What Are the Consequences of Faking a Drug Test?

Occasional pot users dread the moment when they have to take a drug test, but can you fake this screening to avoid potential legal consequences?

There are two sides of this story, while some claim they successfully cheated urinalysis, others reported a failure. However, considering there are multiple ways to check your body on drugs, things start to get a bit tricky.

Therefore, marijuana consumers resort to numerous solution to detox their system. But, what happens if you get caught faking a drug test?

More on that later!

There is a reason why companies issue these types of screenings. First of all, they want to prevent lower productivity and avoid damage to a public image. Even though blood analysis, oral fluid, and hair is one way to determine whether an employee is under the opioid influence, urine testing is the most relied upon method.

So, let’s what possible legal outcome you might be facing, and try to determine how to get out of it.

Cheating is a severe offence that never seems to go away. Nearly 10% of the samples have been tempered, switched, or adulterated — however, this is only the tip of the iceberg. Based on numerous national surveys, more than 67% of all drug consumers are employed, and almost 24 million Americans admit they are regular weed users.

You have to admit this is an impressive number, which has a significant impact on our economy, as well as overall productivity. But, states are trying to enact laws which can prevent the sale of fake urine.

Fake urine has become a profitable business and retails for about $40 in truck shops, head stops, and all over the internet. But, lawmakers in 2018 wanted to prevent people from using fake urine to cheat on a pot screening.

The committee set a punishment for violation of this rule. The individual who gets caught with fake urine will be fined with $1,000, or spend up to six months in jail. At least 18 states have enacted laws which forbid tampering with the samples.

So, what happens if you get caught using synthetic urine? Well, for people who are lucky enough, they should end up with a fine, any other case involves jail time.

Due to a concerning number of altered screenings, companies, as well as states, are implementing additional ways to check people on opioids. For instance, oral fluid, or saliva, is rapidly becoming popular. It’s a non-invasive method which allows lab technicians to perform an examination in almost all conditions.

If a person has drug compounds present in saliva, they will also be located in the blood. However, saliva checkups measure parent compound, which is a psychoactive part of the opioid, and show that an individual is under the influence.

Another way to perform this screening is to take hair samples, which is considered one of the most accurate methods, and most challenging to tamper.


What Happens If You Get Caught Cheating on a Drug Test

When trying to falsify a pot screening, you may end up in a lot of trouble. Let’s say you are applying for a government job, and you are caught cheating; this simple act is considered a federal offense.

On the other hand, a reasonable employer may consider various reasons and what made you do it. For example, he might think you are using a prescribed medicine to treat a health condition or an illness.

In that case, the company can also request a retest to establish whether the faked results are indeed positive or negative.

If results turn up positive, then you are facing immediate dismissal. But, if the results are negative, you may end up in a suspension or a warning. However, an employer can fire an employee immediately for cheating urinalysis.

Additionally, some extreme cases may involve the police, and employee can be arrested and charged for these actions. The company will have to provide evidence to the authorities that crime has been committed.

An employer can also place charges in a police station, which can result in an arrest. If he or she is found guilty, the employee can be sentenced up to six months, or pay fines up to $2,000. But, these penalties depend on a state you reside.

In the case of repeat offenders, they might be facing severe penalties and end up in jail as well. These charges will be permanently stored in their record, and it will be more challenging to find employment in the future.

Sometimes, it’s not even necessary to be caught. Sneaking urine into a drug test or a device will be enough to prosecute you because you have an intent to break the law. However, penance will be less severe.

Having in mind all the things we said before, you should think really hard before you decide to cheat on a pot screening. Even though people think it’s quite easy to get away with fake urine, it’s a lot of challenging than you might think.

In fact, it got harder over the years because drug screening labs have implemented strict conditions to prevent cheating. The lab technician can quickly tell when someone tampered with the samples.

Additionally, they may ask you to remove everything from your coat and pocket before you go to the examination room. Nowadays, labs can tell whether urine belongs to a male or a female. So, if you planned to borrow your girlfriend sample, to pass the test, then you are most certainly going to get caught.


After reviewing all possible outcomes, we hope you now understand what happens if you get caught faking a drug test. Even though you’ll find plenty of resources online which offer miraculous solutions, none of them will guarantee you 100% success rate.
Sometimes you will be lucky enough to pass the test, other times you’ll fail. However, the best way to avoid this issue is to stop smoking pot and detox your body. States are stepping up their game, and they want to prevent employees from abusing the system.
So, ask yourself, if your life, job, and financial independence worth of couple hours of fun. Unless you are an addict, don’t jeopardize your future!
However, some people are left without an option, and they have to resort to various solutions. So, before you decide to break the law, review the possible penalties you will be facing. Also, make sure to have a top layer because these charges will permanently be stored in your file.

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