Voted The Best Sushi Restaurants in The U.S.


If you find yourself road tripping across the United States and would like to know which sushi restaurants to stop at along the way, don’t think that just because you are in the middle of the U.S., hundreds of miles from a body of water, that it is impossible to get good sushi.

There are great options out there, and we’ve gathered in this list voted best sushi restaurants guaranteed to satisfy any pallet.

Just one pro tip before beginning your journey: Don’t rub your chop sticks together when you break them apart, it is considered insulting and suggests that you think the restaurant’s utensils are cheap.

Alabama: Sushi Café

The Texas Roll—one of their most famous—has shrimp tempura, avocado, cream cheese and spicy tuna, masago, green onions, and 3 different sauces on top. Texas must’ve really shown them how it’s done if they decided to name one of their greatest creations after another state.

Alaska: Sushi & Sushi

Why cater in sandwiches for your office party when you can get a boat filled with sushi?

Arizona: Harumi Sushi

This sushi restaurant consistently leaves patrons wanting more. Their sushi is always fresh and flavorful, and they also use purple rice for their rolls, which is native to Thailand and supposedly a healthier choice than white rice. Plus, it makes your sushi way more Insta-worthy.

Arkansas: Kemuri

Some of their most awesome rolls—with equally awesome names—include “The Crazy Monkey,” “Golden Boy,” and “Spicy Girl.” A crowd favorite is the Surf and Turf Roll, shown above. It has soft shell crab, spicy crab, blue crab, cucumber, and mango, topped with shaved filet mignon.

California: Arigato Sushi

A fabulous modern Japanese restaurant located in Sacramento, CA. This is a place that really takes pride in the process of making sushi as an art form. They also serve boats of it.

Colorado: Namikos

A fun, aquatic-themed restaurant with top-notch sushi. Their asparagus roll is a big hit.

Connecticut: Wafu Asian Bistro

A very modern Japanese restaurant where you put all of your orders in on an iPad. It helps to make the servers more efficient, and great service with great food (and great company) always makes for a good meal.

Delaware: Stingray Sushi Bar + Asian Latino Grill

An Asian and Latino bar-lounge has the best sushi in Delaware.? Yeah, it does. Enjoy the delicious “California Dream” with some sake.

Florida: Nabu American Fusion Buffet

Extremely fresh sushi served by a very welcoming staff. Freshly chilled muscles, baby octopus and other specialty seafood dishes that you won’t find elsewhere in the city of Fort Lauderdale. Serving up freshly cooked Hibachi items, as well as serving a fully stocked hot food buffet that serves up a variety of delectable fare. They also have exotic delicious desserts to satisfy any sweet tooth.

Georgia: Tomo Japanese Restaurant

A high-end Japanese restaurant located in Atlanta, whose food is so fresh that you won’t mind the price. It is a place you must try at least once. You won’t regret it.

Hawaii: Sansei Seafood Restaurant & Sushi Bar

Some of the best Ahi tuna you can find in the country. The rolls have a very warm and crispy outside, and a fresh inside. They also have great happy hour deals and karaoke from 10 pm onward.

Idaho: Sakana Sushi Bar and Grill

Unlike other sushi restaurant policies, the chef at Sakana is willing to make any type of sushi that you would like, as long as you give him a few days notice. He never disappoints. Don’t let the sketchy exterior fool you.

Illinois: Mirai Sushi

A great Japanese fusion restaurant. They have a variety of unique sushi and sashimi items to choose from, such as their baked eel.

Indiana: Sakura Japanese Restaurant

It’s the unofficial “home of sushi, according to multiple reviews. And word on the street is that their entree options are just as great as their sushi items.

Iowa: Oyama Sushi

A go-to restaurant for Iowa City locals. Their loyal, returning customers are not shy about swearing that this is the place to be.

Kansas: Kyoto Sushi & Steak

A fun, flavorsome restaurant to go to for sushi or hibachi. It is the perfect restaurant to go to with a group of friends or for a family dinner. There are options for everyone.

Kentucky: Miyako Restaurant

I was immediately drawn to this place when I saw that they have a roll called “green peace” that is topped with a slice of kiwi. What seems like such a simple addition is extremely creative and leaves a refreshing taste in your mouth after every bite.

Louisiana: Sushi Masa

A made-to-order sushi buffet. This allows you to eat tons of remarkable sushi at a reasonable price, and they guarantee that it will always be fresh.

Maine: Miyake

This sushi restaurant’s vegetarian options never disappoint. They also have very fresh seafood, which shows especially in their most popular rolls, the Miyake Spicy Tuna, and the Miyake Lobster Roll.

Maryland: Shoyou Sushi

Best sushi on the Baltimore harbor. Their rolls are HUGE and very creative. They even have sushi burritos.

Massachusetts: O Ya

A high-end Japanese restaurant in Boston that serves up extremely fresh pieces of sushi every day, as well as a variety of different Japanese cuisines, in case you are dining with people who don’t like Sushi (which is crazy).

Michigan: Noble Fish

If you search “best sushi in Michigan” this restaurant can and will ALWAYS show up at the top of the list. What started off as a small hidden gem, has now become a well-known sushi house.

