Best Weed Vaporizers

Vaping has slowly been building over the past few years giving people a unique way of enjoying a tasteful and safer alternative to smoking, whether it’s cigarettes, cigars or cannabis.

Why Vape? To discover alternative and healthier ways to exercise our freedom of choice and ditch the harmful byproducts that cigarette have in them.

Cigarette companies have been putting nicotine and other addictive chemicals in cigarettes for decades. If you smoke cigarettes and may be considering switching over to vaping, you can have the same sensation of smoking with or without nicotine, but without all the harsh addictive and harmful chemicals found in regular cigarettes, or ‘analog cigs’, as the vaping community likes to call them.

From the nicotine patch, nicotine gum, hypnosis to acupuncture, cigarette smokers have been trying to quit smoking for decades without much success because of the addictive nicotine and the 4,000+ chemicals found in just a single cigarette. 51 of those chemicals are cancer-causing, killing over 400,000 people each and every year.

There is yet another sector of people who may have never smoked cigarettes, but are enjoying the legal (or illegal) benefits of smoking marijuana, either in the form of a joint, bong, pipe, or other apparatus, for recreational or medicinal purposes.

However, the difference between smoking marijuana by combusting it with fire, and vaporizers, those that don’t have exposed heating elements inside, provide a non-combustible way for smokers to ‘vape’ other types of mediums such as dry herb, wax concentrates, oil concentrates, and perhaps dry marijuana herb.

Premium portable vaporizer technology heats marijuana to a point where cannabinoid vapors form, but below the point of combustion. Clinical trials evaluating the technology conclude that vaporization is a “safe and effective” cannabinoid delivery mode that “does not result in exposure to combustion gases.”

There are studies stating that vaporizing marijuana is safer than smoking it because you’re inhaling pure vapor without any of the carbon byproducts of burning or combusting it, which makes for a ‘cleaner’ high.

Researchers from The University of California – San Francisco conducted a study stating that:

A smokeless cannabis-vaporizing device delivers the same levels of THC, the active therapeutic chemical, with the same biological effects as smoking cannabis without the harmful toxins created by burning cannabis. This study demonstrates an alternative method that gives patients the same effects and allows controlled dosing but without inhalation of the toxic products in smoke,” said study lead author Donald I. Abrams, MD, UCSF professor of clinical medicine.

The science behind the negative health claims of vaping

A small number of recent studies have shown that vaporizing e-juice, which is a flavored liquid in a base of propylene glycol (PG) or vegetable glycerin (VG), contain toxic chemicals in products that were obtained from Japan. But we’re happy to put those claims to rest and shed light on the realities of these so-called studies.

The studies in question have been emerging from researchers using the vaporizers in ways that were never meant to be used, such as allowing the vaporized e-juice to exceed the recommended heat levels, which excessively burn the heating chamber and coil element, releasing nanoparticles and harmful chemicals.

The e-juices that were used in the study came from Japan, which commonly contains unsafe levels of chemicals in the e-juices themselves such as formaldehyde and other toxic substances.

There are also biased negative claims by major media outlets about e-cigs or vaporizing using the same flawed studies for their news.

Media outlets receive large amounts of money these big companies, and in favor, push out negative press about this new technology, simply because it’s infringing on the profits of the industry.

Indeed, there are some e-juices sold from Japan that contain toxic levels of chemicals, but if one were to purchase vaping products such as e-juice from a reputable source in an organic form, and not from Japan, there have been no issues or studies reported having contaminants in the vapor.

From the National Institute for Health (NIH), there is a recent study which has shown that:

Existing evidence indicates that EC (e-cig) use is by far a less harmful alternative to smoking. There is no nicotine and no combustion involved in EC use. Surveys, clinical, chemistry and toxicology data have often been misrepresented or misinterpreted by health authorities and regulators, in such a way that the potential for harmful consequences of EC use has been largely exaggerated. It is obvious that some residual risk associated with EC use may be present, but this is probably trivial compared with the devastating consequences of smoking.Source

For those who are interested in quitting smoking, or for the hobbyist who’d like to dabble in the ‘vape craze’ that’s sweeping the nation, or for people who’d rather not ingest combustion gasses, we bring you The Ultimate Guide to The Best Vaporizers For Marijuana. Mostly all of the vaporizers that we will be showcasing also allow for wax and oil concentrates, as well as dry herb.

