10 States Where Smoking Weed Is Legal In 2020

Decriminalization, medical legalization, and recreational use have become quite a confusing terms. Even though it’s technically not legalization, the decriminalization presents the beginning of the end of prohibition area in one state. 2018 is a landmark year for marijuana legalization in the U.S.

The Trump Administration is trying to impose stricter regulations and enforcement of the federal laws against recreational pot use. This situation could potentially create disagreement between states that legalized weed and Federal Government which has the ultimate control.

At the moment, nine states and Washington DC have approved pot for medical and recreational use, while 20 more permit weed for medicinal purpose only. We are yet to see the future of opioids holds, but so far, the consumers are thrilled with states’ officials and their decision to support them in this quest. So, here is the list of states where you can smoke weed legally in 2020.


In 2015, Alaska was the third state to authorize the recreational pot use. The decision came through a ballot referendum in 2014, where 53% of voters supported this decision. Now people can use a substance in private places.

However, if you get caught smoking pot in public, then you will be fined $100. The Alaskan government also imposes age limitations. Adults and older than 21 can carry up to one ounce of marijuana and grow up to six plants in their homes.


California officials permitted the recreational use of pot in November 2016. With the passing of this law, it became the largest state to make the weed usage acceptable. 57% of voters supported this measure and sale of pot became legal in 2018.

Having in mind that California is the most populous state in the U.S., the legalization of cannabis will significantly increase the total potential size of the industry, while establishing limitations for legal adults.


The ballot initiative called the Amendment 64, was the proposal to legalize marijuana in 2012. The 55.3% of voters supported the action and, Colorado became one of the first states to authorize the recreational use of pot.

However, Amendment 64 carries certain limitations. Residents and legal adults can possess up to an ounce, or 28.5 g of marijuana. They can also grow a specific number of plants in private. Though, it remains illegal to smoke weed in public places.


In 2016, the voters approved the Marijuana Legalization Act. But, the state didn’t begin issuing licenses to sell weed immediately because the lawmakers couldn’t agree on how to regulate this industry. But, the things seem to be moving forward.

To buy from a licensed store, you need to possess a medical marijuana card. Only the specialized doctor can approve the use of this card. All adults over the age of 21 have access to high-quality pot in recreational shops.


The residents of Massachusetts legalized the recreational and medical pot use in November 2016. The patients can possess up to a 60-day supply of weed. You need to have a medical marijuana card, which can be acquired from one of over 100 doctors approved to prescribe.

As of January 2018, the recreational pot users can get weed in many specialized stores across the state. As far as you follow the rules, you will avoid getting in trouble with state and local authorities.


In 2017, the recreational use of pot became legal in Nevada. Adults and older than 21 can possess one ounce of weed and up to 1/8 of an ounce of concentrate. So, if you are wondering where can tourists smoke weed, they aren’t allowed to smoke marijuana in public.

smoking cannabis

If consumers fail to abide by this rule, then he or she will be punished by a $600 fine. 55% of residents supported this law, and medical marijuana dispensaries are open for business. They have a dual purpose, meaning you can purchase weed for recreational and medical use.


Oregon was the fourth state to permit the recreational use of cannabis in 2015 and 56% of voters supported this law. The residents can own an ounce of pot in public and eight ounces in their homes. They are also allowed to grow four plants, but only in private.

If you are 21, then you can get a valid government-issued ID. With this ID, residents can purchase cannabis flowers, seeds, clones, and concentrates. However, smoking pot in public is illegal.


Vermont recently legalized the use of opioids and people who are legally mature can use marijuana for personal purposes. Of course, there are some legal boundaries and limitations. The law allows adults to have up to one ounce of weed and two mature and four immature plants.

People cannot smoke in public places or sell opioids. Also, many employers forbid the use of dope, and they regularly perform drug tests. So, if you want to keep your employment, then consuming drugs may not be a good option.


The Initiative 502 decriminalized the recreational pot use. The act was voted in November 2012. In this case, all legal adults can purchase drugs within the particular conditions.

However, the lawmakers found a way to earn money by increasing the taxes on growers, processors, and retailers.

If consumers fail to act within the proposed regulations, they might be prosecuted under the U.S. federal law. The only place where you can smoke weed is in private, which means that public display is prohibited.

Washington, D.C.

Medical marijuana has been legal in Washington DC for nearly 20 years. However, since November 2014, the government passed the law for recreational use. People who are over 21 years old can use opioids for personal use.

They can own up to two ounces and grow six cannabis plants. Smoking is still restricted in public places. There are a lot of dispensaries across the state which sell weed and resident have an opportunity to purchase it with an ID card.

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What States Will Be Next to Allow You to Smoke Weed?

With the growing number of states where weed is legal and which have allowed the consumption and medical use of opioids, people are becoming aware of the fact that their country might be next to pass this bill. In fact, the vast majority of U.S. states have some form of marijuana legalized, but users continue to push these limits. Especially because they can become pot legal states.

We have three more states: Arkansas, Florida, and Missouri which are expected to vote on this matter. So far, the state-legal pot market seems poised to match or even surpass the value of the black market. But, we will see what the future holds.

Many people are waiting for Las Vegas and its lawmakers to start the question of recreational marijuana consumption. In these times of prohibition, Canada seems to be taking the leading role, allowing its citizen’s more flexible laws and regulations, with certain limitations.


The citizens of the U.S. are satisfied with the changes that have happened in the last decade. Throughout the years, we considered weed as something forbidden, which was only used in closed circles. But, as we approach 2020, things are changing rapidly.

There are numerous counties where can you explore recreational pot use. And the answer to the question, where is marijuana legal in the US, comes down to almost everywhere.

In the last couple of years, there are has been a lot of talk about THC and its health benefits on the human body. In this way, a new era of marijuana consumption started, and people saw a solution for severe medical problems. We now have states where weed is legal, which offers residents an opportunity to seek help even they are facing the most challenging situations.

On the other hand, many countries limit recreational pot users and impose certain restrictions, which is understandable. In a matter of weeks, a user can become an abuser, and our country wants to prevent any unwanted consequences from happening.