Minnesota: Obento-Ya

A great option in the Twin Cities for sushi, tapas, andramen. Their food is always served with impeccable presentation.

Mississippi: Umi Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi Bar

Photo courtesy of Umi Japanese Steakhouse Sushi Bar Business Owner on

No one has ever left this place hungry. Whether you order a variety of sushi rolls or the hibachi specials, you will always be satisfied. Their manager and staff members are also very accommodating.

Missouri: Drunken Fish

Named the “Best Sushi” by the Riverfront Times in 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2011.

#SpoonTip: If you check in on yelp, they’ll give you an appetizer on the house.

MontanaDave’s Sushi

Nice sized rolls with big pieces of fish in each and every one. They also have a “fried chicken roll” for patrons who don’t like seafood—interesting, very interesting.

Nebraska: Blue Sushi Sake Grill

Awesome sushi with an even more awesome sake bar and happy hour.

Nevada: Soho Japanese Restaurant

Chef Johns is always cooking up great new dishes here. His creativity allows for high quality, out of the ordinary rolls.

New Hampshire: Shio

A nice restaurant to go for lunch with a group of friends because of its reasonable prices and cute ambiance. They also boast exceptional presentation of their platters.

New JerseyMizu

Sushi bar with great tuna dumplings. Locals insist it’s a must-try, and of course, they do because they also offer boats of sushi for large groups, and creative “Avocado Boats” for appetizers (shown above).

New MexicoFareast Fuzion

A great sushi restaurant with a sports-bar feel to it. Different games are playing on the TVs at all times, and their beer selection during happy hour is superb.

New YorkSushi Yasuda

Picking the best sushi place in the Big Apple is an extremely difficult endeavor considering there are so many good options to choose from. That said, this restaurant has what it takes to claim the title. The food at Sushi Yasuda is extremely tasty, fresh, and creative. Not to mention they have great service.

North CarolinaThe Cowfish

A unique fusion restaurant that offers the freshest sushi AND burgers in town. The restaurant’s goal is to offer a fun and enjoyable atmosphere that everyone can enjoy.

North Dakota: Basil Sushi Bar & Asian Fusion

A sushi restaurant run by staff members who are dedicated to putting 110% into every meal they make. Locals say that Edgar, the manager of Basil, is the one to thank for this.


A very modern restaurant with a great atmosphere. However, when you first walk in, you’re going to think “WTF is this girl talking about?” You must walk down a hidden staircase in Dante’s to find what’s worth going for.

#SpoonTip: Order the spicy scallop chips—which is a scallop and tobiko mixture served on top of Pringles with avocado.

OklahomaTokyo Japanese Restaurant

Get The Tokyo Box if you’re looking to enjoy a large amount of sushi at a great price. And you can’t leave without indulging in some of their great dessert options.

OregonBamboo Sushi

The world’s first certified sustainable sushi restaurant. Enough said.


If you’re in Philadelphia and want to go out for sushi that is guaranteed to rock your socks off, this is the place to be. You never have to worry about bringing people here because the food is always impressive.

Rhode IslandNami

A restaurant with a warm and welcoming atmosphere (along with good food) is a restaurant worth going to. Therefore, Nami is a must try when visiting Providence, RI.

South CarolinaO-Ku

A sushi bar that turns into a club at night. Awesome ambiance, great food.

South DakotaFuji Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi Bar

Who says the Midwest doesn’t have good sushi? Clearly, only someone who hasn’t been to Fuji.

TennesseeSamurai Sushi

Forget about the overpriced “fancy” sushi places in town, and check out this down to earth, delicious sushi bar in Nashville. Plus, you get great service which will make the dining experience at Samurai very enjoyable.

TexasSushi Miyagi

When it takes multiple tries to get into a restaurant because the line is always out the door, you know that they’re doing something right. Getting into Sushi Miyagi is well worth the wait because their sushi is even tastier than it looks (and it looks impressive).


This place is so fresh that there is always about an hour-long wait. But it is 100% worth it, and you can always go over to the bar next door for a drink while waiting.

Vermont: Hana Japanese Restaurant

An overall great restaurant with a quiet crowd. It isn’t as well recognized as some other local sushi places, but you can’t beat their deals and their food is just as fresh.

VirginiaSushi Prince

They have a Hello Kitty Roll. If you don’t think that’s creative, you’re crazy.


A popular sushi restaurant in Seattle, Washington, that has awesome sushi that you can choose from; OR, if you’re feeling adventurous, you can order the Chef’s Special and commit yourself to his recommendations for the night.

West VirginiaYama

A simple, yet cozy restaurant that always has Japanese game shows playing on the TV behind the counter.

#SpoonTip: They don’t accept credit cards, so make sure you have cash on you.


Awesome selection of signature rolls. The restaurant is always busy, but never overly crowded, and the service is great.

Wyoming: Nikai

Very informative staff that is very dedicated to making your dining experience enjoyable.

So pack the car, pack some (Japanese) snacks, and get the wheels moving on your sushi road trip.

Voted The Best Sushi Restaurants in The U.S.