Which weed vaporizer is best for you?

There are basically three types of Vaporizers, all in similar forms, yet are distinctly different from one another as you will discover below.

There is a fourth type of vaporizer called a Desktop Vaporizer, which is not very portable and can be large, so we’re leaving out this particular type of vaporizer from our guide because it is used mostly for people who would rather use a ‘leave at home’ device.

Electronic Cigarette

An electronic cigarette (e-cig or e-cigarette), personal vaporizer (PV) or electronic nicotine delivery system (ENDS) is a battery-powered vaporizer which produces a similar feel to smoking.

Electronic cigarettes produce an aerosol, commonly called vapor, rather than cigarette smoke, which the user inhales.

In general, e-cigarettes have a heating element that atomizes a liquid solution known as e-liquid. They are available as one-time use products or as reusable products. They can be disposable or non-disposable.


A vaporizer or vaporizer is a device used to vaporize the active ingredients of plant material, commonly cannabis, or other herbs or blends for the purpose of inhalation. However, they can be used with pure chemicals when mixed with plant material.

Vaporizers contain various forms of extraction chambers and are made of materials such as metal or glass. The extracted vapor may be collected in an inflatable bag, or inhaled directly through a hose or pipe.

With no combustion happening when used properly and cooler temperatures, a significantly better efficiency in extracting the ingredients can be obtained. Hence, the irritating and harmful effects of smoking are heavily reduced, as is secondhand smoke.

Vape mod

A vape mod or Mechanical Vape Mod is simply a vape pen on steroids. It’s a much bigger, more powerful vape pen. It has more functionality than a vape pen and was designed to produce more vapor, increase the throat hit and increase the overall flavor of e-juice.

The Vape Pen Mod is armed with a much bigger, and bulkier, battery which produces the increased vapor production and overall flavor of your vape. It is a “modded” vape pen.

Most vape pen mods work the same way as vape pens, except there is more flexibility with power, usage and the overall design of the tanks (RBA’s and RDA’s). The power of mechanical mods can be self-regulated with different size batteries, multiple size kanthal wires (Heating Coil) along with different wicks such as cotton, silica wick or Ekowool.

What is mAh?

When you shop online for e-cigarettes or vaporizers, you’ll frequently see the term “mAh” mentioned in battery specifications. You might correctly assume that a higher mAh number must be better, but what does the term actually mean?

Vaporizer batteries come in all shapes, colors, sizes and power. mAh is short for milliamp-hour, and it’s a term that describes the total charge capacity of a battery. In other words, a battery rated at 1000 mAh can deliver one amp of power for one hour before it dies.

The higher the mAh in most cases, the bigger the battery and longer battery life, as well as being more powerful than the lower mAh batteries.

All portable vaporizers have a battery which can be a non-removable enclosed rechargeable battery or a separate battery that can be screwed onto a ‘tank’ which is called an Atomizer, Cartomizer, or Clearomizer. We’ll briefly explain the three different types of tanks that can be used in the next section below.

What is an Atomizer vs. Cartomizer vs. Clearomizer?

Below are the three major type of tanks on the market today. An Atomizer, Cartomizer and a Clearomizer are devices that you screw onto a battery.

One of the three tanks that you can use, which we give an overview of three different types below, you simply insert a wax concentrate, e-juice, dry herb or oil concentrate to deliver vapor through the mouthpiece. All three type of devices

All three type of devices work on the same principle of heating e-juice to a temperature of vaporization.

It is important to note that there is no clear winner between Atomizer, Cartomizer, and Clearomizer. All three deliver vapor, and while they can range in price, style, size and weight, they all basically function similar to each other. Take a look below to get a better understanding of each.

Types of marijuana than can be used

Vaporizers have changed a lot since the development of concentrates in wax and oil form. Now that THC and CBD from marijuana come in concentrated oil and wax forms, vaporizers don’t have to be big and bulky as they once were to do their job.

Vaporizer pens are pretty much the go-to vaporizer for any type of concentrate. But the classic dry herb vaporizer technology has improved quite a bit as well. Let’s find out which medium of the product is best for your needs. It’s totally your preference as to what medium you choose to vaporize.

