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Vote Online: Should Marijuana be Legalized?

A number of movements to legalize the use of marijuana have been gaining steam lately. There are places in California where it’s already legal for medicinal purposes. Much of the American public now believes that the drug should be legalized (40 percent according to a Rasmussen International Poll ) but others are still concerned about health damage and other adverse effects.

Here are some pros and cons about marijuana. At the end of the infographic, cast your vote whether marijuana should be legalized or not.

mj poll

After you vote, let us know what you think in the comments below. We welcome your input!

Steven Peters

Owner & Publisher at Natural Revolution
Steven Peters has been a health advocate for more than a decade and proponent for alternative healing by ‘Empowering Natural Living’ through homeopathic approaches. He is also an activist for social justice and environmental causes in the GMO Labeling and Non-GMO grassroots movements across the country, and a staunch advocate for cannabis education and reform.

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  • Renee Higgins

    We certainly DO NOT need government dictating our morality. That should be left up to the individual. Only a fascist government would insist on placing a plant as illegal ‘with no medicinal value’, all the while keeping a patent on it which claims it does have medicinal value.

    Hypocrisy and fascism at its worst in the good ole USA!

  • Patricia Silverman

    lies, cannabis is not a gateway drug this has been debunked, as for children and cannabis that study has also been debunked, can nabouid are in breast milk ther are no down effects for cannabis, no deaths ever, this is a herb and was declared the safest substance known to man by dea administrative judge andrew young, stop with the propaganda lies

    • joe gonzales

      Ya! Alot of these folk’s just don’t know what there talking about. Huh?

  • Kathryn Cicchini

    legalize it already its so evident of God’s intention of it for us–duh people who are uneducated–go self educate yourself and then come back with ta REAL comment…

  • CGregory

    All you saying no regulation have no problem it being available to minors etc? Good luck with that. 21 and over.

    • Neil Magnuson

      I did not see anyone here calling for no regulations? Kids are getting Cannabis easily under prohibition and there are no regulations protecting anyone in the underground market

      • Kathy Cumbie

        I was hit by a car,while walking twenty one years ago and have been in terrible pain since.Hemp relaxes me and helps with that pain.Plus our Country could sure use the money!

  • Stephen Kavanagh

    It is a crime against humanity to deny a terminally sick child from a potentially life saving medicine!!!

    • ricorfransand

      Also a crime against nature,morals,morales,and the hippocratic oath that Dr’s take and should seriously stick to re: their pts and their welfare..

    • Heidi Joy Hameed

      Too true but clearly that’s not argument is not going to work against the Pharmaseutical and liquor companies, direct competitors to the legalization of cannabis for medical or recreational.

  • JimL

    This is a no brainer! Unfortunately here in Wyoming we are fighting conservative morons who are a hundred years in the past. Support NORML Wyoming!

    • Max Wiese

      You are the only morons, poisoning yourselves using something dangerous. Go ahead. Ruin your life. Then you won’t have a brain. So it’s a no-brainer, huh?

  • randy mangipano

    You guys are all rite who are for marijuana legislation, I also want to add that I live in Louisiana, and 94 percent or more of our residents voted and all want marijuana legal, and I don’t think with all the other states that are legal that states like Louisiana who are planning not to legalize marijuana or be the last too should be allowed to make. There own decision, it should be the people who have that decision, and with our economy falling and our funds already exhausted still from Katrina, this would help our lifestyle and help our economy and health as well..

  • Neil Magnuson

    On the con side there are a few errors.- An increase in Cannabis use would be a good thing. – most veteran cannabis consumer are not impaired by its use and under the nfluence of Cannabis people are generally more cautious and better drivers. – Cannabis is medicine, it does not harm the lungs, it is a supplement to the human endo-cannabinoid system. -Children “exposed” to cannabis are not harmed by it. -Anyone who thinks using Cannabis is immoral is a moron and their opinion is bs.- Cannabis is far more often a gateway OFF of hard drugs. -Other drugs should not be illegal, hurting other people is a crime not having a substance intended to help make someone feel better. -Cannabis has been used by hundred of cultures over thousands of years making it one of the most tested substances on the planet (not to mention never an overdose death). – Indicas relax and sativa’s stimulate and energize, both can be desired effects…… in other words all of the con points are invalid.

  • dustin

    Yes it should, my uncle is dying because of cancer. Cannabis isn’t an option in iowa. Gov. Branstad is a joke, he let’s his boy off of a drinking and driving and manslaughter charge but wont help the sick by legalizing cannabis.

    • Rachel

      You got to be an advocate, avoice amoungst the deaf, dumb and blind so to speak.Get your friends and protest for your rights to medicate naturaly,in a peacefull manner.

  • Rick Fontana

    Yes…Yes…Yes…At 61 years old Yes…Help me live with the pain of old age

  • LaQuetia

    Yes I have neuropathy. Also it help my nerves. I also have bad knees. So it will help me.

    • Harry Zona

      I too suffer from Neuropathy. Fell a few years back and broke my back! This is the only thing that CONSISTENTLY helps.

