay
  • NO taste
  • NO smell
  • NO THC
  • NO cartridges needed
  • NO medical card needed
  • NO annual doctor visits
  • NO 30-45 day wait period

Did I miss anything?

In a landscape of confusion over CBD products, state regulators have made it more difficult for people to find what’s right for them.

In particular, where I live in Florida, the Department of Health is placing unnecessary restrictions on patients who want and need access to affordable cannabis or CBD oil. You can’t smoke it (John Morgan is suing the state of Florida because of the DOH’s decision). When you add on the exorbitant price that it costs to get a doctor’s recommendation, the application fee, then purchase the product itself, a person can wind up paying over $400!

How to use CBD isolate

Image result for CBD Isolate

Left: Small CBD isolate crystal slabs – Right: CBD isolate crystals (not quite powder)

Because CBD isolates have no taste or odor and are easily soluble in oils like coconut, palm, and avocado, you can use CBD isolate to fine-tune your own CBD-infused liquids.

Once crafted, these infused oils can be used to:

  • Create CBD edibles like brownies, cookies, or any other recipe that uses oil
  • Infuse your daily coffee or smoothie
  • Fold into ice cream
  • Apply topically as a soothing massage oil

One note to consider is that the boiling point of CBD is between 160-180°C (320-356°F). At temperatures higher than this, it is possible that some CBD potency may be lost. When cooking with CBD, aim for lower cooking temperatures to avoid degradation of the CBD.

Some companies are also including flavor terpenes from various fruits like lime, blueberry, strawberry and other to achieve a better vaping experience if you choose to go that route and enjoy an assortment of flavors.

CBD isolates are so versatile that it can be used in countless ways in the form of a powder and add glycerin to it, wax or oil for vaping, but they are also sold as slabs where they can be used for dabbing as well.

With zero levels of THC or dense plant material, CBD isolate is perfect to make any formulation. The CBD isolate powder can be integrated into a number of products. However, when creating your own CBD-infused oils, be sure to accurately calculate the potency of your individual servings. Because it is over 99% pure, each milligram of CBD isolate represents a milligram of active CBD.3

Accurately measuring out daily CBD servings is easiest when done with a scale that measures small weights in milligrams. This allows you to precisely measure your potency down to the milligram. You can also purchase 10 mg scoops online that can help you accurately use CBD isolate powder without the use of a scale.

CBD isolate crystalized

CBD isolate crystalline

Another interesting thing about pure CBD isolates is that if you happen to be “too high” when vaping or smoking your regular TCH infused product or simply the dry herb alone, ingesting CBD isolate will help ease off the feeling of being high and it will smooth it out.

The easiest way to use it simply mix it with your preferred oil. Some retailers also have it premixed for you in MCT oil which makes it very easy to ingest.

There are also online retailers that combine full spectrum CBD oil with 99% CBD isolate for extra health benefits for pain or other ailments.

There are many online companies that sell CBD isolates; one of the cheapest we found is The CBDistillery (we’re not affiliated) with 1 gram at $30, but there are many others if you do a Google search.

Like with anything you put in your body, it’s essential to do your due diligence to make sure the product you’re buying is tested by a 3rd party lab and the company is reputable and has proof that you can see for yourself of the test results with a Certificate of Analysis that confirms the potency and purity of the product.

Personally, I believe CBD isolates will be the wave of the future because there is no smell, it doesn’t get you high (for some that may be a deal breaker) and you get all the health benefits of CBD without the regulatory hassle that has so often been the case for millions of people who need it to help what ails them.

Have you had any experience with CBD isolates? What are your thoughts about CBD isolates? Let us know by leaving us a comment below. We welcome your input!


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