Marijuana Wax Concentrate

best wax vaporizer Under the umbrella of marijuana, concentrates falls any product procured through an extraction process. Solvents such as butane, CO2, or ethanol strip compounds from the cannabis plant, leave behind a product with cannabinoids packed in every dose.

Some types of concentrates test as high as 80% in THC, while others rich in non-psychoactive compounds like CBD deliver an altogether “high-less” experience. If you prefer wax concentrate to dry herb, then you have many vaporizer options to choose from.

Oil Concentrates

Image result for Cannabis oilOil “Concentrates” are becoming an ambiguous word in the cannabis industry.

It could refer to the wax you vaporize, the tincture under your tongue, or the orally administered THC-free high CBD (cannabidiol) cannabis oil that’s changing attitudes toward cannabis everywhere.

The future of cannabis is steering toward these potent concentrated forms, especially as the therapeutic potential of non-smoking methods is realized by the public. Though oil concentrates from cannabis can be vaporized as well.

Dry Herb

Dry herb is still the most popular form of vaporization. Simply vaporizing the original product is much easier than getting it into wax or liquid form, or paying more for it to be produced. Because there is such a wide range of dry herb vaporizers, it mostly comes down to your budget.

We’ll start out with the least expensive vaporizers. Mind you, the least expensive on our list doesn’t mean that they’re cheap or poorly made. These are our best picks from personal use and reviews from various sources.

Best Weed Vaporizers

best weed vaporizer Atmos Bullet-2-Go PLUS

Meet the world’s smallest and most affordable pen-style vaporizer. If you’re just starting out wanting to know what vaping feels like, this compact and inexpensive unit makes it easy to start vaping.

It features a wickless ceramic heating chamber, with three different heating chambers for efficient vaporization of your favorite dry herbs, wax or oil concentrates.

Each chamber included is specifically designed to vaporize your different materials with maximum efficiency. This ensures that your heating chambers stay clean and provide reliable vapor production.

The Pros: Very portable and heavy-duty design. Allows for any kind of vape medium such as oil, wax, e-juice and dry herb.

The Cons: Small battery which may not last as long as other high-end vaporizers; the tank/chamber is on the smaller side.

Atmos Jump Vaporizer

We’re jumping up a bit with the Atmos Jump Vaporizer. This portable vape pen is a step up from its little brother above and is perfect for newbies or seasoned vape aficionados. It offers a powerful 1200mAh battery to vaporize your favorite dry herb product all from one vaporizer setup.

The Jump is ideal for those interested in vaporizing, but want to start with something that’s easy to use. Featuring a single optimized temperature setting (around 400°F), the Jump takes the guessing game out of vaping and simplifies the entire process.

The Pros: Provides convection-based non-combustible heating which allows for inhaling the pure vapor. Comes in a selection of colors and is rugged for lasting durability.

The Cons: The mouthpiece, like most vaporizers, can get a bit warm from over usage.

Pulsar APX V2 Vaporizer

The Pulsar APX V2 allows for a discreet vaping experience that allows your favorite herbs, as well as wax, concentrates. The battery has 1600mAh of power, which means the charge will last all day and has a battery level indicator, which definitely is a plus where others lack that feature.

It has five preset heat settings ranging from 356°- 428°F, and the APX V2 has the ability to reach your desired temperature in just 40 seconds. It is also equipped with a variable voltage feature. Simply turn the dial on the bottom of the battery to control your desired hit intensity.

The Pros: High-quality build, long lasting battery life, variable voltage, and comes in stylish designs.

The Cons: If there’s a long draw on the mouthpiece, it can become a bit warm.

Boundless CFC Vaporizer

The CFC has a sleek and modern design. The exterior shell has a rigging rubber finish and feels nice to touch and comfortable to hold.

The rigid shell separates your hand from the hot body of the vaporizer and allows air to cool it down more efficiently. Equipped with a powerful (built-in) 1900mAh battery, the CFC will last up to 12-15 sessions on a single charge. Rapid charge technology ensures your CFC will fully charge in less than 2 hours. A 5-minute auto shutdown timer helps preserve battery power when the vaporizer is not in use.

The Pros: Arguably one of the best all inclusive vape kits on the market with many features.