  • Scott Hubachek

    The governments job is to protect us from others, not to protect us from ourselves. That being said, cannabis is a beneficial plant, that our bodies are need. Why else would there be a cannabinoid system in our body and mind.

  • It is a natural herb that God himself put here. It should be up to the individual. If we can polute our bodies with GMO’s, processed foods, sugar, alcohol, and tobacco, we should be able to use an herb!!!

    • Rachel

      Don’t forget the Pharmasueticals,pretty much everyone of them have damaging effects to the body and are in no way good for the body.

    • Max Wiese

      Just because “God put it here” doesn’t justify anything. Am I gonna eat poison ivy? It’s a herb, right? No, I’m not. God is not an excuse for legalizing dangerous things.

      • Dennis Folse

        it’s illegal because it would directly compete with oil and pharmaceutical companies, even the timber industry, all paper should be of Hemp

      • Dennis Folse

        your opinion could kill us, try reading a book about something before you speak

      • Have you used it? Probably not. Do you have a chronic health issue that it has helped? Probably not. I was able to come off 17 meds and get my life back thanks to it. Until you’ve walked a mile in a person with chronic illness’s shoes you have no idea what you are talking about

      • joe gonzales

        U do not know what your talking about! Go away! Please!

    • jenna sway

      thank you!

  • Sean Boswell

    No one had a problem with it in the U.S. until it looked like someone’s (William Randolph Hurst) racism, and shitty business acumen was going to lose them money to a superior product!

  • Fabian Da Ace Sheppard

    it should be legalized and obama should just go ahead and sign it in with that pen he loves so much if d.c can have it the whole country should be able to we are the united states of america not the divided states of america!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Rachel

      We certainly aren’t United that’s for sure.

  • Eric

    100% should be legalized.

  • joe

    medical and industrial no problem agree totally but recreational think it should not b leagel but don’t think it shouldn’t b jail time either maybe small fine and the people who need it for medical use should get it free or allow them to grow it on there own not this crap if u live within 25 miles of a dispencery ins companies charge u more on ur premiums if u use that should b against the law

    • Rachel

      Relax Joe,it’s a thousand times safer than alcohol.

      • Max Wiese

        Haha that’s funny.

  • Rachel

    I believe in my heart that our govt. knows how overly productive Cannabis is and Hemp.They can’t push away the hand that buys all their rights.So that’s the only reason they are dragging their feet on the inevitable.

  • Une

    It is a plant and no one has the right to stop anyone from any use of anything given from nature. And a crime to stop people using it for medical reasons or recreational or selling. We sell plants like aloe, same thing!

  • Alan Gammon

    YES, I’m a victim and survivor of a drunk-driver. I know the safety of cannabis and the dangers of alcohol. There is no comparison between the two. Cannabis saves lives where alcohol takes them. If you need proof, I can give you all you need. “Disabled Magazine” under Personal Stories, “The night I died three times”. Contact me directly if you still have doubts. Thank you for your time and space

  • Max Wiese

    All people not terminally ill just will abuse Marijuana. It has the same effects of smoking and it’s fucking disgusting. People should really be smart and look at how smoking is. Maybe they’ll get an idea how poisonous Marijuana actually is. All people say “smoke weed everyday”, so maybe after that revolution has started, and all those street people who think they’re all that will be gasping for air as their lungs can’t work properly and they die a painful death groping for the much-needed oxygen. Maybe then they’ll understand. And if they don’t, they’ll poison our earth with their shit. Then we’ll be all gasping for air as meteors fly through our atmosphere as easy as scissors cut paper. MARIJUANA SHOULD BE ONLY LEGAL FOR THOSE TERMINALLY ILL. IT IS NOT SOMETHING TO FOOL WITH. I’ve seen some people addressing the government controlling what we do or not. While I agree, I do not agree with the case of Marijuana. The government in this choice is trying to control the actions of reckless people who think they are immune and throw their lives away. The government is trying to keep us alive in this case, IS IT THAT HARD TO TELL?!!?!??!?

  • Sean

    it should be legal at 18 id rather teenage adults get their hand on weed than alcahol.

  • joe gonzales


  • Johnnie Lacefield

    I am living proof that weed helps alcoholics kick the habit I have been sober for over 20 years thanks to marijuana. Cops are still using The Meth Trick To Bust And persecute us and invade our homes. Vote yes to any marijuana bill that gets to the ballot. Stay out of states with harsh punishment for marijuana laws,This will help us all. Release all from prison . Stop The War On US Citizens for using marijuana.Free The US ofA of injustice and no terrost any where will be able to penetrate our Great Nation. We are all potential threats the way the laws are now.America must stop the war against The Citizens.


    Of course it should be. years ago. And I see the large part wants to go and sit in the middle of the street and float away, no rules …nothing. It AINT gonna happen that way. Oh it going to be legal , so is bourbon. Weed will be one of the greatest things to come around to be excepted by the non-believers EVER! but- THERE HAS TO BE RULES, OR THEY WON’T PLAY.
    I’m 70 and had my lungs filled a time or two