The Cons: The LED display can be hard to read in poor light.

Vicod 5G Vaporizer

The Vicod 5G is the 2nd generation of its predecessor and is equipped with advanced temperature control feature that ranges from 300˚F – 435˚F.

Powered by a powerful 2200mah Lithium Polymer battery, it uses advanced temperature controls alongside an embedded ceramic heating chamber to vaporize dry herbs and includes a new waxy titanium cup, giving you the option to vape wax consistency products as well.

The Pros: Both a dry herb and wax vaporizer, fits easily in the pocket.

The Cons: The mouthpiece does get a bit hot on higher settings but a mouthpiece with a glass extension is supplied and is cooler.

Exxus Mini Vaporizer

The Exxus Mini Vaporizer is the smallest vaporizer of its kind and delivers a great-tasting vape that larger vaporizers find challenging to replicate.

Don’t let the 4-inch tall by 1-inch wide size of the Exxus Mini fool you. It can hold its own against the best vaporizers on the market.

It may be small in size but it strong in flavor. It has a nice sized filling chamber, and you have the option of having a bubbler and other accessories which add to the vaping experience.

The Pros: The unit is compatible with a variety of accessories, including glass mouthpieces. The device is made of high-quality material and the design is very easy to use and understand its settings.

The Cons: The mouthpiece can get somewhat warm at higher temperatures. Accessories are sold separately.

Wulf Vape LX Vaporizer

This sleek vaporizer offers full temperature control and as a result is suitable for people who enjoy a true dry herb vaporization experience.

It has a ceramic heating chamber, an OLED screen which gives users the ability to easily see the temperature settings if used in dim lighting settings.

The Wulf LX has an automatic shut off with five minutes of no use which saves battery life.

The Pros: Digital display, medical grade stainless steel, very ergonomic and good compact size.

The Cons: Mouthpiece can get warm at higher temperatures.

Loki Touch

The first large digital touch-screen on the market big enough where you can see everything clearly including battery life, temperature display, and temperature controls. The heating chamber is covered by a vented piece that helps to absorb the heat coming through the vaporizer so it doesn’t get too hot to handle.

Its ceramic oven will vaporize dry herbs, oils, and wax with no exposed heating coil. It measures a mere 5 inches tall and 1 ½ inches wide, it will fit comfortably in your hand and slide easily in a pocket. The outer shell is made of silicone so it won’t easily slip out of your hand.

It heats within 30 seconds with a max temperature of 440 degrees that doesn’t combust the medium you’re heating in the unit. It has three hours of battery life and 45 minutes of continuous run time and has a five minute runtime and auto shut-off to preserve battery life. This is new vape technology at its best.

The Pros: Digital large screen display, good size heating chamber, very stealthy, good battery life, and great design.

The Cons: Mesh screen can easily fall out if not in snug.

QuickDraw 500 Deluxe Vaporizer

The QuickDraw 500 Deluxe is a sleek and portable Vaporizer, that is capable in Vaping all 3 materials typically used with Vaporizers: Dry Herb, Wax/ Concentrate, and e-Liquid.

The QuickDraw 500 Deluxe comes with all three cartridges, each has a magnetic “snap to place” design for easy switching or refill of the cartridge.

The unit has an instant material recognition and will sense what cartridge and material are being used and will auto adjust the heating settings throughout your session to ensure a customized session according to your material of choice.

The Pros: Made with a durable design, easy to use, and very portable.

The Cons: Mouthpiece can get warm at higher tempuratures.


Backed by a 10-year limited warranty, the PAX 3 extended battery life is two times more powerful than the PAX 2 model, in a class all by itself.

This vaporizers revolutionary design is small, lightweight and powerful with innovative features and is easily taken out and about or carried stealthily in your hand or pocket. It heats in under a minute and the refined design is sleek, stylish, and durable.

It features three temperature presets for optimal vaporization and utilizes a Lithium-ion rechargeable internal battery that charges fully in under 2 hours and lasts for up to 2 hours of continuous use.

The Pros: Arguably one of the sleekest portable vaporizers on the market fits nice and flat in the pocket; it has a high amount of vapor produced, and is stylish and very inconspicuous for the ultimate vaping experience-minded.

The Cons: No cons to speak of at the time of publishing.